AAR[6H]: A Grave Sight (2020-06-05 23:00 GMT)

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Re: AAR[6H]: A Grave Sight (2020-06-05 23:00 GMT)

Post by Montaugh » Sat Jun 06, 2020 2:46 pm

My name is William Carver, I am a 6th circle Scout, 5th circle Thief, and Journeyman of the first path.

Vlolkir contacted us about heading into the Servos Jungle to find the bones of a wyvern that his helmet had come from. We met up at Iron Delve and then headed into the jungles following the river. I had a rough idea of where we would be traveling.

The group traveled into the jungles consisted of Dubhan, Vlolkir, Jael, myself and Xeviouz.

Our first encounter was with the dangers of the jungle nearly killed me, It was early in the morning and Xeviouz and I were on watch. From the trees above us came a massive cat with multiple legs and it pounced on me breaking my collarbone and drove me hard into the ground, its tail lashed around my body as my world exploded in pain. The creature was dragging me up into a tree when Xeviouz ran to my aid slamming it with his shield and then following up with a quick sword slash ending its life and saving my own.

After we healed up, we continued on our way and were crossing a rope bridge. As we were crossing the bridge we were attacked by Espagra and Jungle Espagra. One of them dove for me and knocked me over the ledge, with a quick reaction I was able to grab onto the lip of the cliff before going over and into the river. I was then able to get my feet under me and push off the cliff leaping over to the other side and attacking with Shepard's Strength. I managed to get behind the Espagra that attacked me and clipped its wings, the blow hit true and the Espagra fell into the river unable to recover. Jael and his Griffin Selena attacked some of them and we found out that the Jungle Espagra could blind a target with its spit. Selena and Xeviouz were both hit by these attacks, Dubhan was being attacked on the far side of the river by an Espagra and a Jungle Espagra. Charlie bravely ran away, he is a smart Huttawa. I moved as fast as I could and engaged the other Espagra clipping its wings so that it couldn't fly off in retreat. Vlolkir leapt over to help Dubhan as well, and Dubhan used his hypervelocity spell to devastating effect. We didn't kill of the creatures as we were proving too hard of a meal to consume, and the creatures fled, we let them go.

We encountered something strange, it was like an Elf and could move into trees. I have never seen anything like this before, I tried to communicate with them but I was unable to learn their language. They followed us through the jungle, we caught glimpses of them in the corner of our eyes. Their claws are poisonous with a paralytic poison. I advise extreme caution dealing with these... spirits... namegivers... creatures.. I don't know exactly what they are.

Watch out for water as well. Jael was near a pond when a giant newt tried to eat him.

We camped for the night again, and this time Dubhan sensed that a Basilisk was moving through the area near where we camped. Luckily it decided that we were not food this night and did not wander into the camp.

We finally arrived at the location of the battle with the Wyvern. Located there was a giant Jacoti and some lizard like men called Velos. These creatures did not seem interested in talking and moved to attack us with their spears. We dealt with the Jacoti first and then with the rest of the Velos afterwards. Afterwards Vlolkir carved some runeish squiggles onto his helm and charlie has a new Wyvern bone to gnaw on.

We made our way slowly out of the jungles and back to our homes.

William Carver Scout, Thief, Journeyman.

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Re: AAR[6H]: A Grave Sight (2020-06-05 23:00 GMT)

Post by ottdmk » Sat Jun 06, 2020 6:58 pm

From the Journal of Dubhan Goronich:

Note to self: The Servos Jungle is a very unfriendly place. Far, far too many things tried to eat us.

These days it seems like a lot of my adventures come about because my friends ask me to help them out with something. Perhaps I need to be more discerning? No, they're all good people. But it seems like more and more they excel at getting me into dangerous situations.

So, Vlolkir the Sky Raider has a rather interesting thread item wyvern skull helmet Named Dreadcry. I helped him with the research back when he found it. Well, as the investigation into it progressed, it was discovered that a Deed would be necessary to unlock the greater powers. Namely, Vlolkir would have to bring the helmet back to the site of the wyvern's death and inscribe the helmet with his Name. So, he gathered up myself, William Carver, Xevious and Jael to make a go of this. We managed, eventually, to discover the beast likely fell in the Servos Jungle. So, off we went.

Thankfully, we had William with us. Excellent person to have with you in the wilderness. So, of course, one night while we were encamped William was almost dragged off into the jungle and killed by a bizarre tiger-like beast. Thankfully, Xevious' quick reflexes managed to save the day.

At another point in the journey we had to cross a rickety rope bridge. My Astral Sense located several large lizards, so we were able to make some preparations before crossing. For example, I cast Flight from one of my Spellstores. I love that spell.

Unfortunately, the espagras put up one heck of a fight. I was dive-bombed by one of the beasts, and that hurt. A lot. Another joined in on the fun. I guess the beasts have heard that dwarves are delicious (it's true, we are.) Still, my new talent for avoiding blows served me well, and I did some serious damage with a couple of castings of Hypervelocity.

After that, we healed up and continued on, eventually reaching the site of the beast's grave. While we were still some distance out, I managed to hear a disturbance from further ahead on our path. Keeping an ear out, we stopped about five minutes away and I took additional precautions. Energy Shield and Dodge Boost aren't as effective as they could be when I have to keep them going for minutes at a time, but I'll take the improvements any day over no improvements at all. So prepared, off we went again.

This time we were faced by a number of gigantic, feral t'skrang and their dinosaur like pet. I boosted the damage output of my friends and then decided to go with an enhanced Mind Dagger on the last two. (What can I say, my friends move quickly.) By the time I was ready to cast, there was only the chief one left. My dagger would have left it particularly vulnerable to my friends, (there's a reason I sometimes move more slowly then the others) but as it was I was able to finish the thing off.

Vlolkir did his Deed, and then we started the long (oh so long) journey back to Throal. But that's worthy of a journal entry all to itself.

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Re: AAR[6H]: A Grave Sight (2020-06-05 23:00 GMT)

Post by Shokunin » Sun Jun 07, 2020 5:29 am

From a loosely tied sheaf of papers titled 'Vlolkir'

Friend Dubhan has done much reading. He reads in the place in Throal where the books and papers are kept. He reads and says that my helm is the skull of a wyvern, this I knew, but he says he knows where the wyvern fell, long ago. He says it fell in the servos jungle long ago, and to use the helm I must go to there. This place is deep in the jungle, and the jungle is dangerous. I have seen little of it but I have seen beasts. I call good fighters with me, Dubhan will go, and Xeviouz and Jael and William Carver.

We meet in Irondelve. Irondelve is large now, many more peoples and it is growing and strong. We meet a dwarf there who warns us of cannibal T'Skrang. This is strange as I have met no T'Skrang to fear, and they all eat of their own failed young. I see no reason to heed.

We go into the jungle, and we go deep into the jungle. Deeper, I think, than any before. This is good. I am seeing more than others and can bring these tales of deeds far and wide. I am seeing the lands as I had dreamed but never believed would happen. We come to a bridge, and it is shaky and small, and there is a tree and Dubhan and Jael speak to it. They say the jungle brings madness. They continue to speak to the tree but then say the tree does not speak back, and something about elves in the woods. This is little matter, I do not care for where the elves may live, they have nothing I wish. We try to cross the river gorge, and are beset by large flying lizards. Quickly I slay some, and leap back over as two have come for Dubhan. We slay the lizards and they are done. We pass further into jungle, so far the sun falls, and we camp. We set watches, and William Carver is struck on his watch. I do not see what it was, I hear yells, Xeviouz slays a thing, and it is done. There is sleep until morning.

Then, we walk more. The jungle is large and going where I must go is a great journey. We come to a pool, and Jael fears evil inside it. He creeps up and is bit by a small thing with wet skin. The thing is sent on its way. I am under a tree and I am laughing. The tree then strikes me, and it is a mighty blow. The tree has become an elf with poisoned hands, there is quick work of sword and axe, but neither lays dead. The elves run in to trees, but are not stopped, they go in to the trees and then in them and then out them. This is strangeness I have seen from no elf before and I do not like it. But still they are too fast and we must go elsewhere. We walk long again, and rest. The next morning, we wake, and walk long again. There is too much jungle for my liking, it is too close.

But then, we see the place where the writings say. We are at the place of the wyvern's fall which the writings tell of. We step forward from plants into stone, there is a ruin here, and the wyvern, and T'Skrang. Large T'Skrang, and they carry poor spears, and they have a beast with them. They do not speak, but charge. The beast comes to me, and it is mighty. I am wounded greatly. William leaps far, and sees two more strange T'Skrang. Then we are embattled, and I am struck by spears from T'Skrang, and strike in kind. I fell the great beast, I fell a T'Skrang. The other T'Skrang are brought low by Jael, his strange pet, and the others. Finally the jungle is empty again and I can make my mark by the wyvern. Its spirit will be mine now, I think is said in the writings.

But now we have to go back. All the way back.

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