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Timeline 1420

Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2018 1:44 am
by Slimcreeper
8/27/17-9/3/17-The month of Rua 1420 -
The doors of Throal have opened adventures and dangers await any willing to take advantage.
Iceclaw Moot has been explored and cleared out and the Trolls have left to establish a settlement there.
Serpent road near Throal has been cleared of potential risks. Reports of a Horror have led to the Throal military to start hunting this threat so near Throal.

9/3/17-9/10/17- The month of Mawag 1420
Baurschwine farmstead has been cleared of Q'wirl
Troajin mounts hit the market of Throal but at a premium message a Gm for further information.

9/11/17-9/17/17 The month of Gahmil 1420
Booten Canyon explored baggi and cave burrower on the loose
The wolf father has been found and his immense library has been discovered... except no one can really remember where. He has hinted at a want for help in taking down the horror creating bug constructs.
Ice claw moot is facing nightly attacks from blood bees.

9/18/17-9/24/17 The month of Raquas 1420
The obsidamen have found their birthing rock
A group of human settlers have founded the settlement of Borgan's rest
Finding the lost Questors of Garlen - A group of questors has been lost to a group of vicious raggok cultists. It was obvious they were a part of a bigger group.
Down by the River - Following up on the bog gob found near the river of Borgans rest a group found a large settlement of Bog gobs. These were a peaceful group but a cultist of Raggok had come by and corrupted one of their member who had attacked the town and the bog gob settlement. This errant bog gob was taken care of but who are these cultists and what do they have yet to come?

9/25/17-10/1/17 The month of Sollus 1420
T'skrang kaer on the coil river - The settlement of Borgans rest hired a group to find and make contact with a t'skrang kaer which they have done. The t'skrang kaer was found through a labyrinth of riddles.
weeeere of to see the wolf father - The wolf father requested a group to find him an old book of which they found in an old Theran nobles manor overrun by a great best of an ape.
I Want My Mommy! - A group of leech rats was found and destroyed near Throal after they attacked a group of homesteaders.

Riag 1420 10/2/17 - 10/8/17
The Ruined Tower - Cleared out a ruined tower near the Coil River
Expedition: Servos! - Investigated impacts of the Scourge on the fauna inside the Servos Jungle for the alchemist Xena Rockpile
The granite keep - In exploring the old Throalic Granite Keep cultists of Raggok were encountered. One of the cultists Myrian gave information that an entire Kaer has been influenced by Raggok several days from Throal. Members of that Kaer had overtaken the Granite Keep. The Granite keep was retaken for Throal. The cultists are taking the dead and the living back to their Kaer. They appear to be able to raise and control the undead. Entire Kaer of Raggok followers somewhere near Throal.

Teayu 1420 10/9/17 - 10/15/17
Blood bee hive - The Iceclaw Moot requests aid in dealing with a huge hive of Blood Bees. Repelled an attack on the Moot by the bees and then attacked the main hive.  Once the queen and the remaining Blood bees were defeated the rest of the bees became docile. Possible ant Queen and the Horror that are influencing them.
Missing Minions - Found some missing Couriers between Borgan’s Rest and Throal. The couriers had been abducted by a group Raggok Cultists. In addition one of the local farmer’s cattle are actually Genhis.  Killed some of demonic little animals but likely dozens remain.

Borrum 1420 10/16/17 - 10/22/17
X'Egirathla II's Maiden Voyage - Escorted the maiden voyage of the X’Egirathla II to the pre-scourge town of P’Tlomais Niall. The T’skrang town in the middle of the river was abandoned during the scourge but still had some defenses. The town was cleared of traps and an undead infestation so it can be reclaimed by the T’skrang of Throal.
Little Dogies - A swarm of Baby Genhis are devouring the countryside outside of Borgan’s Rest. Cleared out some the Genhis but learned that the Cultists of Raggok are using the Genhis to inflict even more pain. They would slaughter the Genhis and then raise them as undead. Larger group of cultists raising undead Genhis still on the loose.
Reclaiming the mines - Located and cleared out a pre-scourge mine in the Throalic Mountains. The mine had some Ogres that were beginning to work the mine along with setting traps throughout.

Doddul 1420 10/23/17 - 10/29/17
Marrek Bonanza - The mysterious wolf father requested we retrieve an amulet for him. The amulet was used by Harpies to enslave a Manticore on top of a ruined tower from the ancient kingdom of Marrek. The tower appeared to be a part of defensive perimeter and was unexplored inside.
Severe River Damage - A wizard named Sarakka wanted the lost Niall of Thresta to be found. Prior to the scourge the Niall was at the headwaters of the Coil. Located the Niall, cleared out the traps and the ghouls.