AAR: [3H] Return to the Tower (Up Upandal part 2) (2020/7/11 at 19:00 GMT)

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Re: LFG: [3H] Return to the Tower (Up Upandal part 2) (2020/7/11 at 19:00 GMT)

Post by Reyntrannin » Sun Jul 12, 2020 5:47 am


Player Rewards
A'horangi: 2,000 LP, 413 SP, 5 TIPs
Dalyor: 2,000 LP, 263 SP, 5 TIPs, Healing Potion
Thorkell: 2,000 LP, 413 SP, 5 TIPs
Lashana: 2,000 LP, 413 SP, 5 TIPs
Vralino: 2,000 LP, 413 SP, 5 TIPs

GM Reward: Langren: 7500 Legend, 650 sp, 3 TIP's

Downtime actions:
Research Rank 1 Step 12 (step 15 with library access)
Item History Rank 1 Step 12
[Forge Weapon] (11+4)
[Item History] (10+4)
[Craftsman] (10+4+4) can make mundane items, weapons, and armor
[Research] (10)

Addtional Notes:
The Tower of B'Shon has been cleared of infection from a seedling Crystal Entity and restored to its purpose as a dedicated shrine to Upandal.
Thorkell Gulbrandsen, after completing this task and spending time in reverie with Upandal, has been appointed to Quest as the Pasion of Building's newest appointee.
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Field Notes of A'horangi Ha'hana Syrtis, Vol. 1

Post by bronzemountain » Sun Jul 12, 2020 1:02 pm

Entry 8.

Tower of B'shon (see Entry 7) remains vulnerable. Thorkell invites Vralino and I to see to its safety. LaShana and Dalyor accompany. LaShana is a friend, a Thief. Dalyor is new to me: Elf Wizard.

Before we set out, Thorkell and I apply ourselves to research of tower. Surely a structure of this age and Passionate alignment has been encountered before. Find several details. Build by B'shon, pre-Scourge Questor of Upandal. Perhaps two centuries pre-Scourge.

Tower has defenses. Clues to defenses:
Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.
(I write epic poem about self, most embarassing, to gain entry to tower). (Poem attached. 24 stanzas detailing T'skrang child's triumph over vegetables and prize of toasted fish eyes.)
Other challenges require arranging stones in complex patterns, coordinated effort between party, and creation of a complex lock using available tools.

But tower is not only defended; it is also invaded. Must pass both.

Invaders (Therans or sympathizers) previously working on encircling tower, draining it of power. Now revealed to be infiltrated by Horror. Tricked? Nihilistic despair? Not clear. They have been turned. Bodies forged into crystal-powered constructs.

Dalyor confirms. Crystal Entity type Horror. Very dangerous. Very frightening. Normally well beyond Circle Three Adepts.
But Entity not fully manifested. Power spread out across multiple nodes, powering vines. Vine strangle tower.
Each floor - many smaller Crystal Entity nodes. Fully capable of Death Spikes. Vralino Spiked. Also, LaShana. Thorkell Suppresses Curse - most effective.

Grueling fight up tower, facing stitched together Flesh Beasts while also solving puzzles. Many floors. No rest. Requires careful marshaling of resources. Tenacity. Wisdom. Rashomon would be proud.

Finally reach highest floor. Thorkell conducts ritual. All crystals found are defeated. Thorkell now Quests for Upandal. Tower is safe, but damaged and disrepair. Upandal cannot like that.

Tower of B'shon (rude sketch, location, dimensions).

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Re: LFG: [3H] Return to the Tower (Up Upandal part 2) (2020/7/11 at 19:00 GMT)

Post by predajey » Sun Jul 12, 2020 2:41 pm

The following is a recollection from Vralino Hammer-Shield, a 15 year old Ork girl with limited exposure to society. The text remains unaltered to maintain its authenticity (Certain terms and names written wrong to keep in character). It is written in Or'zet.

We're finally going back to the tower! Thorkell and A'horangi said they were ready to re-attack the tower! I'm ready, too! I've been ready! I swore that asshole that shot me in my sleep was going to regret leaving me alive.

We arrived at the tower, and it's only guarded by five guys. Of the five, there were only two archers, and of the two archers, only one of them was recognizable from the last time we tried to come here. I told the team to focus on the archers. Rangi was first in, taking cover behind a low wall. I breached where the gate used to be. Kind of predictable, but I didn't want anyone attacking my team. Thorkell was right behind me. When I got inside the courtyard, one of the archers was already dead with two arrows sticking out of his chest, courtesy of LaShana. Then I saw the guy who shot me. At this point all form of intelligent combat went out the door. I pursued, followed by a volley of arrows from LaShana. Once I knocked him out, I turned around to find that Rangi and Thorkell had finished off the other three guys. I can't believe I missed so much of the fight. I was angry. Not just at the archer, but at myself for letting my own desire for vengeance put my friends in danger. I'll have to make it up to them, somehow. An elf just walked by. I didn't realize we had another person with us. Anyways, once we get inside the tower, we'll have until sunset of that day to get to the top, so we elected to wait until morning to enter.

Getting inside the tower was a pain. The door had a little container built into the wall next to it. Thorkell tried putting a little thing he threw together in it. Nothing happened. He put his tools in it. Nothing happened. I put some blood in it. Nothing happened. LaShana went inside. Nothing happened. Then Rangi put a massive poem in it, and the door opened.

Inside the tower, it was a little bit disappointing at first. LaShana found a crystal and went to look at it. I poked it with my long spear, trying to pry it off the ceiling. She seemed to really want it, but it wouldn't come loose. Then the smart elf guy, Dalyor, told us (again) that the crystal was dangerous. The same crystals began poking out of my body, shredding muscle and skin. Thorkell was able to make the crystals disappear. We did what we could to destroy the one on the ceiling. We found several other crystals throughout the tower and destroyed them the same way. There were also a bunch of flesh beasts. They weren't hard to kill, but there were so many of them. They came through a door that wouldn't budge for us. Rangi tried to use one of the flesh beast corpses to block the door and keep it open. It didn't work. The door broke the corpse in half. I did what I could to block the door and keep the beasts on the other side while Rangi killed any that got through. Thorkell, LaShana, and the elf Dalyor went looking for a way to open the door. I guess they were successful, because soon after, I was able to move the door. We cleared out the flesh beasts and continued up the tower.

The next floor had a table in the middle and more flesh beasts. This time, rather than try to keep the beasts separated from us, we focused on getting through the next door. There was a table with a fancy dagger on it. Dalyor found a small target at the end of the western hallway. After that, we realized that each of the hallways, one for each cardinal direction, had a similar target. Rangi tried throwing the dagger, but couldn't even get it to the end of the hallway. The dagger teleported back to the table. LaShana flew to the end of the north hallway and stabbed the target. Once the dagger was back on the table, I took it down the east hallway and threw it into the target. Rangi handled the west hallway, and Thorkell dealt with the south. We dealt with the flesh beasts and continued up the tower.

We were in pretty bad shape at this point, but a couple unknown potions made Thorkell and me feel pretty fresh. I was still hurting, so Thorkell gave me a health potion. The next floor was covered in crystals. Thankfully, Dalyor was able to find most of them. LaShana, Rangi, and I were able to break most of them. Then Dalyor and LaShana dealt with the next puzzle. Thorkell crafted a lock of some sort and opened the next door.

On the final floor, we found a shrine to Upandal. Oh, wow. LaShana just dropped by to pay me back for a couple Salves of Closure. I completely forgot I gave them to her. I was wondering where they went. They would have been really useful back at the tower. I think we all had some pretty serious wounds. Anyhow, there was some ritualing, and Thorkell met with one of the Passions. I kind of knew he'd make it this far. He's had an interest since we first arrived in Clear Creek Crossing. Maybe I should find a Passion to quest for. If it happens, it happens. It was a really good adventure, and I can't wait to get get another job! Speaking of which, where did this money come from? I don't remember getting paid for this.
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Re: LFG: [3H] Return to the Tower (Up Upandal part 2) (2020/7/11 at 19:00 GMT)

Post by Lashana » Sun Jul 12, 2020 11:20 pm

So, yeah we totally set out and made a beeline for this tower and everyone was warning me about how dangerous these guys were. But when we got to the tower and I was told to go for the archers I did what I was told and I took one out ALL BY MYSELF!!! And with only 2 SHOTS! My bestie would be proud if she were here. That made me miss her. But then I had to get my head back into the fight cause there was still an archer and I did not want to get an arrow in my back.
Well I managed to finish off another bad guy though I made sure to stay away from all of them because we were told by Dalyor that they were horror touched by some crystal thing. And that it could get us too. Apparently there was no way to save them so they had to be destroyed. Vralino took a great amount of pleasure in making sure that they were ummmmmm.....dispatched I think is the word they used. It means dead. They be dead, most definitely dead now. I think that Vralino may have taken a part of one them along with her. I did not dare ask why. You wouldn't either if you saw the way she went after that particular one. Trust me.
They proved to be the easiest part of the whole thing really. Because the tower had a puzzle to get inside. And then there were puzzles everywhere and things flesh beasts that just kept appearing. Over and over and over again, seemingly without end. While trying to solve puzzles.
OHHHHHHH and did I mention the excruciating pain of the red crystal pieces breaking apart my bones as they burst forth from inside me? Cause that happened......But thank the passions that Vralino had those two salves of closure cause they stopped the crreping horror from spreading throughout my body. But anywho, I'm sure that's fine. That reminds me....I still need to pay him back....Is it Wednesday yet?
Well after a series of puzzles, my favorite being the dagger one, we got to the top and Thorkell got to meet a passion. I'd like to meet a passion one day....

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