AAR [8M] Blackhawk Down. Sat 2020-07-04 1800 gmt

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Re: LFG [8M] Blackhawk Down. Sat July 4th 1800 gmt

Post by ChrisDDickey » Sat Jul 04, 2020 10:58 pm


Player Rewards: 8-M
Dubham: 19,000 lp, 900 sp, 3 TIPs.
William: 19,000 lp, 900 sp, 3 TIPs.
Xeviouz: 19,000 lp, 900 sp, 3 TIPs.
Karl: 19,000 lp, 400 sp, 3 TIPs, 5 Kernels of True Air, 5 Kernels of True Fire.
Dvarim: 19,000 LP, 350 SP, 3 TIPs, 10x True Fire Kernels, 10x True Earth Kernels

Journal Bonus: 950 Legend, 225 Silver
GM Rewards (Zil)L 19,000 lp, 900 sp, 3 TIPs.

William: Forge Weapon (3) Step 8, Research 7 Step (14) (17 with library access) Item History 5 (12).
Dvarim: Forge Weapon 8/19, Item History 4/15, Forge Armor 8/19, Craftsman (anything) 8/23
Dubham: Research Step 24. Alchemy Step 11 (Booster Potions, Small Light Crystals, Kelix' Poultice) (2 Days Downtime). Creation of Spell Matrix Objects: 5 days Downtime, 1,000 sp for Standard, 2,000 sp for Enhanced (Craft True Pattern Step 28). And yes, that's the 1/2 off price.
Karl Tomsson: Animal Training (talent rank 7 step 16), Forge Weapon (rank 5 Step 16, 3 successes if not forged, 2 after that), Research (Rank 3 Step 14, or Step 17 with Library Access)

Alternate awards:
Access to True Elements.

Further Information:
a Sorely wounded Sivilee Blackhawk and her mount have been rescued.
Edvird Mennanir is staking a claim to a mine in the area, and is offering party members a good price on true elements.
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Re: LFG [8M] Blackhawk Down. Sat July 4th 1800 gmt

Post by Aegharan » Sat Jul 04, 2020 10:59 pm

Dvarim visited me and asked for help in an urgent matter, and couldn't say much more. He also gathered Xeviouz, Dubhan, and William. Together we set off in the next morning to find a Windling Scout, Sivilee Blackhawk, who has sent a call for help via a magical item. Her last know position was around [45.05], north of the Serpent. Crossing the Throalic Mountains via an Airship makes travel so much easier, it's astonishing. Air travel is definitely worth looking into.
From the Air Ship we saw pillars of smoke in the distance. Unfortunately our travel arrangement was not able to take us any further. I believe that even with us returning safely several times, people are wary of the area north of the Serpent.
The pillars of smoke came from the same direction that we would head towards. We set out towards our target.

On the way I spotted a bad ambush by horse-like creatures, having the Torso of Orks, some twisted kind of a Centaur I only had ever read about, accompanied by cat-like creatures, "Skeorxes". We stopped and shouted at them, telling that we mean them no harm. They told us to get away and leave their lands. After a short debate and us reassuring that we mean them no harm, they carefully moved to the side and let us past. However they seemed to have a second spot for an ambush that they fell back to. We did notice them, but not as early as the first time. At least early enough so we could protect against their charge a little.
However the Centaurs did charge straight into us, knocking over Dubhan, and acting as if they had fought many combats alongside each other.
Together with Reuben we managed to instantly kill one of the Skeorxes. The other one however entangled William in its tail. Luckily Xeviouz and William managed to also kill this one swiftly, so that we could concentrate on the charging beasts.
Right after I sent Reuben in to assist Dvarim, I got charged. Reuben himself however, not thinking in the most tactical way possible, quickly got blindsided by one of this Centaurs and got severely wounded. This made me angry. I shot and wounded this Centaur so heavily, that all it did for the remainder of the combat was run away.
Another Centaur also charged at me, knocking me down and wounding me. This made Reuben angry. He tore into this poor bastard so heavily, that Dubhan spent half an hour getting rid of all the blood and entails all over him, making sure there were no additional wounds hiding below the Centaur's blood. We did have half an hour to spear while we stitched our wounds and William tracked Charlie and took some time getting him back to us.
As a Note for myself: I need to teach Reuben how to free people from a grapple.
After resting shortly a couple times and having great food heated by Dvarim, we rested for a night and pressed on in the morning. During this day we reached a burned forest area. Within the burning areas we saw a giant tortoise and some dancing flames. As they spotted us, they started moving towards and throwing firey spears at us. We did quick work of the Elementals, and chucked along on the tortoise. A try to bond with this vapor-spitting tortoise was moot, and we let it trudge off into the burning fires again.

William used his Scout Senses to great effect, showing us a safe path and leading us towards where a safe place would be to hide, in search of our target, the Windling.
We came upon a volcano, a mountain of hot, flowing rocks. Dvarim had a deeper look around and determined the Astral Space to be clearer in the burned area, as if the fire is cleansing the land.
Right as he's speaking, I spot a reflection of sunlight some miles away. I failed to get a lead on my Mystic Pursuit, but William was more successful. I did however see his new boots looking around during the Pursuit though, I swear I saw these boots having eyes. Dvarim also saw it, it was just William who said nothing was wrong and we'd be crazy to say something like this.

We found Sivilee and her mount, rehydrated them and got them back with us safely. She did find access to the True Fire mine, but a Fire Elemental got the good of her, nearly eradicating a great scout.

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Re: LFG [8M] Blackhawk Down. Sat July 4th 1800 gmt

Post by Waijhou » Sat Jul 04, 2020 11:02 pm

Saturday July 4, 2020
LFG [8M] Blackhawk Down. Sat July 4th 1800 gmt
Edvird Mennanir (cousin of Dorsha), purveyor of True Elements, recently heard of a forest fire in the Marrek valley. He sent Sivilee Blackhawk, a Windling Scout (on her black War Hawk mount) to recon the site. She has not reported back. Now, he turns to well known Adepts, fearing the worst - but also hoping that Sivilee can be rescued, and True Elements can be harvested.
Location: 45.05 (forest, after a forest fire)
Reward: Possible access to True Elements, also potential discounts on Enchanting.
Notable NPCs:
Edvird Mennanir, Dwarf, Talismonger
Sivilee Blackhawk, Windling, Journeyman Scout

My good friend Dvarim asks for some assistance with a mission. Myself, Durban, William Karver and Karl are all recruited to go look for the missing adept Sivilee. We meet at a hall in Throal with a couple Dwarfs. We are to find a pre-scourge mine around 45.05 and try to find the missing adept Sivilee Blackhawk. Passage on an airship has already been arranged for tomorrow morning at dawn. THey will only take us over the mountains, not all the way to our destination.
It takes all of 1 day to clear the mountains and be dropped off at 43.05 As we are preparing to land we all smell smoke, there is alot of ash and haze in the air to the east of us. Seems there might be a large fire over there. Dvarim asks if we would like some Fire Protection. We all say yes. William Karver is able to summon up an Earth Elemental and talk about the surrounding area, and what is the safest path.

Next day we start off down the path towards the assumed location of the mine. We notice up ahead there are some horses, or riders.. Or something(Centaurs), and a large cat. It looks like they are trying to set an ambush. Karl calls out to them and lets them know we see them. They ask us to go away. After a little dialog we go on our way and they go on there way. About an hour later we notice 2 Skeorx ready to jump out of the bushs and attack us. We engage them in battle, then a Centaur comes charging down the road to attack us. It is a brutal fight but we are triumphant.

After the fight we rest and recover then continue down the road. It is getting very smoky now. We all put wet rags across our faces to help filter out some of the smoke. William Carver says that it also smells like brimstone. Still following the trail we come across a tortoise that is as big as a house, and it is leaving fire in its wake when it moves. There are also 3 small impish fire creatures that are like living fire. THe fire imps die rather quickly and do no harm to us thanks to Dvarims Fire Resistance. The giant tortoise is knocked out and Karl says he wants to try to tame it. Unsuccessfully and the tortoise wanders off. We get back to looking for the mine and the missing scout.

William Carver uses his Safe Path ability and talks to local elemental spirits for a path to avoid the raging forest fire. Thinking the missing scout might have done the same thing. We follow the trail to a cave, deeper in the cave is a stone looking door. Inside we find the missing Scout. She is very dehydrated. After some first aid we head back to Throal.

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Re: LFG [8M] Blackhawk Down. Sat July 4th 1800 gmt

Post by ottdmk » Sun Jul 05, 2020 12:23 am

From the journal of Dubhan Goronich:

More and more, I seem to be doing things simply to help others. Not a bad life to live, really, but it does take some getting used to.

An acquaintance of Dvarim's approached him for an urgent rescue mission. A Scout had gone missing, and we were asked to rush off to the rescue. So, we did.

First, we were ambushed by some centaur-like things, and their pet Skeorxes. Determined things... they had tried to ambush us an hour or so before We spotted them and thought we ran them off. Also, they were *tough*. Still, we were a match for them.

To keep going, we had to go through a forest fire. Thankfully, Dvarim has been gaining skill as an Elementalist, and provided us with fire resistance. The fires were being caused by some fire elementals and a giant, fire-causing tortoise.

I thought I'd catch most of them in an Astral Catastrophe, but as usual, my companions were too fast for me. So, I settled for hitting the tortoise with it. The plan was to hinder its abilities for a few rounds, (on top of the damage) but the damage was sufficient to knock it out.

Karl attempted to add the thing to his menagerie. He failed, however, and, scared, the tortoise took off. I find myself wondering if we would have been better off killing it. Still, it's a tough call. Indications are that the forest fire was actually helpful. Astral conditions appeared to be improving.

After the fire-causers were dealt with, Karl & William combined forces to find our missing Scout. Mission accomplished, we returned to Throal.

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The Journal of Dvarim Bolg, Warden Weaponsmith of Throal

Post by bronzemountain » Sun Jul 05, 2020 1:58 am

Forest Aflame
Or, the Benefits of a Good Burn

Dorsha Mennanir, my first mentor in the Elementalist Discipline, came to me with urgent need. Her cousin Edvird had sent a scout of some fame, Sivilee Blackhawk, to reconnoiter the mines in the Marrek Valley. She had, through a magical item, reported her success - but also that she was wounded and needed help. Of course, I immediately offered my assistance, and that of those friends who were available. Perhaps it was rude to speak on their behalf, but I am confident in their character and they would certainly have jumped at the chance to help.

We had the good fortune to catch a ride on a visiting Travar merchantman, which carried us through the air across the Throal mountains and deposited us at the northern mouth of the valley, saving us at least a week's hard travel. I am reminded to commence work upon my Next Great Project as soon as I am able.

We were immediately assaulted by the smell of wood smoke in the distance. Things seemed dire, and we rushed forward, only to encounter the - well, I won't say strangest, but they were very strange indeed. As if someone had drunkenly told a ribald tale of a drunken Ork and a much more drunken Horse who lived each other very much and shared a special hug and made a baby together. Except that the tale came true and there, facing us, were beings with the lower bodies of a horse and the upper bodies of Orks. So that's a thing that exists. Way to go, Barsaive.

On top of everything, they were decidedly unfriendly, shooing us off. Which was fine, as we were only passing through anyhow. Of COURSE they followed us, and then ranged ahead to set up an ambush. Of COURSE they had some kind of six-legged bone-chain-tailed tiger abominations as pets.

Of course, I had William and Karl. Ambush. Hah!

I would like to say that we made swift work of them but, in truth, it was quite a brutal fight. The skeorxen were quickly put down but not before they did grievous harm to William, forcing him to relive a previous traumatic incident. The centaurs were tough as, well, Orks and horses put together. So, pretty damn tough. Fast, too, and furious in the attack.

We rested after defeating them, and then continued onward. The smell of smoke grew thicker and soon we were covered in flakes of soft ash, as if we were in some sort of very hot blizzard. The forest was charred and blackened. As we had journeyed, Dubhan had commented that Astral space was tainted. I had a suspicion that the fire might be a cleansing force, and as I examined the Pattern of the place, I discovered I had guessed correctly. This Elemental burn was scouring away the Astral taint. So apparently a burning taint isn't all bad. Tell your friends.

The source of the blaze, at least in our locale, turned out to be a set of belligerent and quite violent fire spirits of the Ignis variety. I tried to engage in speech with one but it was having none of it. Fortunately, I had thought to cast the very first spell I learned - Resist Fire. The spirits were easily dealt with.

Rather more strange was the enormous tortoise (yes, that's not a mistake) who was cavorting with them. This tortoise seemed to relish the fire, lounging in it indolently and spraying super-heated steam upon any who ventured close. Eventually, we drove the creature off, though Karl was sad that it did not warm to his efforts to befriend it.

William gesticulated with an Air Elemental he had summoned through the mysteries of his Discipline, and, at my suggestion, asked where a Windling might seek safety from the conflagration. As a being of Air, the Elemental was quite pleased to help and knowledgeable in this regard. We ventured up a mountain, only to discover that it was, in fact, a volcano - of the sort where lava flows languidly out of a blister on its side, rather than spewing ferociously from its top.

A very civilized sort of volcano. I wholeheartedly approve. Rest of nature, please take notes.

Again, Karl's keen eyes spotted what we couldn't see - a glint of sunlight off metal. Rushing forward, we found a helm, which William and Karl were then able to follow, with their magic, till we found Sivilee huddled in a cave, grievously wounded. Note to adventurers: Archers and Scouts are invaluable. Never leave home without one. Warriors and Wizards are also invaluable. So, really, just make as many good friends as you possibly can.

Sivilee and her War Hawk companion were both badly burned and dehydrated near to death. We nursed them back, away from the brink of death, and brought them back to Throal. Sivilee still has much to do, and it would be a tragedy to lose her early.

Edvird confirmed that the volcano was, in fact, a True Fire mine, and rewarded us with coin, kernels, and fair trade.

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Re: AAR [8M] Blackhawk Down. Sat 2020-07-04 1800 gmt

Post by Montaugh » Sun Jul 05, 2020 7:32 pm

My name is William Carver, I am a seventh circle scout, fifth circle Thief and Journeyman of the first rank.

Dvarim contacted Xeviouz, Karl, Dubhan and myself. A winding scout had gone missing and we were being sent to get her back.

We were ambushed by orc horse people, not orcs on horses but rather some sort of creature that was a merging of the two. They were not horrors or horror constructs from what I could see of them, just some sort of twisted being like those elves that can merge with the trees I met a while back.

These what should I call them... Orquines... I guess. They were fast and charged like a rider on a horse. They could also trample and engaged with a stone axe. They also had one of the worst creatures I have come across, twice these bastards have attacked Charlie and I, and twice they have nearly killed me in the initial attack. Skeorx... kill these things when you find them. They are evil tigers with tails that are like a scourge from the bowels of some ancient horror. I hate them... I hate them so very much... They also hurt Charlie, I was going to let any of this group get away. We killed all of them.

We next encountered some fire elementals and a Turtle that was enjoying his time in the fire as well. We made quick work of the fire elementals, we also took down the Turtle and Karl attempted to befriend it, he was not successful though and it wandered off into the flames to live its life.

I mimed at some Elementals and they mimed at me back... I really need to learn to talk to them.. and we gestured to each other, Dvarim asked some questions which I gestured to the elemental and it pointed off towards a mountain top. We arrived to the mountain top and found some glass belonging to the windling that we were seeking. We used the glass to do a mystic pursuit and found her and her mount within a cavern. We escorted them back to Throal.

I did some thing wrong on this adventure, I was distracted and had my thoughts occupied by other matters. This caused me to make a huge mistake before leaving, having something of the windling that we could use to track her location. That would have made this go a whole of a lot easier. Another thing is that we had a purpose, we should have expected a second ambush and I should have cut us through the forest in another direction to avoid those people completely, I could have done this by simply finding a bit of fur and avoided them like I did those adepts a long time ago. I need to focus more and do better.

William Carver Scout, Thief, Journeyman.

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