AAR [8H] The Cavalry is coming! 2020--7-11 @ 1600 gmt

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Re: AAR [8H] The Cavalry is coming! 2020--7-11 @ 1600 gmt

Post by Shokunin » Sun Jul 12, 2020 9:13 am

From A Loosely Tied Sheaf of Papers Titled 'Vlolkir'

There is a fortress outside of Throal. Soldiers go there now, with Namegivers on the surface to fight back at bandits. I have not heard of this, talk of bandits does not reach me. There are greater evils for I and others to face. This time Williams calls though, calls us to journey to this fortress, as there is some problem.

I hear of the trouble on the journey, there are horrors about. Soldiers grow strange limbs and go mad. This is horror work. I will be glad to slay yet more. We bear vengeance and supplies for the soldiers, and make our way. We arrive and are hailed by the garrison. The commander sees us in and asks us to speak, and he tells to us the things they have seen. In the sick house there are folk with the parts of animals, or like they have been made into horrorspawn. I try to strip the corruption but can't. This is a strong curse and there will have to be a reckoning.

We talk with soldiers the night, and they talk of the supplies we brought, charms and such. They talk of the attacks to the East and we plan to go tomorrow to the East and hunt. We go East with the dawn and march into the valley. In the valley, from nowhere come large cats. Jael must have seen them but I do not. One leaps on me and bears me down. It is not as much fun when I am not the one doing it. From the ground I see horses legs and hear roars and lighting. When I gain my feet there is a cat and I strike it. Shortly the cats are gone and we are alone in the valley again. As we talk of what happened and where from here to hunt, a soldier comes and stabs William. I do not know why but he will be a deadman. As he is grabbed by Jael's strange armor, he is held and instead of swift justice Dubhan reads the soldier's aura and says he is marked. I cannot see well into the realms of spirit but he says there is the astral form of a horror here. It flees. As it flees the soldiers comes to his senses.

We decide to return to the fortress. As we talk of things, Dubhan sees that the charms which William and Jael have implanted are marked. These are corrupted charms, and must be tools of the horror lurking here. I am glad I have not implanted the charms which I bought. The others say to go somewhere alone, although we are surrounded by surrounded, they say there is a need to talk. We go to a closed room, and speak of the danger. Dubhan finds he has the strength to touch the corruption in the charms, with magic and fine cuts they are removed. Jael and William are freed of the danger for now. We talk of how this could be, and who these charms came from. The charms allow William to do the things of Scouts to find a being, and we are lead to the physician of the soldiers here. I am ready to get revenge on this traitor of all Namegivers.

With quick wit and honeyed tongue, William calls the physician out without his suspicion. As he comes out, we strike. The thing reveals itself, it is some spawn I have not seen before, it is powerful and dangerous in a way which would freeze lesser heroes. The filth uses some strange horrible power on Dubhan, and he is laid low. But then Jael responds in kind, striking like lightning. The creature is caught off guard, losing its footing. William then proves again his mettle slipping in and strikes the thing dead. One Less.

The greater form has fled, and we know not where. I may hunt it after research to determine how it may be killed. But the soldiers are no longer marked, and we have done a great deed here.

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Re: AAR [8H] The Cavalry is coming! 2020--7-11 @ 1600 gmt

Post by Montaugh » Sun Jul 12, 2020 3:03 pm

My name is William Carver, I am a 7th Scout, 5 Thief, and 1 Journeyman.

Xevious and I were contacted by and tasked with dealing with horrors out at a garrison. We were also asked to bring a bunch of blood charms in a chest to them. I sought out Jael, Dubhan and Vlolkir to aid us in this quest.

We arrived at garrison delivered the charms, spoke with the commander and when visited the people inflicted, some had legs that ended in hooves and one poor bastard was left with the head of a chicken.

We then met with the commander again and they had too many blood charms, we purchased some of them off of them. I bought a horror fend and a few others bought some absorb blow charms.

We traveled with a troop on patrol and were attacked by some cats that had electrical powers. It was a harsh battle but we won. A bit after I was stabbed by one of the soldiers with a spear. We restrained the man and looking into the astral I spotted a horror. We were unable to track it other than 'west'. We were running sort on tracking this thing as I can't track in astral.. yet.

We ended up back at the garrison and I noticed something about he blood charms. They did not look like normal blood charms. Dubhan performed some magic and determined that the charms were horror infected and would have the opposite effects at times. We were eventually able to suppress the magic and cut out the charms. I used the charms to track down the horror, which turned out to be the doctor.

We ambushed the doctor and quickly killed the horror, but not before it had almost killed Dubhan.

After everything was said and done they replaced the horror fend charm with a good one. I have not put it on and I doubt I will. It will be forever to be a reminder to me of the dangers. Could you have imagined if someone had taken a Garlen Stone? You can't just cut those out, you would have to kill and gut the person to remove it. We were one step away from losing everything because of those blood charms.

On the bright side I am undergoing training now as Cavalryman. My teacher was introduced to me by the garrison commander. He is a no nonsense dwarf that cares more for his mount than people. I think he and I will get along well. He was happy to see that I treat Charlie so well.

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