AAR [6H] Not in my neighborhood (2020-08-30@18:30 GMT)

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Re: AAR [6H] Not in my neighborhood (2020-08-30@18:30 GMT)

Post by predajey » Mon Aug 31, 2020 2:56 am

The following is a recollection from Vralino Hammer-Shield, a 15 year old Ork girl who grew up avoiding society. She has completed her elementalist training in the Floating City. The text remains unaltered to maintain its authenticity (Certain terms and names written wrong to keep in character). It is written in Or'zet.

I've finally done it! I'm a real Elementalist! Those T'Skrang were real nice to allow me to train with them. So on my way back to Throal, I found Thorkell and some of the other guys from Throal on their way to Clear Creek Crossing. I might be a little tired, but I had no plans today, so I'm going to go with them. Besides, they need someone who knows how to navigate. None of them understand how to do it! Particularly Thorkell. He tried to get us to walk off course at one point! Something strange about him today. We also came across a group of five name givers, and he suggested we get naked! What the hell happened while I was gone!?! Even worse, Azurea agreed! Well, I guess they're both trolls. Maybe this is some weird form of courtship? People are weird.

Despite the doubt that the group gave me, we did make it to Clear Creek. It took a little longer than I thought it would, but it was the scenic route. But something was off about Clear Creek. There were no people or lights. The buildings were recently made and completely empty. We went to the Temple of Chorrolis, but it was empty, too. The statue at the center didn't even have any details, as most statues of Passions did. Then there was this immense wave of fear that just washed over us. Rangi didn't seem affected and started trying to help everyone overcome this unexpected emotion. Others followed suit, and soon we were able to break away from the effects. Maybe it was a Horror, or maybe it was a spell. I'm pretty sure it was a Horror. We left and there were a bunch of Jehuthra. We were immediately separated by iron webbing. I don't know how bad it was for everyone else, but things weren't bad for me. Rangi even called out to see how everyone was doing! She's so polite and considerate. Just like the other T'Skrang. Things didn't get bad until the Horror showed up. My skin got warped so bad that my face tattoo turned into a tramp stamp. After finishing off my second Jehuthra, the webbing vanished and we never saw that horror again. I thought I was doing well, but I seemed to be in the worst condition out of everyone! I guess that's a good thing. Anyway, the Horror got away, and we weren't able to find or catch the supply raiders, but we did find where all the supplies went to! I guess we'll just have to reattack this later. Oh crap, I forgot about Orphan! I hope she's alright! I've never left her alone for longer than 2 weeks! I knew I was in a rush to get back to Throal!
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Re: AAR [6H] Not in my neighborhood (2020-08-30@18:30 GMT)

Post by verse86 » Mon Aug 31, 2020 2:13 pm

Thorkell's Journal
After heading of the troubles Clear Creek Crossing was having with was supply chain I quickly did some research and rushed out to deal with this horror threat. Not being as socially adept as Vralino, I went to some comrades I had adventurer with previously: Azurea, Nez, A'horangi, and Rose. After explaining the situation, they were willing to help. As we set out, we came upon Vralino on her way back from her Elementalist training. She seemed road weary, but refused to be left behind. And so our group left Throal.
Vralino must have been more tired than she let on. Her navigation skills seemed a bit dulled. Although, I can't say much. I saw a path that literally no one else could see. But when I looked again, it wasn't there.
After the path incident, I was starting to doubt myself and everything around me. That is when we came upon two namegivers: a T'skrang named and an Ork named . We performed our normal artisan greetings. I was in no mood to socialize or even stop our journey, but the others seemed willing to spend some time with the travelers and I still felt out of sorts so didn't feel obliged to argue. After some time they offered to bring us back to their camp for a meal. We obliged. I've been known to be paranoid. I well be the first to admit that. However after the path incident, I was feeling extra wary. Having learned something of the horrors called Dopplers, I knew they had a strange stinger somewhere on their body. I lied, suggesting that taking off clothes was a greeting ritual among my people. Even my companions thought me weird for this. A sharp elbow to Azurea told her to play along. The travelers did not seem obliged to follow this "custom", and since I had not explained my reasoning to my companions first they agreed. I dropped the matter and decided to just be wary.
We decided to part ways with the travellers and continue on our way. Around this time I realized I had seen a path previously, but something must have affected me to nut want to follow. There was nothing to do, but press on at this point. We finally found Clear Creek Crossing, or a facsimile of it. The buildings seemed newly constructed and there we no signs of life or light anywhere. We made our way towards the Temple of Chorrolis since that is the main structure that must be preserved. On entry we noticed something off about the statue of Chorrolis. It was missing its face and features. This was deeply unnerving. Only A'horangi was unaffected. She helped calm us down so we could continue. At this point we were assaulted by Jehuthra who separated from each other with iron webbing. It wasn't until we'd nearly dealt with the Jehuthra that I realized there was another figure, a thin hooded individual. At that point out left with a warning: for us to leave this place. I would find out from the group this thing caused them extreme pain by warping their bodies. We had no means of following this horror, and with the rough shape of the group it seemed unwise. We have found the missing supplies. Upandal seems happy for that. However this threat has not been dealt with. Further investigation is necessary. Perhaps we should rely on some higher circle adventurers to handle this.

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Re: AAR [6H] Not in my neighborhood (2020-08-30@18:30 GMT)

Post by LadyDragoon » Fri Sep 04, 2020 5:11 pm

Hello, my extremely loving family,

Thank you so much for all your gifts and heartfelt wishes towards the opening of my new spa. I did receive all the letters/gifts and it made my heart soar from all the love you have sent my way. Running the spa has not been the easiest job but I am so loving what I do. The only problem I have is when some of my shipments are not delivered on time or just not delivered. This is what brings me to my next adventure.

I was inquiring about why a certain shipment did not arrive when I ran into an old friend, Thorkell. He was also investigating why shipments were not being delivered from and to Clear Creek Crossing. It so happens that one of my ingredients was coming on one of these caravans that had gone missing. Amazing how our paths cross to help the good of all don’t you think?

So off we went. On our journey I was so fortunate to have my great wise friend (who I have not seen in so long) A’ Horangi, Rose (she’s so nice to me), Thorkell’s buddy: Vralino, and of course Nez. The journey to our destination was only going to take a few days or a week at most. I have a feeling that we might have gotten lost or detoured along the way. One of our party (not going to say who but their name starts with at T) kept going off the path. Now I am no stranger to taking the path less travelled, but at some point I think this name-giver was somewhat confused about where we were to go. Lucky for us we came across a group of people setting up camp for lunch and offered us to join. At some point (again I don’t want to mention names) but they mentioned that one of our greeting rituals was to strip down naked. Let get a few things straight…this is the first I have heard of it and the second “not going to happen”. I think it was just way for our other party member (no names but he’s a troll) to see me naked; Pervert! Anyways…. after lunch, we set out again. We followed a path to a city. Not THE city but a city. I have never been to this city before but I was told afterwards that it was a replica of the city we needed to be in. I was also informed that the real reason we needed to be naked was to check if anyone was these horrors things they came across before that made copies of name givers and the only way to know the real from the fake is that they have a stinger somewhere hidden on them (I may not be the best physician but I think they call that a p@&*s)

As soon as we enter the city I start feeling this fear come over me. I can tell you that I do not like this location and don’t want to return if I don’t have to. We found this statue with its face not complete and when we tried to figure it out we were jumped by these spider/horror things. As I am defending myself this slender man POOF’s out of nowhere and slices me with something. Next thing you know I am on my butt and have maggots all over me. Yes, I wrote maggots. You know those creepy, wiggly little creatures we use for the fishing way back when? So to make a long story short… We defeated the spider thingys, the slender guy ran away and we didn’t find my package.

The adventure was not a total waist, we at least stopped the caravans from being robbed. Not sure how we did that but I will take the win. At least I can order new stuff and it should get here safely.

Well until I write again,

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Field Notes of A'horangi Ha'hana Syrtis, Vol. 2

Post by bronzemountain » Wed Sep 23, 2020 2:26 pm

Entry 3.

Doppler sightings near Clear Creek Crossing have increased paranoia, strangled trade. Thorkell wishes to address the problem.
Accompanying him: Vralino, Azurea, Nez, Rose, myself. Nez - deep in Jaspree's embrace, has lost part of himself, perhaps gained something in return. Rose - clear she grew up in Throal, many Dwarf mannerisms. The process of Namegivers binding together to become one people.

Illusions and magics to distract plague us as we seek to find Dopplers. We are tempted by false roads, unsure what is real. Meet two travelers. In retrospect, likely Dopplers. No violent engagement, more trickery.

Sometimes, falsehood leads to greater truth. This is Illusionist belief, perhaps? Following false roads leads to shadowy false city. Empty, ominous replica of Clear Creek Crossing. Dark.

Statue of Chorrolis replaced. Faceless. An icon of dread. Friends deeply affected by fear. I remember my breathing. Center myself. Fear is the mind-killer. Teach friends basic breathing techniques, help to calm them. Focus them.

Then, Jehuthras.

We are separated, several companions trapped in web. Azurea and I are free. We work together well. We know each other well. From within webs, sounds of combat. Strongest warriors are within and together, so that is good.

Jehuthra are distraction. Real threat is some sort of Horror. Wormskull? Unclear. Slender man, fond of maggots. Shifts our skin. Agonizing indescribable pain. We persist. Horror retreats.

False city destroyed.
Attacks on Clear Creek Crossing cease.
Faces returned to proper place. Skin heals.

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