AAR: (7M) High Plains Drifting, 2020-07-21 @ 23:00 GMT

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Re: AAR: (7M) High Plains Drifting, 2020-07-21 @ 23:00 GMT

Post by iceface9 » Wed Jul 22, 2020 2:00 am

Name of Mission: High Plains Drifting
Time: 2020-07-21 @ 23:00 GMT
GM: Iceface9
Circle: 7
Difficulty: Medium

Player Rewards:
Langren: 13,000 Legend, 775 sp, 3 TIP's, Pet Stone Lion
Jael: 13,000 Legend, 775 sp, 3 TIP's, Pet Stone Lion
Zivilyn: 13,000 Legend, 775 sp, 3 TIP's, Pet Stone Lion
Moe'uhane: 13000LP, 775SP, 3TiP's,
Temur: 13000LP, 25SP, 3TiP's, Half Price Spirit Rider Training, Pet Stone Lion

Journal Rewards: 650LP, 193.8SP

GM Reward: Rose 7500LP, 650SP, 3 TiP's

Downtime Actions Available:
Zivilyn: Animal Training (Talent) - Step 17 including karma (Rank 7) (can train up to 7 commands total, or improve non-combat skills by +1 per command used on it)
Research - Step 21 including karma (Rank 4). +3 to the step is available at a cost of 20 sp for access to the Great Library of Throal.
Item History - Step 15 including karma (Rank 4)

Langren: Animal Training (20)
Research (9), may pay 20 sp for +3 steps due to library access

Moe'uhane: Research - step 10
Craft Spell Matrix Objects:(7/19) Standard - 6 days -1000 SP; Enhanced 7 days - 2000 SP

Jael: Animal Training (Rank 7) 17, Item History (Rank 5) 14, Research (Rank 4) 13 (16 with library access)

Researchers may spend 20 Silver for +3 Steps (the Haggle discount may lower this cost)

Further Information:
Befriended a Feline (Stone Lion) Spirit, that will protect the area around Synevir

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Re: LFG: (7M) High Plains Drifting, 2020-07-21 @ 23:00 GMT

Post by Xzandrate » Wed Jul 22, 2020 3:30 am

From the writings of Moe'uhane, T'skrang Illusionist, 6th Circle, Messenger Rank 6

After our last adventure Langren had been disturbed by the appearance of the twisted spirit mount. The area around Synevir had become problematic again. He came to Throal to do some investigation and recruit some adepts. I again offered to assist where I could. Temur, Zivilyn, and Jael joined us on the trip back to Synevir.

The travel was fairly standard, we encountered little problem. Not many bandits would be willing to deal with such an overly magical party. Two people riding spirits, one riding a carpet, one riding a griffin, and windling with a giant wolf. As we approached Synevir we came across a cart in the distance, it appeared to have hit a rock and broken the wheel. A couple were arguing about the broken wheel and the time of evening. We approached and offered our help. They were introduced as Abraham and Mary, a couple who were returning to Synevir from a trading expedition to Throal. They were more pre-occupied by the dangers of the night on the plains than with who we were, as they hardly recognized Langren. It seemed quite odd, as he has been residing in the town for a number of months now and had provided a great deal of heroic feats. We agreed to stay with them and their cart and protect them overnight.

We may have been a bit lax on security preparation, as shortly after we had fallen asleep Jael raised an alarm. As I rolled out of bed a large feline presence leapt over me and towards a busy Zivilyn. A pack of Skeorx had gotten the jump on us. I could hear some grunts and growls from the opposite side of the cart, apparently one had mauled Temur rather well. Luckily Jael and Selena were a barrage of beak and claws managing to slay two. Howler managed to take bite out of another before they fled. We tended to wounds, and ate a quick meal to recover, the slept the remainder of the night.

In the morning we unhitched the horse from the wagon and assisted Abraham and Mary in transporting the few goods they had left back to town. They apologized to Langren about not recognizing him right away, and they explained more about the issues to the south west of town. Once we made it to town, we partook in some lunch while Langren took stock of the situation in town. Many of the locals advised that there had been more and more reports of a pack of stone lions hunting the plains with what appeared to be a larger stone lion reared upon it's hind quarters able to teleport around. We gathered that this two legged stone lion was likely a spirit, it could be driving the stone lions, or maybe even controlling them. We made off to the south west to investigate.

We took stock of the area as we travelled and made a quick sensing of Astral. There was a small amount of taint in the area, but more shockingly there appeared to be a tether of some sort tying the village to something off in the distance. We picked up some stone lion tracks and continued to track them in both the astral and physical planes. A short time later we arrived at a watering hole. As described by the villagers, there were four stone lions and what appeared to be a large stone lion on two legs. It seemed conflicted, it cried for help, and then muttered to attack. The four stone lions leapt towards us. Selena swooped and took a viscious bite out of one. Temur then charged it, and I followed up with a gout of flame to cover it's body. Howler quickly tore into the beast and took it down. Jael then unleashed a flurry of claws, taking down a second and leaving the third in bad shape after Selena swooped down upon it. Temur charged another and knocked it down, allowing Tulaany to stomp upon it. Langren then soothed the beasts and percieved the situation astrally. The lions seemed to be binding the spirit, in fits of coherence the spirit begged him to free us. Langren gave the command and we put down the remaining two stone lions.

The lion spirit apparently thanked us and offered the services of stone lions that were loyal to him. Most of the group accepted this offer. The spirit then offered to protect this area more vigilantly in the future. We made our way back to Synevir to once again advise the locals that the spirits had be quelled. . . for now. We shall see what the future entails for this spooky little village.

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Re: LFG: (7M) High Plains Drifting, 2020-07-21 @ 23:00 GMT

Post by Sharkforce » Wed Jul 22, 2020 5:10 am

From the Journal of Zivilyn, Windling Magician: High Plains Drifting

Some time ago, Langren had moved out to the town of Synevir. Either he just so happened to move at exactly the right time for the town to encounter all manner of trouble, or perhaps he is simply quite good at finding trouble, but it seems they have been dealing with a lot lately. Hopefully with this latest trip out that way, they may be able to enjoy some peace for a while. It seems that they were having some trouble with spirits again, due to the depredations of a corrupted Shaman who had recently been in the area, seeking to "complete the work of the scourge" or some such nonsense. I am ashamed to learn that one of my Discipline could be so deluded.

His previous efforts had been dealt with by Langren with another group, I don't have all the details but I am sure Langren has included it in his journal. This time it seems that there was some troubling Spirit activity to the south-west of Synevir, and Langren had made the trip to Throal looking for additional adventurers to help him. I was, of course, glad to join a fellow Shaman in helping the Spirits, and in addition to myself and Howler, we were joined by Jael and Selina, Tulaany Egch and her rider Temur, and Moe. The journey along the road towards Sosanopa was peaceful, it seems the locals (both Namegivers and wildlife) have learned that it is unwise to assault a traveling band of armed adepts accompanied by several large, dangerous beasts. Moe made extensive use of his ability to enchant carpets (or similar objects) to fly, although I will note they were insufficient to lift Howler. Still, a handy contrivance to have at your disposal.

A day or two out from Sosanopa, we departed the road, and entered the plains to the north of the Servos. Unsurprisingly, there were signs that others had journeyed the same path towards Synevir, although there are still no roads out that way... perhaps some efforts should be made to extend the network of roads around Throal, or at least to establish some sort of simple docks with a waystation on the Serpent to the north of the town. In any event, on or about the third day off the road, in the evening, we encountered a couple in a wagon that had broken down ownly a few hours outside of Synevir. We must have been catching up the entire time, considering that we had relatively unburdened mounts for the journey, sped up with Quicken Pace, so it was fortunate for them that we did not pass them before their cart broke a wheel on a jagged rock hidden below the grass and were able to help them.

We did not have any tools or training to replace their wheel, but since it was close to evening we offered to spend the night with Abraham and Mary, and then they could complete their trip back to Synevir the next morning with us at their side. It seems they were nervous about dangerous creatures they had heard about in the region, and that turned out to be justified... a group of 4 skeorx attacked us in the night. They were no match for us adepts, but a couple of regular folk would have almost certainly been eaten without laying so much as a scratch on them.

We drove off a couple of them, although the others did not run before suffering killing wounds, and I am happy to say that Howler enjoys Skeorx meat because in my opinion they aren't particularly tasty and I would hate for them to go entirely to waste (although of course the birds and other scavengers would never really allow that much meat to go uneaten). Temur suffered some unpleasant injuries when they attacked him in his sleep, but we were otherwise almost entirely unscathed, wearied a little from the battle but nothing more. Temur had indicated earlier in the journey that he felt unlucky, but it seems most of that must have happened in that battle, for he acquitted himself much better later on, although he did not seem to be recovering as quickly as usual; perhaps it is the blight upon the land that we have heard about? I hope not; I remember coming up this way to protect a herd of horses for a week, and that was positively awful when our nights were troubled constantly and we could not rest properly.

The next morning, the couple gathered their possessions and joined us on our trip. They seemed much less worried after seeing how capable we had been that night (illuminated by my Moonglow spell), with Jael, Selina, and Howler having done most of the work (supported by a few spells from yours truly), which must have left them to wonder just how much we might have done if we had more than a couple of us awake. We brought them to Synevir, where I imagine they obtained a replacement wheel and went back for their cart during the day (we did not accompany them on that part, we had work to do in an entirely different direction). We learned again that the source of the town's most recent troubles seemed to be to the southwest, and after some investigation in the town I was able to locate a line of energy that seemed bound to the centre of the town and extending off in that direction. As we went, we also found tracks that seemed to belong to stone lions, further evidence that we were headed in the right direction.

In due course of time we arrived at a pond where we could see three stone lions, which made me worry for a moment that the fourth one that we had heard about was going to ambush us, but fortunately we spotted it coming along with the others, followed by a Stone Lion Spirit that was going through some sort of internal struggle, crying out for assistance and alternately ordering the lions to attack us. The Spirit indicated that the lions were in some way binding it to torment the nearby regions on behalf of the corrupt shaman, and that slaying them would free it. Were the fallen shaman not already dead, he would have their deaths to answer for as well. Thankfully, the Spirit was indeed freed from it's binding once the lions were dealt with, and in gratitude for our assistance it pledged to protect the surrounding region and offered each of us a lion from its pride to watch over and be watched over by in turn. I shall have to think on what to Name it; a gift from the Spirits should not be treated lightly.

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