AAR: [5H] Peace - or a Sword (2020-05-08@20:00 GMT)

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AAR: [5H] Peace - or a Sword (2020-05-08@20:00 GMT)

Post by Aegharan » Sun May 03, 2020 8:03 pm

LFG: Peace - or a Sword
Time: 2020-05-08@20:00 GMT
GM: Aeggy
Circle: 5
Difficulty: Hard
Players: 4-5
Reward: Zil wants to advance as Questor of Garlen.

Rumor: Tensions between a Clan of Windlings and a whole lot of T'Skrang have to be resolved.

Note: This is a hard adventure.
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Re: LFG: [5H] Peace - or a Sword (2020-05-08@20:00 GMT)

Post by ChrisDDickey » Sun May 03, 2020 8:18 pm

Name: Zil
ECR: 5
Discipline: Elementalist 5th circle, Follower of Garlen, Windling
Quote/Unique: Travel in style with a party Elementalist! Heat Food! Plant Feast! Purify Water! Shelter! Air Mattress! All the comforts of home upon the road.
Notable Abilities: Physician.
Downtime: Research rank 3, step 10 (step 13 if pay 20 sp for library access).
Item History Rank 3 (step 14 with karma).

Note: Quest to become an Adherent of Garlan.

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Re: LFG: [5H] Peace - or a Sword (2020-05-08@20:00 GMT)

Post by Montaugh » Sun May 03, 2020 9:09 pm

Name: William Carver
Date Last Played May 1st, 2020
ECR: 5 (30,975 LP)
Race: Human
Discipline: Scout 5, Thief 3
Quote/Unique: I'll get you there and back again.
Notable Abilities:
Talented: Locks/Traps, Stealth/Scouting, Ranged/Melee, map making.
Items: Pure Water Pot (cast the Purify Water spell, p. 190, with a Spellcasting and Effect Step of 8/2D6 on any liquid placed in them).
Potions:Kelia's Antidote (1), Booster Potion (1), Kelix's Poultice (1), Halt Illness Potion (1), Healing Potion (1), Last Chance Salve (2)
Mounted: Huttawa named Charlie
Downtime: Forge Weapon (2) Step 8, Research 3(10) (13 with library access) Item History 5 (12).

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Re: LFG: [5H] Peace - or a Sword (2020-05-08@20:00 GMT)

Post by bronzemountain » Sun May 03, 2020 9:44 pm

Name: Dvarim Bolg
ECR: 6
Date Last Played: 2020-04-24
Discipline: Weaponsmith / Elementalist
Quote/Unique: "I make things better. By hammering them."
Notable Abilities: Physician, Lock Pick, Chiseled Dwarven Good Looks
Downtime: Forge Weapon 6/17, Item History 4/15, Forge Armor 7/18

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Re: LFG: [5H] Peace - or a Sword (2020-05-08@20:00 GMT)

Post by ottdmk » Sun May 03, 2020 11:07 pm

Name: Dubhan Goronich
Date of Last Game Played: 2020-05-01
Circle: 6 (ECR 6, 43,670 legend)
Discipline: Wizard
Unique: Spells (Buffs, Astral Sensing, Debuffs, etc.), Physician
Downtime: Research Step 22 (Step 25 with Library access)
Alchemy Step 9 (Booster Potions, Small Light Crystals)

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Re: LFG: [5H] Peace - or a Sword (2020-05-08@20:00 GMT)

Post by OldKingCole » Sun May 03, 2020 11:22 pm

Name Rama
Date of Last Game Played 4/26
Circle 4
Discipline Warrior

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Re: LFG: [5H] Peace - or a Sword (2020-05-08@20:00 GMT)

Post by Waijhou » Mon May 04, 2020 5:49 pm

Name: Xeviouz
ECR: 5
Date Last Played:4/30/2020
Discipline: Warrior
Quote/Unique: Lets do this!
Notable Abilities: Sword & Board
Downtime: -----

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Re: LFG: [5H] Peace - or a Sword (2020-05-08@20:00 GMT)

Post by Aegharan » Sat May 09, 2020 1:02 am

Peace - Or a Sword
Time: 2020-05-08@20:00 GMT
GM: Aeggy
Circle: 5
Difficulty: Hard

Player Rewards:
Zil: 5 TIPs, 6000 Legend, 13 Silver. Kelia’s Antidote x 2 (125) Kelix's Poultice x 3 (75 sp), booster potion x4 (100 sp), Halt Illness x 2 (100), Last chance Salve (300 sp). Advances to Adherent of Garlan.
Dvarim: 5 TIPs, 6000 Legend, 263 Silver, Last Chance Salve, Healing Potion
William: 5 TIPs, 6000 Legend, 463 Silver, Kelix's Poultice alchemical Pattern.
Dubhan: 5 TIPs, 6000 Legend, 275.5 Silver, Garlen Stone, Kelia's Antidote, Kelix's Poultice alchemical Pattern.
Xeviouz: 5 TIPs, 6000 Legend, 263 SP, Healing Potion, Last Chance Salve

Half priced Healing aids, Garlen Stones, and Alchemical Recipes for Healing Aids (not including Kelia's Antidote) (must have high enough rank to learn now).
Please contact your friendly GM once you have decided what you want to spend your silver on :-)

Journal Rewards:
300 Legend, 178,3 Silver

GM Reward:
Dalyor: 3 TIPs, 200 Legend, 150 Silver

Downtime Actions Available:
Zil: Research rank 3, step 10 (step 13 if pay 20 sp for library access)
Zil: Item History Rank 3 (step 14 with karma)
William: Forge Weapon (2) Step 8, Research 3(10) (13 with library access) Item History 5 (12)
Dvarim: Forge Weapon 6/17, Item History 4/15, Forge Armor 7/18
Dubhan: Research Step 22 (Step 25 with Library access)
Alchemy Step 9 (Booster Potions, Small Light Crystals)

Further Information:
Made Peace between the Windlings of the Skyreader Island (43.11) and the T'Skrang Riverfolk who settled there too. Fought flying Horrors in 47.11 to free a T'Skrang village that once was there. Notably, the flying Horrors were corrupted children, which indicates a breached/corrupted Kaer nearby.
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The Journal of Dvarim Bolg, Journeyman Weaponsmith of Throal

Post by bronzemountain » Sat May 09, 2020 1:38 am

Peace-making By Way of the Axe
Or, Building Communities the Old Fashioned Way

My friend Zil, now a Questor of Garlen, called a group of us - all Journeymen now - to help broker a peace between the newly settled Windling nest at Skyreach Island and the T'skrang who wished to use the same land. Answering the call along with me were Dubhan, William, and Xeviouz.

The journey to the Coil was easy enough, especially in good company. We chanced upon a trio of T'skrang, whom I greeted in their native tongue. I was grateful, both for the knowledge I had earned, and for the opportunity to practice. They were quite courteous, in turn. Upon engaging in the Rites of Introduction, I saw immediately that they were very skilled indeed, and suspected that their spokest'skrang might well be a Troubadour.

I spoke of our mission, broadly, and also about the work I had already done on behalf of the T'skrang, specifically - both in guarding those who sought to waken the Niall of Kampong Gajah, and in raising their marvelous riverboats. Our new acquaintances seemed to warm to this knowledge, and themselves told the story of flying Horrors that had slain one of their kin and poisoned their ancestral home. This, it turns out, is why they sought out new lands.

We accepted the T'skrang's invitation to board their riverboat - a modest but lovely vessel powered by the wind, and not by True Fire engines. There, we met their captain and enjoyed his hospitality with an evening feast.

We accompanied the T'skrang to Skyreach Island, where Zil took the diplomatic lead in speaking with his Windling brethren. Xeviouz wisely pointed out that the Windlings nested in the trees, while the T'skrang half-submerged their dwellings on the shores of the island. And surely this was a perfect recipe for fruitful cohabitation. Such wisdom - nearly Dwarf-like - is the very bedrock of civilization and I was most pleased to see it delivered.

While the two parties were initially suspicious, they accepted that we might broker this peace if, as the T'skrang asked, we were willing to go and defeat the monsters that had savaged their previous home. Of course, we accepted. This is very much part of our purpose and our duty as Adepts of Throal.

We traveled into the mountains, having been told to expect flying stone creatures. Flying stone! Magic is truly, well, magical. Note to self, return to the Library later to edit that sentence. Continuing on, we felt the ground shudder and buckle until a great and toothsome maw broke the stone surface. What emerged was, I am told, a Rockworm - a ferocious beast some thirty feet long and skinned in stone.

We battled the Rockworm fiercely and, though it was a hardy thing, were able to slowly chip away at its granite hide until there were more vulnerable spots to attack. If we hadn't done that, our weapons might not have hurt the beast at all. When it was dead, it was large enough for me to venture into it as if it were a tunnel in Throal. Which, of course, I did, for curiosity's sake if nothing else. I found inside a splendid crystal shield. And also felt that, given time and opportunity, I could have hollowed out and cleansed the insides of the beast to convert its stony form into rather a cozy workshop. Sadly, the corpse was far too large for us to transport.

I had taken a wound - a broken rib from a lash of the Rockworm's massive tail. Zil was tending to it when we were ambushed by the very things we had come here to find. Fortunately, Dubhan's extraordinary spiritual senses alerted us in time and once again, the battle was on.

While the Rockworm was all brute menace and basalt strength, these were stones of rather more cunning and magical acumen. They crippled us - well, me - with illusionary wounds and rendered Xeviouz temporarily blind. Their claws tore through Astral space as easily as they did flesh. I am grateful to have learned the secrets of tempering my own flesh, as I would temper steel, for without that extra fortitude I might well have been done in.

As it was, we were able to remain mobile and work to each other's benefit - the sort of collaborative, cooperative fighting that marks the greatness of civilization - the very civilization for which my axe is named. It was a hard, exhausting fight, and our enemies were, in the close, rather horrifying. Two of them seemed to be twisted Namegiver children, given wings and turned to stone. The third, much larger, was a diabolical flying statue.

We persevered, as is the way of Throal. Exhausted, we made our way back to Skyreach island, to find that the Windlings and T'skrangs, though not yet friends, had found a way to be neighbors. A peace was won, and now must be tended and nurtured over time. This was a victory for all Namegivers.

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Re: LFG: [5H] Peace - or a Sword (2020-05-08@20:00 GMT)

Post by ottdmk » Sat May 09, 2020 2:48 am

From the Journal of Dubhan Goronich:

Well, that was different.

Zil, an Elementalist of some note and a colleague on several expeditions, has become a Questor of Garlen. Understandably, this has shifted his priorities somewhat. He became aware of a situation brewing between two communities, one T'skrang, one Windling. As the sanctity of the home is one of Garlen's major domains, Zil felt compelled to intercede and try to create a peace between the two. He recruited myself, Xevious, Dvarim and William to assist.

We managed to travel to Skyreach Island, home of the disputed territories, in comfort thanks to a fortuitous encounter with some T'skrang (including a Troubadour of considerable skill.) We were able to go by riverboat and enjoyed a lovely meal in good company.

When we arrived, my colleagues were able to broker an agreement. I suppose I should have been bolstering their arguments with my spells, but unfortunately the only spell I have that fits is particularly tiring to cast on others. Still, they succeeded in their goal, so I suppose my help wasn't necessary.

Our success was contingent in clearing out some monsters that had disrupted the previous location of the T'skrang community. As battling monsters is probably much more in our wheelhouse than brokering peace treaties, we agreed. Off into the mountains we went.

We had not discovered our quarry (flying, stonelike creatures) when we were confronted by a rockworm. I had run into a rockworm once before. At that point of my life, then only possibility was to run. Run very, very fast.

This time was different. I bolstered our defenses, then proceeded to bolster our offence. The end result was a dead rockworm, although we were definitely the worse for wear. Zil was attempting to patch up some of Dvarim's wounds when I noticed our quarry enter the range of my Astral Sense... and they were headed straight for us.

I warned my companions of the imminent threat and back into battle we went. We were victorious, but wow, was I exhausted. Back we went to Throal.

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