AAR: [ECR3] Something is Rotten in Dymchurch (Re-Scheduled) 5-30-2020 @ 22:00 GMT

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Post by leshrac » Sun May 31, 2020 2:56 am

Librarians that are thieves are the worst, so it was nice to catch one, but it lead to the relization that their might be alot of smugglers messing up alot of things in Throal, which is no good in a small market, and especially no good if I am not getting a cu...wait dont write that. But anyways, so we went out looking for smuggers, and isntead found the city of Dymchurch that apparently doesn't like the noble that has been taking up position near there.

Oh right why did we come out? It appears that alot of documentation and records are being stolen still, a lot of material for research into archaeological digs and recovering info from mines.

So we went a smuggler hunting and found more than we expected. We came across 4 people that looked like skeletons, but were probably not actually skeletons, raiding a cart that had been abandoned by its drivers. We tried to chase them down but they were fast, and skilled and well outpaced us. We checked over the caravan and it was nice..very nice. It was enchanted for smooth movement and even had a magically sealed lockbox that had both the lock and the trap on it picked by accomplished adept hands. Confirmation that those were definitely not actually skeletons. Undead cant be Adepts right? They arent Namegivers? Good thatd be scary.

So we tried to find the caravan driver but didn't have any luck, so we went back to following the trail of the 'skeletons' and eventually found a spire with a cavern under it. That also lead to us finding 2 ghouls and 2 cadaver men, and I discovered why people always say cadavers are scary, i guess ill have to be more careful next time. We almost lost the fight but the quick movements of the arch and air sailor managed to turn around the fight, which is good because otherwise it would have been a disaster.

In the cave we found 2 dead humans and a mess of a crate. I think they got ambushed by the undead and only 2 of their people got out alive. Which I suppose is why their tracks looked so rushed. Deeper in the cave though we found a collapse and Riyes felt alot of corruption, something very bad must be nesting in those caves, something that is bad.

Oh we also found lockets on the 2 dead ones, with a skull and crossbones on one side, and a S on the other. Mark of some sort of thieves or smugglers guild perhaps? if it is its not one that I know.

Oh we also didnt find the spike balls in the box, nor did we find the noblemans deed. Hes gonna be mad if he cant find that but no one seemed to like him, so I suppose thats fine. Oh right those were the other things of value that we had on the caravan manifest? Are spike balls a thread item? Are the neat? Would I want them? They seem cool?

Oh I suppose my story is done you can stop logging it now.

Thank you.

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