Timeline 1423

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Timeline 1423

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Strassa 1423 4/16/18 - 4/22/18
The Pink Panther (2nd) - The party captured a rare albino troajin for Skorot Goldshine’s Menagerie.

Veltom 1423 4/23/18 - 4/29/18
A Gorgeous View (2nd) - Fortune Fields hired the party to secure an elemental water mine. The party had to defeat a great number of deadly ghouls.

Charassa 1423 4/30/18 - 5/6/18
Flyin’ the Ointment (3rd) - The party pursued a gang of windling thieves who had stolen an obsidiman’s breastplate, capturing Lanis the thief.

Mawag 1423 5/7/18 - 5/13/18
Fairie Flush (3rd) - Lanis the thief secured the party to deal with an ugly trading arrangement: an ogre trading elemental earth for windling slaves from an elf Named Sevaughan that would dig for the elemental earth.
The Road to Nowhere (2nd) - This is the adventure that marked the end of Robert, Son of Paul, who is no doubt wandering the Realms of Death asking various notables if they will let him borrow their grimoires. The party cleared a path from Avonmore to the Coil River, but had to face down a murder of cadavermen. (Like crows, cadavermen are grouped into murders)
Rockworms for Breakfast (7th) - The party faced down several worm skull Horrors and constructs, and even Parched, a terrible Named wormskull, though Parched escaped to astral sight.

Rua 1423 5/14/18 - 5/20/18
SpiRitual Enlightment (4th) - The party pursued Sevaughan, an elf Nethermancer who had been selling windlings into slavery to an orc. They easily dealt with the spellcaster, but came across a worm skull horror who used them to collect karma.
We’ll Need a Bigger Ship (7th) - The party established a trade route between V’strimon and Syrtis by losing a variety of contests at a spring festival.
The Temple of Raggok (2nd) - The party explored further the temple of Raggok near Borgan’s Rest, slaying constructs that had been made from the corpses of librarians.

Sollus 1423 5/21/18 - 5/27/18
Return to the Temple of Raggok (3rd) - The party explored a Raggok Kaer and discovered evidence of a Deceiver - one of the cadavermen they faced was disguised as the corpse of their friend, despite having burnt his body when he died.
The Lonely Tower (2nd) - The party followed a Questor of Upandal to a mysterious tower where she had been trapped by a magical field. The party also came across a strange sculpture in the wilderness of large smoothed rocks. The tower has not been fully explored; there is a mysterious creature that claims to be the caretaker trapped in the basement.

Teayu 1423 5/28/18 - 6/3/18
Parched Pursuit (7th) - The party searched the plains of Marrak and slayed Parched, the Named wormskull.
Sosanopa’s Got Talent (7th) - The village of Sosanopa had been infested with Doppelgängers, but the the Ect’shulutu tribe of the Servos had killed several of them, but there is a risk that the Doppelgängers have spread to other towns. The party faced down a mimic of Ceadda, one of their own. They then met a party from a nearby kaer.
Trade Route Sweat Work (3rd) - A trade outpost is being established at the Iceclaw Moot. The party encountered yet more horrific insectoid and arachnoid monsters, then assisted in building some of the initial structures of the outpost.

Borrum 1423 6/4/18 - 6/10/18
The Flying Travarian (7th) - The party investigated a ghost airship, dealing with deadly flying creatures as well as a Crystal Entity and a number of Constructs. The ship teleports, seemingly at random, to different places.
A Matter of Diplomacy (3rd) - The party contacted Kaer Ogden and arranged for a diplomatic ties. They also slew a clever Crystal Entity, thanks in part to aid from Sacrifice Magic carried out by its previous victims.
Mail Call (3rd) - A nethermancer, Rolam Goretusk, turned himself into a ghoul and was destroyed near Avonmore.

Doddul 1423 6/11/18 - 6/17/18
The Natives Are Restless (4th) - Fortune Fields has ceded control of Alchemy Island to the Cathans, as the party proved unwilling to murder a village so the company could make more silver.
Plume’s Dilemma (2nd) - The windling circle in the town of Bortruk’s Passing was cleansed of taint, so the wildlife will not be corrupted further.
The Dread Pirate ‘Garan (7th) - The Dread Pirat ‘Gharan was revealed to be a doppler mimicking Aegharan, a hero of Throal, and the party offended House Ishkarat.
Estranged (3rd) - Alsya and a small adventuring group accompanied the party back the Twin Kaers, where Kaer Ogden is located. A mysterious figure who controlled many Horror constructs and was allied with a dwarf Nethermancer was in the entrance to Kaer Taithe. He did not fight the party directly, but sent an embroidered tabard home with the heroes for Ceadda of Throal.