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AAR [4M] Laying a Foundation (2020-04-30 @ 22:30 GMT)

Posted: Sun Apr 26, 2020 12:22 pm
by Reyntrannin
LFG: Laying a Foundation
Time: 2020-04-30 @ 22:30 GMT
GM: ReynTrannin
Circle: ECR 4
Difficulty: Medium

Note: Due to the number of signups, this will be an adventure for five players.

A grieving mother was in the tavern last night, crying her heart out to anyone who would listen. "My boy was such a good boy, he never did aught to deserve this fate. I just can't believe that he's gone, and with..."
As the night progressed, she became even more insensate, but it occurs to you that this might be just kind of thing that an Adept (or four) could help with. Perhaps it would be a good idea to round up a few friends and see what you could do to aid the old woman who is in such dire straights. The barman says she is a regular, Named Temera Longways, who lives nearby.



Player Rewards:
Daldorer: 2,200 LP, 375 Sp, 3 TIP's
Moe-uhane: 2,200 LP, 375 Sp, 3 TIP's
Dubhan: 2,200 LP, 375 Sp, 3 TIP's
Temur: 2,200 LP, 375 Sp, 3 TIP's
Xeviouz: 2,200 LP, 375 Sp, 3 TIP's

GM Reward:
Langren Vogel: 200 LP, 150 Sp, 3 TIP's

Downtime Actions Available:
Daldorer: Alchemy Step 7. Recipes: Booster Potion and Small Light Quartz
Dubhan: Downtime: Research Step 22 (25 with Library Access)
Dubhan: Alchemy Step 9: Booster Potions, Small Light Crystals
Moe-uhane: Research - step 9

Researchers may spend 20 Silver for +3 Steps (the Haggle discount may lower this cost)

Further Information:
A Nethermancer had set up a lab for some kind of vile experiments, which the Adepts found and destroyed with the aid of the workers from Clear Creek Crossing.
Matteo, a Dwarf, and the Scout Folwin were executed after it was discovered that they were almost assuredly Horror-marked.
Josef, another Dwarf and Matteo's companion was found dead, having been dissected by the experiments of the mas man who captured them

Re: LFG [4M] Laying a Foundation (2020-04-30 @ 22:30 GMT)

Posted: Sun Apr 26, 2020 4:33 pm
by bronzemountain
This is a secondary character. Please pick primaries first.

Name: Temur Tengerkhan
Circle: 3
Discipline: Spirit Rider
Quote/Unique: "Those are good thoughts for thinking."
Notable Abilities: I ride an imaginary horse.
Downtime: Wine, women, dancing.

Re: LFG [4M] Laying a Foundation (2020-04-30 @ 22:30 GMT)

Posted: Sun Apr 26, 2020 5:08 pm
by OldKingCole
Name: Rama
Date of Last Game Played: 4/26/20
Circle: 3
Discipline: Warrior
Unique: Tactics and Windling Perch

Re: LFG [4M] Laying a Foundation (2020-04-30 @ 22:30 GMT)

Posted: Sun Apr 26, 2020 5:24 pm
by Xzandrate
Name: Moe-uhane
Date of Last Game Played: 2020-04-25
ECR: 3
Discipline: Illusionist(2)
Unique: buffs, damage, some socials
Downtime: Research - step 9

Re: LFG [4M] Laying a Foundation (2020-04-30 @ 22:30 GMT)

Posted: Sun Apr 26, 2020 6:29 pm
by Sharkforce
Withdrawing application due to scheduling conflicts (I may be able to listen in though, we shall see)

Name: Zivilyn
Date of Last Game Played: Apr 25
Circle: 3 (ECR 3, 4620 LP)
Discipline: Shaman
Unique: Buffs and debuffs.
Downtime: [Animal Training] [Step 12 including karma] [Rank 2]

Re: LFG [4M] Laying a Foundation (2020-04-30 @ 22:30 GMT)

Posted: Sun Apr 26, 2020 6:53 pm
by Waijhou
Name: Xeviouz
Date of Last Game Played: April 16,2020
Circle: 5
Discipline: Warrior
Unique: Sword & Board
Downtime: ----

Re: LFG [4M] Laying a Foundation (2020-04-30 @ 22:30 GMT)

Posted: Sun Apr 26, 2020 7:39 pm
by etherial
Name: Daldorer
Last Game Played:2020-04-29
Circle: 3
Discipline: Nethermancer
Quote/Unique: Daddy can make you feel better
Notable Abilities: Physician, Death's Head
Downtime: Alchemy Step 7. Recipes: Booster Potion and Small Light Quartz

Re: LFG [4M] Laying a Foundation (2020-04-30 @ 22:30 GMT)

Posted: Tue Apr 28, 2020 8:16 pm
by Jexel
Name: Nez
Date of Last Game Played: 4/22
ECR: 3 Cricle 2
Discipline: Beastmaster
Unique: Claw Shape to the buttocks

Re: LFG [4M] Laying a Foundation (2020-04-30 @ 22:30 GMT)

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2020 1:46 am
by ottdmk
Name: Dubhan Goronich
Date of Last Game Played: 2020-04-24
Circle: 5 (ECR 5, 29,960 legend)
Discipline: Wizard
Unique: Spells (Buffs, Astral Sensing, Debuffs, etc.), Physician
Downtime: Research Step 22 (Step 25 with Library access)
Alchemy Step 9 (Booster Potions, Small Light Crystals)

Journal: Temur Tengerkhan

Posted: Fri May 01, 2020 5:32 am
by bronzemountain
Song of the Immortal Sky - Part 4

Know that on the tenth day of Charassa, Temur of the Monkhiir-Tenger and his companions, Daldorer the Faceless, Moe'Uhane the Revealer, Xeviouz of the Tiger Dance, and Dubhan the Soul Eye, did find tragedy and evil in the plains near the Coil river.

Together these brave Adepts had answered the call of an elderly Dwarf woman who was fearful for the fate of her son, Matteo. This man lived well. He built things with his hands. He drank with great thirst. And when drunk, he fought with heavy fists and great joy. He was a terror to his friends, who were few, and his enemies, who were many.

Know there was much to admire in Matteo.

Once again, Temur and this band of Adepts did travel to Clear Creek Crossing, where the Bringer of Crags was rebuilding a shrine to Gold-Eyed Grekaklank. For Matteo was one of those two who had sought to find the thieves (who had been found in an earlier adventure) and never returned.

Know that the Bringer of Crags was a good man, and had hired a scout to find these missing two, rather than leaving their bodies to the red teeth of the wilds.

The brave band did face the fearsome Darilan, chief engineer, who held great fury in her heart and wielded words like savage weapons. There is much for any Dwarf to find attractive in one such as this. Based on her advice, the band did go find a blood-binder in the direction of Skyreach Island. There, they promised a future favor in return for a tracking amulet to find the scout and the men he had been hired to find in turn.

Know that the band did travel for days, following this talisman. Know that they were so intent on their hunt that they did not realize that they, themselves, were hunted.

Know that Wood Lions are ferocious and deadly creatures who prowl hidden and attack from ambush. Their teeth are hungry, their claws are sharp, and four of them nearly laid low the band in mere seconds. The spell-weavers and Temur were particularly hurt, and glorious scars were earned that day. Their mates will be proud.

After resting, the band continued on for a day and a night and a day and a night. Until they came upon a low cliff wall in which was the shadowy maw of a cave. And in that dark entrance stood two Ogres.

Know that Dubhan Soul Eye did see in these Ogres something strange, as if they were only loosely connected to the world. Know that these Ogres' flesh knit wounds away before our very eyes.

The spell weavers put their magical blessings upon the warriors (among whom Faceless Daldorer was included for even a spell weaver is a warrior if it is an Obsidiman). Their fists turned to iron and their hearts turned to fire. Magic strengthened their armor and lent them fearsome and hideous visages.

Know that Temur did summon loyal Ayanga, who has been a friend of the Monkhiir-Tenger for generations. He mounted, and the battle was on.

The fought fiercely, the band of Adepts and the Ogres. There were flames and bolts of pure spirit. There were mighty charges and blows from axe and heavy shield. The Ogres were unusually resilient. Spells that burned them were suddenly put out, only to reappear later. Ogres that were wounded were suddenly healthy. It was a hard and vicious fight.

Know that while all fought bravely, one skulked in the shadows and wove spells to benefit the Ogres. Within the cave lurked an Elf. A Nethermancer who wove spells of pain and of fear. His cowardice and his magic provided him no protection in the end.

Know that inertia and momentum are the greatest magic of all. Especially when used in support of a well-sharpened axe.

In the aftermath of the battle, the band did find troubling news. Caged were Matteo and the Scout. Dead and dissected was Matteo's companion. Horror Marked were they all. A master, did the Elf have.

Know that a Horror had made claim on these lands, supported by a corrupted warlock and his apprentice. Know that these Adepts, for all their bravery, were not yet powerful enough to help the Marked.

And so Matteo was given time to write a letter to his mother. And then, he knelt with a brave and full heart. He looked straight ahead with firm courage and goodness. And he accepted the death that was necessary. The scout was ... less brave.

Know that the band returned to the mother of Matteo with heavy hearts and grim news. She was grateful, and she was angry, as is only right.

Know that a Horror, unseen and unnamed, still lurks in that place, between Skyreach and Clear Creek.

Know that this story has ended. Know that this story continues.