AAR:[ECR2] Have You Any Wool? 2020-05-09 @ 17:00 GMT

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Re: AAR:[ECR2] Have You Any Wool? 2020-05-09 @ 17:00 GMT

Post by Brian L » Sun May 10, 2020 6:56 pm

Journal Entry of Reyis Poriv (1421 - 05 - 10 TH) Have you and Wool (05/09/2020)

There was a notification that a farmer in Juniper Hollow was having problems with sheep going missing, and that he was looking for help. When I arrived to join locals heading in that direction I found other Adepts also looking to help. There are still good people in the world. We decided to join together as the wilds are dangerous. So, with me were: Beranth’Jax an Orkish Archer, two Humans Dale and Icarus Wolfswift (Illusionist and Air Sailor respectively), and Mazor a fellow Windling and Beastmaster. It took us two days of travel to reach the farmstead. As a first impression, it was a marginal enterprise struggling to get started. When no dogs announced our presence, my first thoughts went to a simple first solution to sheep disappearing.
The local who requested aid was Jim Clemson a Dwarven farmer. Though it turns out that it was not just him. All of the farms in the area had been suffering. Up until about 5 weeks ago there was only the occasional loss. Starting then a farmer named Amos lost about half his herd. Since then most of the farms had been hit at least once with staggering losses. Just two days before we arrived, Amos had lost the rest of his stock. Jim was concerned about the loss of his livestock and the viability of the whole area for the future.
Looking around Jim’s farmstead, we were made very aware of our lack of outdoor investigative skills . Still we managed to determine that the fencing while appearing to be shattered by pure force had been weakened by someone using tools. There was also trace evidence of namegiver races being involved in the thefts. We did attempt to learn more from the neighbor Amos, but he was more involved in drowning his troubles with liquor and no help to us. We did our best to follow the trail from Amos’ farm, and were able to identify namegiver tracks both with and without shoes, and the tracks of sheep. Eventually the barefoot/sheep tracks disappeared as we continued to follow the only remaining trail. It seems that trail had been deliberately set to lead us into an ambush, which we walked right into. Fortunately the ambusher (Evert) was willing to talk first. We learned that she was also on the trail of the sheep rustlers and that she had also lost the trail due to magic being used to conceal it.
We convinced her to join forces with us, and with her help managed to find another small farmstead which seemed abandoned. We rested til morning in deference to those of us who did not see as well in the dark. And when we approached the farm itself, we were charged by tainted creatures. We faced a group of fearsome Cadavermen, these well aged and leathery, and a more recent construct that was bipedal with the heads of some of the missing sheep. Once again with the aid of Evert we were able to defeat the monsters and search the farm. Two Beastmasters are a fearsome sight.
With the monsters gone we rested briefly before searching the farm. One of the party members had read in the Library a journal of an Adept who had encountered similar constructs, and the creators had fled while they rested. In our case the rest time did not matter as the creators of the horrors were long since gone.
Of the farmstead, one of the silos had been turned into a charnel house (I am new to this and have already seen a lifetime of dead bits) and without counting or cataloging can still be fairly certain where the missing sheep have gone. Searching the farmhouse, we learned that the previous owners were a small family; Jeremy, Evelyn, and Billy Jacob. Further investigation seems to confirm that this family became the cadavermen we put down. Also in the house as a receipt for 18 units of something sold. Evert left us to return to her home, and we returned to Juniper Hollow with the sad news, and only hopes to offer that the killings were over. They were grateful and extremely generous, taking up a collection to pay us for our efforts.
Since then I am still left with questions. Who led the last raid on Amos’ farm? What was the source of the bipedal parts of the constructs? What were the 18 items that had been sold? Were our efforts enough to bring some peace to Juniper Hollow?
As we returned to town, I spent some time discussing animals with Mazor, and we share some interests. We may spend some time looking for unique creatures.

Downtime: Spent: 300 LP: Raise Awareness from 0 to 2
Spent: 300 LP: Raise Animal Bond from 0 to 2
Spent: 200 SP: Raise Circle from 1 to 2
Spent: 100 LP: Raise Astral Sight from 0 to 1
Spent: 100 LP: Raise Standard Matrix from 0 to 1
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Re: AAR:[ECR2] Have You Any Wool? 2020-05-09 @ 17:00 GMT

Post by ottdmk » Sun May 17, 2020 3:26 am

The Great Library of Throal thanks Reyis Poriv, Icaus Wolf-swift, Mazor, and Beranth‘Jax for their contributions. +40 Legend, +50 sp.

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