AAR: [2M] Unbreak the Bow (2020-08-08 @16:00 GMT)

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AAR: [2M] Unbreak the Bow (2020-08-08 @16:00 GMT)

Post by ChrisDDickey » Tue Aug 04, 2020 9:41 am

LFG: Unbreak the bow
Time: 2020-08-08 @16:00 GMT   (Sat noon Eastern)
GM: Chris D
Rating: 2M.
Eligible Characters: ECR 1 to 3
Mission organized by: Jarock Hammer-Shield (predajey / Overdriven Pub)
Rumor:   http://www.fasagames.com/forum/viewtopi ... =58&t=1991
Magda Bolg, a prominent Weaponsmith, needs True Wood for the weapons she makes. She has heard that True Wood is available in the Servos Jungle and is sending a small expedition to attempt to locate this supply and gather some and is hiring guards.
Reward: Half prices weapons, armor, decoration, and forging. Half price kernels of True Wood.

Please sign up with the following.

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[b]Last time you (player) played:[/b] 
[b]Notable Abilities:[/b]
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Re: LFG: [2M] Unbreak the Bow (2020-08-08 @16:00 GMT)

Post by predajey » Tue Aug 04, 2020 9:51 am

Name: Jarock Hammer-Shield
Last played: Aug 6
ECR: 2
Discipline: Weaponsmith
Notable Abilities: Tactics(3)
Forge Weapon (ESR 14)
Craftsman (ESR 14)
Item History (ESR 13)

Secondary character, this is my rumor.
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Re: LFG: [2M] Unbreak the Bow (2020-08-08 @16:00 GMT)

Post by bronzemountain » Tue Aug 04, 2020 2:32 pm

Name: Juniper
ECL: 3
Discipline: Shadow
Quote/Unique: "Power to the people!"
Notable Abilities: Streetwise
Downtime: Drugs, poetry slams, volunteering, romantic entanglements
Last Game Played: 2020-08-02 (Strange things are afoot at the Circle K Ranch)
This is a secondary character. Please prioritize primaries.

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Re: LFG: [2M] Unbreak the Bow (2020-08-08 @16:00 GMT)

Post by nathaniel » Tue Aug 04, 2020 5:26 pm

Name: Dale
Last played: 7/21
ECR: 3
Discipline: Illusionist
Notable Abilities: Illusions, Elementalism, Folding Paper, etc.
Downtime: n/a

Note: Secondary character

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Re: LFG: [2M] Unbreak the Bow (2020-08-08 @16:00 GMT)

Post by redwraith » Wed Aug 05, 2020 3:36 am

Name: Redsun
ECL: 2
Discipline: Archer
Quote/Unique: Big and hard hitting
Notable Abilities: Bring's the rain
Last Game Played: 8-02-2020

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Re: LFG: [2M] Unbreak the Bow (2020-08-08 @16:00 GMT)

Post by Rathan01 » Thu Aug 06, 2020 8:49 pm

Name: Malonin "Mal" Tyrnith
Last time you (player) played: never
Circle: 1
Discipline: Archer
Quote/Unique: I shoot arrows and I know things.
Notable Abilities: Putting holes in places there shouldn't be holes.

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Re: LFG: [2M] Unbreak the Bow (2020-08-08 @16:00 GMT)

Post by ChrisDDickey » Sat Aug 08, 2020 7:47 pm


Player Rewards: 2-M
Juniper: 800lp, 200sp, 3 TIPs
Dale: 800lp, 200sp, 3 TIPs
Redsun: 800lp 200sp 3 Tips, Journal 40 LP, 50 SP
Jarock: 800 LP, 200 SP, 3 TIPs, Journal: 40 LP, 50 SP
Malonin: 800lp 200sp 3 TIPs

Journal Bonus: 40 Legend, 50 Silver
GM Rewards (Zil)L 39,000 lp, 1000 sp, 3 TIPs.

Jarock: Forge Weapon (ESR 14). Craftsman (ESR 14). Item History Rank 2, Step 8 (12 with Karma).

Alternate awards:
Half prices weapons, armor, decoration, and forging. Half price kernels of True Wood.

Further Information:
Some non-Adept true wood gatherers have made their first forays into the Servos Jungle, and all have survived. Magda Bolg now has a goodly supply of True Wood on hand with which to make Thread Weapons.

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Re: AAR: [2M] Unbreak the Bow (2020-08-08 @16:00 GMT)

Post by predajey » Sat Aug 08, 2020 8:23 pm

The following is a recollection from Jarock Hammer-Shield, a secluded Ork Weaponsmith. The text remains unaltered to maintain its authenticity. It is written in Or'zet.

New job. Guard true wood gatherers. Hired by Magda Bolg, well-known weaponsmith. With me are Dale Corson, Juniper, and Redsun Thandrun. New guy Malonin Tyrnith. We travel and guard.

First encounter, found Porcupine Snakes. They liked Juniper. All three fell on him. Crossed a bridge. Dale and Juniper fell in the river. Pulled them out with rope. During true wood gathering, Thorn Men attacked. We fought while Dale guarded the rest of the gatherers. On return, attacked by Boars. Mean sons of bitches. Nearly removed Juniper and Redsun from the fight.

Snakes were easy to kill. Sent one back into the canopy it dropped out of with a hammer swing. Thorn Men, not much of a challenge. Victory through numbers, no injuries. Boars, charging wrecklessly, did the most damage. Dale bolstered our defenses with Phantom Warriors and gave me Monstrous Mantle. Good Spell Slinger. Well equipped with good armor. Keep for future jobs. Juniper had knowledge on forest creatures. Prevented further charging. Hid behind Dale. Bit of a city boy, but decent in the jungle. Mal, not much info. Does archery, keeps away from the front lines. Slippery and hard to hit. Further evaluation necessary. Redsun, high damage, almost as much as I do. Great to support offensive operations. We worked well as a team.

No notable peripheral occasions. Attention back to the town in the Servos. Need to find funding. Vralino Hammer-Shield speaks of a troll weaponsmith, Thorkell Gulbrandsen. He may know of a funding source.

May forge armor, damage reduction did well for Dale. Skill only goes so far. Hammer did well. Many big hits. Redsun happy with crossbow. No work requests from the team. Still hate journals. Weaponsmith, not scholar.
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Re: AAR: [2M] Unbreak the Bow (2020-08-08 @16:00 GMT)

Post by redwraith » Sun Aug 09, 2020 3:05 am

There was a job posted, looking for guards for a trip to the Servos Jungle. The job was for Magda Bolg a respected weapon smith in Throal. It’s always nice to keep the weapon smith’s happy so I agreed to the job. Once again I was teamed up with Juniper, please don’t die, shadow. Dale the illusionist tank, Jarock the crafter of fine troll crossbows and an Elven archer named Malonin.

The journey was long but uneventful until we reached the jungle. Once we entered the jungle with it’s thick canopy it became much more difficult to see any distance and we stuck together for safety. Juniper once again found himself at the center of danger as several snakes dropped on him. We quickly dispatched them as Juniper kept flushing them out for us. The next day we encountered a rope bridge, which had seen better days. Jarock went across first and acted as an anchor for an additional safety rope for the rest of us. Juniper and Dale had some minor issues with the bridge but they eventually made it across. I nimbly made my way across the bridge safe and dry.

The wood gatherers took a couple of days before finding a nice sized source of true wood. They started the process of collecting the wood which included a special ritual to preserve the wood. This source of true wood was in a particularly dense section of the jungle and vision was severely restricted. I was keeping watch on two of the gatherers when, of course Juniper cried out that he was being attacked by some thorns. Yes thorns… Well these thorn..men were spirit aspects of the jungle protecting the true wood and after a little bit of effort we were able to located them and dispatch them. The gatherers then decided it would be a good idea to talk with the spirits first then gather the wood once we had their agreement.

Since we were stuck in the jungle for a couple of weeks we set out one day on a hunt for additional food(meat). While we were moving through the jungle we noticed that we weren’t the only ones stalking prey. A singular of boars was pacing us through the jungle. Some people hate snakes other’s creepy crawlers but I think for me it might be boars. This is the second time I’ve run into wild boars and both times they have presented a challenge to handle. These boars charged us and once again Juniper found himself the focus of their attention. I assisted in taking down the first boar and earned the aggression from one of the remaining boars and was gored severely. Luckily the boar was distracted by my companions which likely saved my life as I was bleeding from a nasty stomach wound. We eventually defeated the boars and found a hearty meal for the rest of our stay in the jungle.

Took a couple of days to heal and rest up just in time for the journey back to Throal where I received payment for a job well done.

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Re: AAR: [2M] Unbreak the Bow (2020-08-08 @16:00 GMT)

Post by Rathan01 » Mon Aug 10, 2020 2:35 am

Written in precise and un-flourished penmanship --

I needed to get started on my journey and this job posting for guards seems to be a perfect fit. The job was to guard a group of wood gatherers sent by Magda Bolg, a well-know Weaponsmith, into the Servos Jungle to collect True Wood. The other guards were Jarok Hammer-shield, Dale Corson, Juniper, and Redsun Thandrun.

The trip to the jungle took a week. Shortly after entering, Juniper became the target of 3 porcupine snakes. They were dispatched quickly. There were a number of small encounters not worth noting individually before Meredith Grim, leader of the wood gatherers, told us to stop.
We were in very dense jungle undergrowth which is exactly where Meredith said there was a good True Wood node. The gatherers spread out (of course they did) and began the 4 hour ritual to extract the True Wood. The group spread themselves around the work site trying to keep all the gatherers in view. There was a shout and the eastern side of the site was being attacked by 3 "thorn men". Apparently the wood spirits didn't take kindly to their wood being harvested and tried to fight back. We took care of them quickly and the gatherers finished after what felt like forever. They decided to chat with the spirits to negotiate terms at the next site.

There were several other stops with only minor distractions until Juniper noticed some boars hiding in the undergrowth during our travels. I haven't hunted boars but this was the toughest fight I have been in with Juniper and Redsun nearly falling several times. I must have had a damaged bowstring as it broke during the fight. I took one big hit then managed to keep my distance. I will have to work on getting quicker and more mobile. We finally wore the boars down and had a great dinner.

We filled our packs and headed back to Throal where Magda was very pleased with our performance and the amount of quality True Wood we secured. All of the gatherers made it back unscathed. I picked up a few nice pieces of wood and think I will craft myself a Warbow.

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