AAR: [6M] Clearing out the Cobwebs (2020-07-30 2300 GMT)

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AAR: [6M] Clearing out the Cobwebs (2020-07-30 2300 GMT)

Post by bronzemountain » Mon Jul 27, 2020 9:13 pm

LFG: Clearing out the Cobwebs
Time: 2020-07-30 23:00 GMT
GM: Dvarim
Circle: 6
Difficulty: Medium

Rumor: Rose is doing some work for Dvarim and requires assistance cleaning out a forge. Bring your own broom. Easy, right?

Requested by: Rose
Alternate Reward: 1/2 Price Weaponsmith Training

- Adventure runs at 7:00pm EDT on Thursday, July 30th
- As always, I run groups of 5 players.

Sign up format:

Code: Select all

[b]Name:[/b] Character name
[b]Date of Last Game Played:[/b]
[b]Circle:[/b] Circle of your character
[b]Discipline:[/b] Your character's Discipline(s)
[b]Unique:[/b] What your character is bringing to the table.
[b]Downtime:[/b] Talents and Skills that other characters can use over downtime: [Talent] [Step including +Karma Step if appropriate] ([Rank]) ([Further Details])
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Re: LFG: [6M] Clearing out the Cobwebs (2020-07-30 2300 GMT)

Post by iceface9 » Mon Jul 27, 2020 9:19 pm

Name: Rose
Date of Last Game Played: 2020-07-28
Discipline: Nethermancer 5/ Weaponsmith 1
Unique: debuffs, Frighten, last chance
Forge Weapon step 14
Item History step 14

Note: Secondary character but requested

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Re: LFG: [6M] Clearing out the Cobwebs (2020-07-30 2300 GMT)

Post by predajey » Tue Jul 28, 2020 12:28 am

Name: Vralino Hammer-Shield
Date of Last Game Played:July 25
ECR: 5
Discipline: Sword Master...or Spear Master, depending on popular opinion.
Unique: Spears, Shield, Surgery, and Socializing...somewhat. I also navigate and alchemate.
Quote: Brooms are just spears with fuzzy blades.
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Re: LFG: [6M] Clearing out the Cobwebs (2020-07-30 2300 GMT)

Post by Brian L » Tue Jul 28, 2020 2:26 am

Name: Reyis Poriv
Date of Last Game Played: July 18
Circle: ECR-7
Discipline: Shaman (5)/Monk (4)
Unique: Spells-Buffs to Awareness, Stealth, Healing, Poison, other things.
Downtime: Animal Training (5) Step 15; Research (4) Step 20; Item History (4) Step 20; Large supply of acid and acid like ingredients.
Plays well with others and shares toys.

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Re: LFG: [6M] Clearing out the Cobwebs (2020-07-30 2300 GMT)

Post by sigfriedmcwild » Tue Jul 28, 2020 8:30 pm

Name: Norg
Last played on: 2020-07-25
ECR: 7 (119070lp)
Discipline: Gauntlet 7 / Air Sailor 3
Quote/Unique: Endure, in enduring grow strong
Notable Abilities: PUNCH! JUMP! some awareness, some navigation, some wilderness survival, the worst physician this side of the mountains
Downtime: none

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AAR: [6M] Clearing out the Cobwebs (2020-07-30 2300 GMT)

Post by bronzemountain » Fri Jul 31, 2020 2:49 am

Clearing out the Cobwebs 2020-07-17 @2330 GMT
GM: Dvarim
Circle: 6
Difficulty: Medium

Player Rewards:
Rose: 7500LP, 200SP, 3TiP's, 50% off Weaponsmith Training
Norg: 7500LP, 650SP, 3TiP's
Reyis: 7500LP, 650SP, 3TiP's
Moe'uhane: 7500LP, 650SP, 3TiP's
Vralino: 7500LP, 650SP, 3 TIPs

Alt Rewards: 50% off Weaponsmith training

GM Reward:
Juniper: 800 LP, 200 SP, 3 TIPs

Downtime Actions Available:
Reyis: Animal Training 5/15, Research 4/20, Item History 4/20
Rose: Forge Weapon 14, Item History 14
Moe'Uhane: Research 10, Craft Spell Matrix Objects:(7/19) Standard - 6 days -1000 SP; Enhanced 7 days - 2000 SP

Further Information: The Awhfak Forge in the ghost town of Trayckid has been refurbished and returned to working order, and is now inhabited by Ergom Gutch (male ork), Sraf Aldor (female dwarf), and the rest of their scavenging/surveying crew. Much work remains to be done to reclaim the ghost town.

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Re: AAR: [6M] Clearing out the Cobwebs (2020-07-30 2300 GMT)

Post by Xzandrate » Sun Aug 02, 2020 4:13 pm

From the writings of Moe'uhane, T'skrang Illusionist, 7th Circle, Messenger Rank 6

Rose sought me out once again, looking for companions for a new task for his Weaponsmith Master, Dvarim Bolg. It seems Dvarim had learned of a town in the plains, Trayckid, that had invested in a fire dome to survive the scourge. As a glowing beacon had not been reported upon the plains, it was safe to assume the town had fallen to horrors. We gathered Norg, and Reyis to join us, and as we were trying to determine whom else we could recruit we were approached by a young ork girl. She advised us she knew we were heading for adventure and she wanted it, she was a journeyman swordmaster . . or would be if we allowed her to accompany us. I admired the spirit and nobody could find reason to deny her, so we were made the introduction of Vralino Hammer-Shield, the spear wielding swordmaster.

Most of the journey was pretty straight forward, head to Juniper Crossing and then head into the plains. The journey is lively enough. We pass a number of other travellers, even a few caravans. Life is crawling through Barsaive again, soon it will thrive with the continued help and dedication of adepts such as ourselves. As we approached Trayckid we detected the smoke plume in the distance. We went to investigate and came across another caravan, this one seemed to be about twenty people preparing a camp. We approached and greeted them. An ork by the name Ergom Gutch greeted us, and appeared to speak for the group. Apparently they were expeditionaries, they had come to Trayckid in the hopes of reclaiming part of the city and promoting a resettlement. They agreed to allow us to camp with them and exchanged more information on the town. They had come across some difficulties in exploring the city, wherever they went the way forward seemed to shift against them. They seemed to travel the same roads multiple times until they chose to leave the ruins. The dwarven woman named Srayf Aldor, who appeared to be in an authoritarian position, was rather hesitant of the group returning to the ruins, or suggesting anyone else enter. The group seemed well practiced and suitably equipped for the task at hand, so the severity of that warning did not go unnoticed. Even from where we say we could see the odd shape and angles of the outter walls that made little or no sense.

The younger of the group seemed particularly taken with our group, having heard stories of our various tasks, though some very embelished. Claiming Rose had no head at all, and I had stolen the shadow of a dragon. It's good to be known I guess. We felt that we still needed to attempt to reclaim this town, and our particular arrangement of adepts may be suitable for the task. So in the morning we assessed the area an made a plan. Rose probed the astral space in the area and found the area immediately within the walls to be tainted. As he did that my attention was drawn to the walls, they had all shifted during the night. Crenellations where none existed before, morphing of shapes and openings that had been in the walls previously. I studied closely and this was no illusion, something caused the wall to shift. Rose advised us that the effect sounded like the ability of a spirt, a confuse power, and Rose definitely detected a spirit. He said it seemed to be everywhere in front of him, encompassing the entire town. We began into the town, following the directions of Dvarim and attempted to find our way to Crafters Row to reclaim the most functional forge. We wound through the city, while walking in a straight line, often repeating where we had been. The city was very much against us. Eventually we made it to the town square. There were a series of what appeared to be taxidermized Namegivers stitched together performing the normal actions of a market place. We began to look around, the sculptures were studded with green stones. As we were investigating the area the sculptures came to life surprising us.

They quickly fell upon poor Vralino knocking her to the ground and causing the magics wrapping her to explode. She fell unconscious to the warping of magic in this corrupted area. They turned on Rose next, knocking her down as well. Next they began to beat on Norg, with large clubbing overhand smashes, it staggered him, but he still managed to knock one down. They continued to beat on Norg, overwhelming him and knocking him to the ground. The one who downed Vralino joined in and caused magics wrapping Norg to warp and explode. Luckily it was not as violent as it had been on Vralino. Rose fumbled trying to regain her composure and grab the threads of magic, I nodded knowingly and unleashed a powerful blast of illusory flames upon the four surrounding Norg. They all fell to the ground twitching as if their flesh bubbled, one of them twitched his last twitch. Reyis took advantage and loosed the spirits of sharks upon one, finishing him off. Norg, still on the ground, rolled over and smashed into the chest of another, collapsing it into the ground. We quickly finished the last and attended to Vralino. We rested and performed a heroes feast. When we stood to proceed again we were back where we began at the front gates.

This corrupted city spirit still seemed to be guiding people to the right location, but only if it felt they belonged there. I surmised that if we had reason to attend crafters row, the city would guide us there. We returned to the caravan outside the city and had Ergom provide a letter of intent to be delivered to Crafters Row, and we borrowed a small amount of trade supplies. We then headed into the city again, burdened as traders and messengers, not as adventurers or looters. We progressed further into the city, sounds and sights drawing our attention, looking to distract us from our goal. These were not illusions, but they were poorly borrowed from the books of illusion. I guided our teams direction like a large boat following the flow of the river to the sea. We avoided the swirls and eddies and made it to where we needed. Most difficult was the location that appeared to be a rundown and twisted orphanage, the cries morphed the more we ignored it. It took a grim determination to walk past the sounds of children in need, but there was no truth in that call, only death.

We arrived in Crafters Lane and found one forge that was in a far less random state then all the surrounding buildings. We continued to act as traders, ringing the bell before entering the establishment. I know not a great deal about spirits, just that Rose had been unable to commune with this great city spirit, and we were going to be less likely to be able to quell it in battle if we got on it's bad side. Inside the forge though, we had better luck. Rose detected a second spirit in the forge. He managed to commune with this benevolent spirit quite fine. We learned that this hearth spirit was turning back the 'nonsense' of the city spirit, but it was slowly loosing the battle, as nobody was around to feed the spirit energy through purpose. We learned that the forge use to be Awfak's Forge. Rose worked on a new sign and started the forge up to help craft tools and materials to clean and repair the building. We again communed with the spirit and it advised us that it could now hold out longer, but would need greater purpose. We told it we would have Namegivers return to use it's bastion as a means to freeing this city. We would seek out more to come and purify the spirit of the city and help reclaim the glory this Hearth Spirit remembered.

We stopped at the caravan on the way out of town, knowing that they would be safe at the forge, and that they needed to provide the spirit purpose while we returned to Throal for more assistance. I spoke to Srayf, as I knew she would be the one I would need to convince. We sat and discussed the full scope of our adventure to Trayckid, and the general status of our task giver. I brokered terms to give them exclusive founders rights to the remainder of the city as it began to be cleared. Understanding that if they agreed to work the forge, that they would develop a monopoly on the comings and goings of anyone else entering the city. I may not be a devotee of Choralis, but he must smile at the idea of trading the illusion of power to deny something they would already hold to better suit your needs. We helped them reach the forge, and advised them what we knew of the city spirit and helped them get settled in the forge. Finally we returned to Throal, Rose advised Dvarim of the state of Trayckid, and I provided Ergom's letter of intent and advised him of the new stakeholders in the re-founding of Trayckid. He seemed amenable to the idea, likely because we left real people down real work. He then advised Rose that she should work that forge and provide the beating heart the city would need to restore itself. If Rose could prove herself up to the task and achieve Journeyman Smith status, Dvarim would gift the forge to her. I suspect Rose will need more assistance in the future, and I look forward to the adventure.

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Messenger Report

Post by Xzandrate » Sun Aug 02, 2020 4:13 pm

**As the magic flows across the page the words come into view**

A member Bolg family has expressed interest in reclaiming some of the lost towns of Barsaive. Has chosen to start with the town of Trayckid. Apprentice and group of adepts were sent to investigate the town.

Faction: Trayckid
Brief: Plains town that invested in elemental fire dome. Breached during Scourge.
Status: Tainted
Notable Actors:
Corrupted City Spirit - direct entrants path based on judged on purpose
Hearth Spirit - spirit of the forge providing resistance to surrounding confusion
Horror Constructs - various statues, possibly more

Faction: Bolg Family industries
Brief: Extended reach of Bolg family and subsidiaries.
Status: Currently based in Throal, have extended reach to Trackyid with opening of Awfaq's Forge - A Bolg Industries subsidiary
Notable Actors:
Dvarim Bolg - Renown Dwarvent Weaponsmith - founder
Rose - T'skrang Nethermancer/weaponsmith - apprentice to Dvarim

Faction: Expeditionaries
Brief: Group of travellers looking to reclaim and resettle towns for profit
Status: Currently maintaining Trayckid Hearth Spirit
Notable Actors:
Ergom Gutch, Ork male - group spokesperson
Srayf Aldor, Dwarf female - quartermaster like role.

After Action Report: The city spirit of Trayckid appears to have been corrupted by the horrors actions that took place within the city, however it still tries to fulfill it's basic purpose. If people enter the city without a recognizable reason and destination, the streets will twist in an attempt to confuse and remove the individuals. It is suggested that any entering the city have a reason to visit Awfaq's Forge, trade goods or missives seem ideal. City spirit will need to be investigated and handled. Suggest dissemination of information to capable adventurers within Throal.

Expeditionaries were convinced that they would be given exclusive rights to expansion, due to situation, as tenders of the Forge, they will have to be the touchpoint of any successful excursions into the city. Once they realize the monopoly they have, they may request a re-negotiation of terms. They are looking to turn a profit while benefiting the greater good of Barsaive, I believe they can be sympathetic, if not recruited.

Bolg family has great sway over craftsman guilds in Throal, were typically renown for being 'defenders of normalcy' not dabbling in things outside the physical. Recruitment and expansion into highly spiritual matters means they may be looking to expand the sphere of their influence. Should monitor to ensure their goals still align with our own.

Reporting Senior Agent: Bearded Dragon

**The words vanish as the magic dissipates**

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Re: AAR: [6M] Clearing out the Cobwebs (2020-07-30 2300 GMT)

Post by sigfriedmcwild » Sat Aug 08, 2020 7:35 pm

From "The Skies of Barsaive", as penned by Norg, Brother of Earth and Sky, Corsair of Throal

Moe asked me to join him on an expedition to the ruins of Trayckid. Apparently Dvarim had asked his apprentice Rose to investigate the ruins for potential resettlement and Rose had asked Moe for assistance.

Trayckid was one of those cities that decided a a proper kaer would be too difficult or expensive to build and had opted instead for a Theran fire dome, which had failed at some point and the rest should be obvious. According to Rose our task was to "remove any lingering nonsense".

The group that set out included Moe, Reys, and I plus, obviously, Rose, a t'skrang Nethermancer and Weaponsmith, and Vralino Hammer-Shield an ork Swormaster. The trip was uneventful, following the road down to Juniper Hollow and then cutting across the plains. Vralinon and I led the party mostly following the ruins of a pre scourge road. A couple of days later we sighted the ruins and a caravan camping some distance away.

The caravan was also interested in Trayckid, they hoped to scout the ruins and get set up to support future settlers, but had run into issues: the city itself seemed to be hostile with roads and buildings shifting around them, so they had to back out and where considering what to do next. They generously let us share their camp for the night and several of the younger members seemed to have overinflated ideas of our exploits.

The next morning we stepped into the town which seemed to have shifted slightly from what we had seen in the evening. Rose checked the astral space in the area finding it tainted but not otherwise worrying. As we walked through the ruins things were odd, with non nonsensical architecture, weird mosaics and Rose could feel a spirit nearby but non communicate with it in any way. After some fruitless wandering we start trying to make for the forge, but even that resulted in mostly running around in circles, was the city spirit toying with us?

Eventually we found ourselves in the market square, where what I can only describe as puppets were posed in a horrific diorama of a bustling market. The stalls where loaded with rocks in place of goods, these grotesque constructions made of preserved but mismatched bits of namegivers took the place of merchants and shoppers and the air carried the sounds of a bustling market without anything moving.

As we examined the scene, we noticed that some of the puppets seemed to have some kind of green crystals embedded in their skin. Just as Reys took a look in the astral to inform us that is was heavily corrupted, some of the puppets came to life and attacked us. The first one to move was right next to Vralino and mauled her, the attack seemed to hurt more than just physically and she passed out.

I moved in to kill it before it could do more damage and got mobbed by almost every other puppet. On the plus side this meant they were not hitting anyone that could not take a beating, on the downside some of those could hit quite heavily, dazing me for a moment and I found myself at the bottom of a pile of badly stitched together body parts. I am pretty sure this will not make it in the songs those young ones were hearing about us. I got hit with the same thing that hit Vralino which seemed to tear apart one of the magic spells my companions had cast on me and it definitely hurt.

Once we had dealt with the things we took a not so brief rest to let Vralino recover. In the meantime the magicians checked the astral and the corruptions seemed to have receded. We decided that the city spirit may be interested in commerce so we went back out to the caravan to get some goods to pretend we were traders and, as we started roaming again, the city seemed less confusing than before but the spirit would still not answer Rose.

We ended up by a building with an illegible carving over the entrance and the sound of crying children inside. Moe immediately decided that exploring it would be a bad idea and made us move on. Eventually we reached a smithy that looked less ruined by the surroundings. Inside it seemed to be kept in quite good condition even if no one had been inside. Rose managed to contact the spirit of this forge, who explained that the city spirit had been driven mad by the horrors.

We performed some quick repairs on the smithy to strengthen the forge spirit and invited the caravan to set up around it to create a safe zone, then we went back to Throal to report to Dvarim.

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