AAR [8H] Symposium  2020-08-01 @18:00 GMT  

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Re: AAR [8H] Symposium  2020-08-01 @18:00 GMT  

Post by Montaugh » Sun Aug 02, 2020 3:11 am

My name is William Carver. I am an eighth circle scout, fifth circle Thief, First Rank Journeyman, and Fourth Circle Cavalryman.

Daldorer invited Dubhan, Dvarim, Karl, and William to travel with him to attend this years Throalic Faunatical Society's (TFS I am going to shorten it who was time to keep writing out that wordy name in whole) annual symposium. We headed to Travar where the symposium was taking place. It took us three days travel time as we flew over the servous jungle with an overnight stop in Irondelve and a village of no name along the river in the jungle.

I left Charlie behind as the Air Ship was no way for him to travel unless he had to.

We landed outside the Eastern gate in Tent city. The TFS was being held in a Mansion that a member owned. We stayed at an Inn about five minutes walk away.

Daldorer presented a talk on multiple topics: Iron Delve and its elemental intereactions, Esprga and how they have changed. Different types of Espargra. and The work of the horrors themselves. Seek to continue the work of the land, pack of felixon under the control of a manticore. Name givers trying to continue the work of horrors. Pe'rry F'ogg stood up and argued against Daldorer. She was a T'srang airship captain of the Swift sure.

After his talk I gave my own on the horrors and name givers working together. I told them the full story of Bamor and the horrors that still haunt the halls of it to this day.

Afterwards we went to a dinner, I spoke with another T'srang about maps and navigation. Then we retired for the night.

The next morning we were getting ready to leave when a commotion caught our interest. There was no response from a tenant, I sent an orbital spy through the door and saw that the T'srang that had spoken against Daldorer's presentation was dead and leaning against the door. Daldorer saw the last moments of her life and she died do to poisonous bite of a two headed snake. Not a snake with forked heads but a snake that had a head at both ends. Karl and I managed to find a scale but we were unable to track the target using the scale.

We looked around and talked to a bunch of people for some clues. I found something of real interest in my investigations, a set of navigational maps that showed the north western parts of Barsaive. The wastes and the poison forest were of particular interest to me, I'll need to get a horned needed or ten and travel out that way with Charlie at some point. I'll see about taking Dvarim along as I know how much he loves nature.

I was spoken to by the investigator of the murder, he asked me about a situation that I wasn't a part of. Seems one of the staff thought I had called for them in the middle of the night, but I didn't make any such call. It was later found out that I did infact make such a call to them, but my memory was erased with some sort of illusionist magics.

At the final day of the symposium we were able to identify that it was a horror, a deceiver to be exact. We killed it without much trouble, and upon our return to Throal we found the body of the dwarf that it had impersonated. There was at least one horror within the walls of Throal, let us hope that more are not within these walls.

I was reunited with Charlie, Trym and Holly. They enjoyed their stay with the Jessica Smith and her family. She owns the huttawa ranch that I bought Charlie from originally. I spent some time visiting them and training some of their huttawas in payment.

Oh while in Travar I also stopped off and paid a visit to Bram Lowman and his apprentice. I gave the kid some books on alchemy, and gave a bottle of wine to Bram. He was the man that made the gloves I am so fond of. I like to stop off and visit him from time to time when I am in town.

William Carver

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Re: AAR [8H] Symposium  2020-08-01 @18:00 GMT  

Post by ottdmk » Thu Aug 20, 2020 3:07 am

"Come to a symposium in Travar", they said. "It'll be fun, lots of intelligent conversation", they said. Yeah. Sure.

As I've come to expect as my lot, to leave Throal is to invite excitement and danger into my life. I thought this might be different, as we were visiting Travar, the famous merchant city. Nope. Not to be.

We ended up trying to figure out a seemingly impossible murder, that turned out to ultimately be the work of a Horror that specializes in imitating Namegivers.

I had to use a number of tools I don't normally use. Divine Aura and Identify Magic ended up being the keys to the whole thing. The Horror was relatively easy to dispatch, once we found it. Unfortunately when it died it turned into a duplicate of each of us as a child. A dead version of ourselves as a child. Nasty, nasty imagery.

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The Journal of Dvarim Bolg, Warden Weaponsmith of Throal

Post by bronzemountain » Wed Sep 23, 2020 3:42 pm

Nerd Murders and Fortune Seekers
Or, No One's as Bad as Horrors Want us to Think

So Daldorer had to present some sort of scholarly paper on scholarly things to a bunch of scholarly people so he could become a Scholar.

We did have a pretty good time preparing though. We made dioramas with moving parts, and life sized models, and it was good fun. Kind of like a craft fair. Except everyone there is some kind of nerd or fortune-seeker or spy and also there are murders. So, uh, exactly like a craft fair.

Oh, this was all in Travar. Nice place, bit stuffy, good crafters, great dome.

So, look, I'm sure William or Karl or Dubhan or Daldorer can tell you about the details of the whole murder investigation. I will say that I had to talk a lot more than I'm accustomed to, and also that I had to do it while wearing the Mantle of the Reflecting Pool, and wow. I think I spent an entire week upon returning to Throal doing nothing but swearing at anyone and everyone. 'Become a crazy old man who swears at clouds' has been checked off my bucket list.

The long and the short of it is that there was a Deceiver (maybe two) that was going about impersonating folks and sowing dissent and distrust. And also there are some people who really really like snakes, which is unrelated.

It took us a while to figure out that there was Horror action going on, and not K'tenshin spying or gold-digging envy or any other Namegiver reasons for killing someone. It was just straight up Horror nonsense.

So we murdered the Horror.

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