AAR (7m) I can't get no Orichalkum (2020-06-02@20:00 GMT)

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Re: LFG (7m) I can't get no Orichalkum (2020-06-02@20:00 GMT)

Post by ottdmk » Wed Jun 03, 2020 5:21 am

From the Journal of Dubhan Goronich:

The Great Wheel Mining Company was looking for adepts to secure an old True Earth mining site. The site, as it turns out, was also used for the creation of Orichalcum. I've been wanting to procure some of the miraculous metal for some time now, so I signed on, along with my friends Dvarim, Xevious, William & Zil.

For once, the travel was easy. Overland to Sosanopa, where we rented a boat to head to the site. William's navigation was, as usual, flawless. Once off the river though, we were set upon by some type of ogre and two massive, massive elephant-like creatures. One of them charged me, and threw me through the air. Very, very painful. Still, we were victorious, and as usual when the wounds were piling up, Zil was kind enough to call upon Garlen's favour (and his own Elemental magics) to heal us up.

Moving on, we soon discovered the mine proper. We explored slowly and carefully until we came upon a massive crystalline formation. At that point, we were set upon by two insanely fast panthers. I really hate nature sometimes. As it turns out, the crystalline formation was some kind of Horror, and while the panthers tried to chew us to bits, the entity tried to splinter our bodies and fry our brains (I recognized the Mind Dagger spell.)

I found myself wondering if I should invoke Astral Interference to help stop the spellcasting, but I decided not to as it might slow down Zil and myself too much. As it was, I hit the thing with an enhanced Crushing Will to reduce its defenses, and that helped Zil cast a formidable Lightning Bolt at it. Between that and the weapons of my colleagues, we quickly finished the thing off (once the panthers were dealt with. Xevious was particularly effective at that.)

So, after that was over, we cleared out a few more minor obstacles and returned to Throal... a cache of Orichalcum in hand.

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Re: LFG (7m) I can't get no Orichalkum (2020-06-02@20:00 GMT)

Post by ChrisDDickey » Wed Jun 03, 2020 12:11 pm

From the journal of Zil, windling Elementalist and Adherent of Garlen. 

Rumor had it that the Great Wheel Mining Co had sent some Adepts to investigate one of their old pre-scourge mines, and that they never came back. The mining Co was putting another expedition together. Great Wheel Mining does not have the best reputation (some call it the Grinding Wheel Mining Co), so I communed with my Passion to see if she supported this expedition. She sent me a vision of the mining town before the scourge, with many villagers living and working there, doing honest hard work. In a great rush of time I saw the mine closed and abandoned, the hearths going cold as the villagers all went elsewhere to shelter in kears.. Then I saw a cloud settle upon the mine and obscure it from the gaze of the Passion of Hearth. I felt that Garlen greatly favored the cleaning of the mine of whatever that cloud had been, and the reestablishemnt of the mine and village. I immediately went to GWM and signed up for their expedition. 

Also on the expedition were my bosom companions, Dvarim, Dubhan, Xevious, and William. We traveled to Sossanopa (which has grown a lot since my first visit there just last year) on the well marked path.Inquires there revealed that the previous group had gotten that far, but had not returned. In Sossanopa we rented (temporarily bought) a keel-boat, which we poled up the river. The mine was in the swampy area (34.07) at the junction of the Mothingale and Opthia rivers (where they merge to become the Serpent). We took the Opthia at the fork and poled upriver for another day before tying up the boat and making our way to the mine on foot once again.

We were not traveling long when we heard a great rumble and a racket. We soon identified the rumble was the two Masterlyth charging us. The racket was a rotten ogre upon the backs of one of the Masterlyth beating upon war drums. They were tough and canny foes, that tried to trample us underfoot. The ogre belched a foul gas upon me that nauseated me greatly. However we soon were feasting upon Masterlyth steaks. 

It was late that very afternoon that we found the mine entrance, and the remains of the village. There was a huge blighted area stretching from the mine entrance to the West. with nothing but a few scraggly weeds growing in it, the blighted area was 700 yards wide. We looked around, but we found no sign that the other group had gotten this far, so they may have fallen to Ogres or some other hazzard. In the remains of the village, astral space was tainted, but the whole of the mine was corrupted. We explored the mine, and quickly came upon a huge crystal formation. As we approached it, the two in front were attacked by two Corrupted Panthers. Also the Crystal formation was doing weird stuff like throwing mind daggers and making crystal spikes grow out of our joints. It was a hard fight, painful for all of us, but I was very worried for Xevious's life. Fortunately we prevailed. We cleaned things up and returned to Throal. 

Dubhan has been learning his enchantment (I had thought of enchantment in my youth, but decided it was much to expensive an occupation). He and I made an Enhanced Spell Matrix Object together. It has the form of a large bead made of Masterlyth Ivory. 
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Re: LFG (7m) I can't get no Orichalkum (2020-06-02@20:00 GMT)

Post by Montaugh » Wed Jun 03, 2020 2:30 pm

Dubhan, Xeviouz, William, Zil, Dvarim investigated an earth mine owned by the great wheel mining company, it also once processed orichalcum. William navigated them there with little difficulty. Zil was doing his usual as quartermaster, and the rest provided security.

We encountered two Mastryliths and a rotten ogre riding on top of one of them, in a swampy area. We engaged, Charlie and I moved around the field of battle trying to distract one of the Mastryliths, our distraction worked a bit too well as one of the Mastryliths charged Charlie and I while the rest of the party were dealing with the other one and the Ogre. I was easily knocked off Charlie, and the Mastrylith trampled poor harmless innocent Charlie. After the charge the Mastrylith moved away and seemed to be lining up another charge. I tried to leap to safety and ended up in the water and I screamed for Charlie to run away, but he was already running as fast as hit legs could carry him. The Ogre fell first and then the rest of the party moved to engage the two Mastryliths. The fight was quickly over and I didn't even have time to swim to the edge of the pond I found myself in the middle of. Zil tended our wounds and we rested for a short time to recover from the effects of the battle. I was very sore, want to know what it is like to be charged by a giant elephant with four sets of tusks.. it hurts.. a lot. You don't know which way is up, and suddenly you know for certain which way is down as you are sent tumbling into the air and are stopped by the earth's ever loving hard embrace. I can also tell what the Mastryliths taste like, they taste quite good and Dvarim harvested the ivory to sell back in Throal. Could I have tamed one, maybe but they trampled Charlie.. so into the stew pot they went. Well what we were able to take of them, much was left for the other animals in the area. The Mastryliths are massive and even Charlie with his bloated belly and rolling on to our next stop couldn't consume one of these beasts, the greedy little glutton tried though.

We were able to skirt a village of more Ogres in the area, as they were not our primary concern for this excursion. At some point a group of adventurers should be sent to deal with them.

We found the mines, and within the mines Xeviouz and Dvarim were found by a pair of corrupted panthers, Dvarim saw the one coming at him but Xevious was caught unaware and ambushed. We also found a giant crystal entity and Zil grew a new pair of crystal knees thanks to that horror, Charlie ran and hid, I jumped over the Panther that attacked Xeviouz and it turned to engage me in combat, sadly my staff work is not as good as my sling staff's aim. Turning its back on Xevious was a serious mistake though and he slammed into with his shield and followed up with his sword, it was soon a dead corrupt panther. We quickly dealt with the second panther and turned our attention to the crystal enity, it was beautiful, but it was some sort of horror.. I think.. maybe a corrupted elemental... can horrors be elemental or elementals be horrors.. I was still sore from my engagement with the elephants of doom and I ran out of cover long enough to attack and then moved back into cover moving as fast as my human legs could carry me. It was a hard fight but we were able to destroy the crystal like creature.

We didn't have time to explore deeper into the mines, time is always a problem. We'll need to come back and work our way deeper into the mines, there could be more corrupted creatures within.

We got some orichalcum as a reward and some wonderful silver, I am not sure what I'll do with it, but it is quite pretty.

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