AAR [4M]: Seeking Gannagroth (2020-04-26; 2100 GMT)

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AAR [4]: Seeking Gannagroth (2020-04-26; 2100 GMT)

Post by bronzemountain » Mon Apr 27, 2020 1:04 am

Seeking Gannagroth
Time: 2020-04-26@21:00 GMT
GM: Dvarim
Circle: 4
Difficulty: Medium

Player Rewards:
Rama: 2,200 LP, 375 SP, 3 TIPs
Sandrin: 2,200 LP, 375 SP, 3 TIPs
Jael: 2,200 LP, 375 SP, 3 TIPs
Vlolkir: 2,200 LP, 375 SP, 3 TIPs

GM Reward:
Temur: 1,400 LP, 275 SP, 3 TIPs

Downtime Actions Available:
Sandrin: Craft Weapon at Step 7 (Rank 1) (Weapons up to Damage 2, 1 Day per Size)
Jael: Animal Training step 15

Further Information:
The Adepts journeyed to the Caves of Koilos where they met Sif, the Earth Elemental. They ventured into the mind of The Hidden, and there learned how to get to the Gannagroth Liferock, and also that there was information there that was essential to keeping the Caves of Koilos safe.

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Re: AAR [4M]: Seeking Gannagroth (2020-04-26; 2100 GMT)

Post by Shokunin » Mon Apr 27, 2020 8:02 am

From a roughly bound loose stack of loose paper titled 'Vlolkir'

I am found during training with my new sword by Rama the stone brother. He says he is looking for home, and does not know where it is. Home is important, I say I will help him, as he wants companions to go back to the caves with the crystal and the spirit that I found with the others months ago now.

We go to Koilos cave. It is a long walk through the mountains, we kill several beasts that attack us on the way. We enter the cave, and see Sif. I think it recognizes me, it is a shame we did not free it when we could, but there may be time again to do so. Rama says we need to speak to the stone brother locked in this place, the one who is an illusionist. Sif says we can see him, but he is locked in a prison of his illusion and it is dangerous. It makes crystal coffins, we go in and join the dream. I know of the illusions, and their power, and I decide to steel my mind against them. I am woken from the dream, and can step out, the others are still in, I go to rejoin and this time I let the dream take me as well.

I come back to the others talking in a snowy forest, Rama is being shaken and yelled at by an old withered stone brother, and then we are ambushed by creatures, ones like the ones of cursed Bamor where I will soon return. They speak to us of dishonors and try to sap our strength, but we will not be so easy prey. Rama is hit badly, I am exhausted from striking, Jael and Sandrin bleed from cuts even though this is a dream we share. As we speak of matters, the snow melts and we are on a plain, bright and open as I have seen before. This place flows strangely. We speak of our needs and desires, the goat which is Jael's speaks, the others wish to rest for their wounds, I think on rest and wish there were joints of meat and a fire, maybe hides to sleep in. These appear before me. We are blessed by the passions, Floranuus warmth fills my heart as fat drips from haunches to the fire. We rest and are relieved.

As I spread my remembrance to the winds in the morning, and the others do what is their own submission to Discipline, we see a thing. It is like an eye of crystal opening, and forked crystal lightning grows from it. The lighting strikes a house that is on the plain. We go to see what it has done, and find fiery creatures inside, they are mighty but Sandrin challenges them bravely, and we are able to strike them down. Some of the stones of the house itself rise up now, on fire, and strike at us. Flesh is rent but we strike down the flaming stone as one. We are alone in this place now, and look around. I see some things around me which are desirable, there are axes, plate and chain armors, a staff and some other things of mages which I believe to be thread holding. I search the house and my sack is filled. I will sell these for many silvers, already this is a fine journey.

Quickly, the house is gone and we see a ruined place of stone. There is a great floating crystal in the center. Around it are things, they again resemble Horrors. We are set upon. Jael and I slay one, another one hurls spell-magic at me. The creatures try to flee from us, up into the air like cowards, to hide in darkness. We leap and strike, we fell the beasts to the ground. Sandrin is in danger, and I end the one over him. We quickly finish the rest, and this great crystal is claimed by Rama. As he touches it, the old stone brother who's dream this is comes forth. They talk of things of stone brothers, they talk of the nature of the missing liferock of Gannagroth. The old one says he cannot leave, as horrors are trying to enter this cavern of crystal where he lies. I say we shall slay them if we come, but he will not leave. He wishes to return to his dreams.

We will not be so lazy, and awake to follow other adventures and to lend our steel against the creatures that still lay claim to the world which is ours again.

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From the Journal of Rama, Obsidiman warrior

Post by OldKingCole » Tue Apr 28, 2020 11:44 pm

It became known to me that Adepts had discovered an imprisoned Obsidiman Illusionist in the Caves of Koilos, a former living crystal mine. Though I did not know his identity, I had hoped this brother would know of the existence of my former Liferock, Gannagroth.

Gannagroth was lost to me before the doors of Throal closed. I was young then and had left my Liferock to wander Barsaive as is our way. I was making my return when the Great Darkness started to fall. I had foolishly tarried and my journey was beset by Horrors and ruin that changed the very lands. I had to seek refuge in Throal and was among the last who entered the kingdoms before the great doors were shut. When the great gates were finally opened I set foot into a world I no longer recognized. I could no longer find my way - Gannagroth was truly lost to me then. Even if it had survived I could not set my feet on the path because I could no longer see the road.

Learning of this trapped Obsidiman who others called The Hidden renewed a sense of both hope and urgency within me. If this Illusionist was awake in the time before the Scourge there was a chance he would know of Gannagroth or at least may know of its fate or location.

I was able to assemble a team of Adepts to assist me. Vlolkir the Troll Skyraider had journeyed to these caves before. Jael the Elven BeastMaster and Sandrin the Elven Air Sailor also shared their Talents with me. I knew Sandrin and have walked the world with him previously and found his presence comforting.

Our course took us south from Throal and then east, through the foothills and then up into the steep peaks of the mountains. We encountered local wildlife but it was easily discouraged and we met no true hardship. After a steep climb we entered the Caves of Koilos and met Sif, the Earth Elemental that resides in bones of the earth of the caves.

Sif told use the Hidden was in a form of stasis and was fighting off some form of invader using only his mind. She opened a way for us to communicate with him by offering to entomb us in living crystal.

The experience was not unpleasant for me, very similar to subsuming oneself in the embrace of a Liferock. When awareness returned to us, we were standing in a snowy mountain pass with bodies of Obsidimen around us. A lone Obsidiman moved aimlessly from corpse to corpse and when I tried to speak with him, his sense of shame and despair and grief took physical form and attacked us.

Seeing the bodies of my kin spread among the rocks brought memories to the surface that I had long repressed and I was taken off my guard. The embodiment of Shame sprang at me, forcing me to the ground, tearing at me with words and claws.

As shame does, it shames me to admit I was deeply wounded by the assault. My own pride turned against me and I faltered when my companions needed me most. It is an encounter I will not forget.

My companions were equal to our foes. Vlolkir seemed impermeable to the negative forces attacking us and Jael and Sandrin pressed the advantage and we won through.

When I turned to find the wanderer, I found myself desiring rest and suddenly the scene shifted and we found ourselves on a hillside, in a place of comfort. Vlolkir laughed and suddenly a tent with a feast appeared before us. He had grasped the truth of where we were - everything around us was mere illusion and will.

Below us, a happy scene played out. A trio of Obsidiman and several children of various races played and took their ease in front of a simple cabin of wood and stone. Suddenly, a large eye of alien origin appeared in the sky above us. Jagged crystal spread from the iris and fell upon the cabin, leaving it a desolate wreck.

We explored the ruins to find them being ransacked by creatures made of stone, fire and pure anger and rage.

Stung by my earlier encounter, I carefully guarded my mind as we engaged our foes. This encounter went better than our first and we were able to overwhelm our foes.

We found objects tied to various memories on the shelves of the house. Among them was a memory of the Hidden writing in a journal about my Liferock, about Gannagroth. Apparently there is a great secret buried in my Liferock that this Obsidiman was seeking. Concentrating my will on this memory brought us to our next encounter.

We found ourselves in a ruin, ancient and unrecognizable. Towers of stone that used to be parts of walls surrounded a broad stairway that descended to a portion of stone floor. In the center of the floor, a large and glowing black-purple sphere hovered and glowed menacingly. Several shades, reflection of pure madness, immediately attacked us, seeking to protect the sphere. One of them even had the ability to cover us in darkness while others bowled and screeched incomprehensible things at us.

Once we had quieted these horrific apparitions, the sphere opened and we found the Hidden within. The depth of our conversation would take too long to record for we spoke in the Stone Tongue and translating from my language to others is difficult when the meaning is so deep. He confirmed that Gannagroth still existed and provided a landmark to find it - a river that always flows to Gannagroth regardless of the changes to the land.

He also told us that his presence here was holding back a Horror and he could not be freed. He was seeking a secret within Gannagroth that could help him defeat what he was only holding at bay.

Sandrin was able to craft an amazingly detailed map using what the Hidden showed us and I swore a vow to return with the secret of Gannagroth once I had retrieved it.

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Re: AAR [4M]: Seeking Gannagroth (2020-04-26; 2100 GMT)

Post by Dougansf » Wed Apr 29, 2020 9:39 pm

Sandrin (Elf Air Sailor)
Rama (Obsidiman Warrior)
Vlolkir (Troll Sky Raider)
Jael (Human Beastmaster)

The journey through the foothills is mostly uneventful. We scare off some Harpies and Huttawa.

Day 2
Arriving at the Caves of Koilos. The winds are howling through the mountains. There’s a large opening braced with wood. Signage declares this as a Throalic mine. No sign of any activity in the past 5 months.

Inside the caves are clear, some small crystal growth (not living crystal). Further in, there’s a seam of nearly transparent living crystal. Within the crystal, there is an Obsidiman. They wear a necklace and rings.

Rama lays his hands upon the crystal, it feels warm. There’s a supernatural sense, and then we all feel a slight tremor through the stone under our feet, and some pebbles fall from the ceiling. A feminine dwarf shaped elemental rises from the ground (Sif).
When asked if he could be released, she says he should not be freed. The two of them are under attack, slowly, relentlessly from outside this world. He tricks and delays the invaders (Illusionist). We could place ourselves in the crystal to help, it will take years.

She offers us a way to speak with him. 4 more sections of living crystal bubble out of the wall. After some discussion, Rama enters one of the bubbles. Jael leaves his pets behind and enters. Vlolkir enters, and Sandrin goes in last. We feel as if we’re falling asleep.

We find ourselves in a snowy glade. It feels very desolate. Soon, the boulders stand up into a group of Obsidimen. All in various degrees of injury and death. One wipes his face and shows black tears. Jael’s goat, headbutt, forms out of the snow next to him. Rama speaks to the one with black tears, but is ignored. When he tries to touch him, the form distorts. He turns and looks at Rama, “Why did this happen? Why did you have to die? Now I am alone!” One of the dead obsidimen cracks. A mist starts to flow out of the bodies. The mists coalesce into 4 forms.

Grief 2 curses us and leaps onto Vlolkir, stabbing him with her tail. Vlolkir shrugs off the poison.
Shame pounces on Rama clawing and biting, bringing him down to the ground.
Grief 1 attacks Jael, missing.
Rama stands up.
Jael swings around Grief 1, and rips into it. Then Headbutt attack her from behind.
Despair swings a chain at Sandrin, they dissolve into black smoke, wounding and paralyzing him.
Sandring fails to resist the chains of Despair.
Vlolkir attacks Grief 2, wounding it. He then fills the area with a Bellow.

Headbutt hits Grief 1.
Grief misses Vlolkir.
Rama tries to shield bash Shame, and drops his shield.
Shame hits Rama, then moves to miss Vlolkir.
Despair swings her chain at Vlolkir, missing.
Grief 2 hits Vlolkir, poisoning him.
Sandrin fails to break free.
Vlolkir misses Grief 2.

Grief 2 closes on Jael, missing.
Sandrin fails to break free.
Jael rushes Despair, wounding her.
Grief 1 leaps to follow Jael, but fails to harm him.
Rama picks up his shield and activates Wood Skin.
Vlolkir follows Grief and wounds her.
Shame claws Jael.
Despair brings her chains against Jael, wounding him.
Headbutt kills Grief 1, who explodes into a cloud of mist.
A beam of light comes down upon Sandrin.
Grief 2 attacks Rama,

After we finish off the last of them, the Obisiman tells us to continue to search for him, and vanishes. The landscape changes to a bright winter day, peaceful. Headbutt appears, but made of flowers this time. Vlolkir imagins a campsite for us to rest in, complete with Heated Food. Rama treats our wounds, and we take some time to recover. We decide to take the night to rest more.

The next morning, there’s a great alien crystal eye in the sky. A growth of crystal emerges from the people and splinters towards the ground. Suddenly there’s a house, children, people of different races, obsidimen sitting contented. Crystal falls upon the house, which disappears, and the eye closes. Moments later, the house reappears, but the people do not.

We go to investigate the house, and suddenly it’s nighttime. From within the main house, we hear things being smashed. Looking inside, there’s a rocky figure smashing a bookshelf. We head inside, and it appears like a fire elemental wearing Obsidiman-skin armor.

Rama runs in and Shield Bashes Anger 1, but does not knock him down.
Sandrin’s dagger glances off, but his Distracting words find purchase.
Jael and Rama hit Anger 1 as he charges Sandrin, shouting at him, but missing with his punch.
Vlokir kills Anger.

Anger 2 comes out from another building but bounces off of Sandrin’s shield.
The stones from the courtyard form into Fury.
Sandrin hits Anger 2, and runs around the corner.
Jael and Headbutt charge Anger 2, wounding it.

We dispatch Anger 2 before engaging Fury. Fury is contagious as we all go aggressive and surround it.

We look through the room to see what we can learn, and clean up. Vlolkir spots several Thread Items, and stuffs them into a sack.

Rama sees a scene of three Brothers linking arms, and swearing an oath to each other.
Another scene shows an Obsidiman emerging from a LIfe Rock.
Another scene shows a Life Rock falling into a sinkhole.
Another simply reads, “Genegroth holds many secrets, I must know more.”
More scenes are revealed to the rest of us: Heroic battles, the Wyrm Wood fighting insects, Diplomacy with Thera.

Rama wills the dream to show us Genegroth.
We fall through the floor into an outdoor location. There’s a glowing, floating dark purple sphere spinning in place. There are 5 creatures that are trying to claw at the sphere.

After we kill the things, Rama touches the sphere and it dissolves under his touch.
We meet a number of Obsidimen, and a day later we’ve completed our greeting rituals.

He tells us he’s still under attack. We were there when one tried to pierce through (the eye). They are unknown to us, unlike many of the other Horrors. He believes there are words written of them in Ganagroth.

The scene shifts. A mountainous area from above, Throal Mountains. A rockslide path that Rama recognizes. To the North is a dry riverbed. Ganagroth was part of the land. It had a relationship with the land and the river leads there. Sandrin takes a bearing and the river does not make sense. It may have moved during the Scourge.

We return to Throal.

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