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Origin Stories

Posted: Thu Sep 28, 2017 5:26 pm
by etherial
When creating your character, it's important to remember that Throal opened its gates only five years after the Elemental Clocks stopped -- and had been sending out scouting parties even earlier than that. Theran Envoys won't arrive in Barsaive for another 29 years. The Earthdawn had returned after its yearlong voyage having only opened two Kaers, and then failed to return from its second voyage. Contact with the world outside of Throal is essentially nonexistent, and all characters should have grown up in the Throal Kaer unless otherwise listed here.

While there are populated areas near to Throal where Namegivers may have survived in Kaers, this is a game of exploration. If you desperately want to play a Cathan/K'Stulaami/Tamer/Serpent River T'Skrang/Blood Elf/whatever, let us know and we'll see if we can seed a few rumors allowing PCs to explore and "unlock" those regions of Barsaive.

Notable Throalic Settlements:

Iceclaw Moot
Established ~Rua, 1420 T.H.
The Iceclaw Moot has resettled their ancestral home in the Throal Mountains but remain under constant threat of Horror Constructs. An Adept from this village would have grown up in the Throal Kaer.

For more info, please read ... _aug_29th/

Borgan's Rest
Established 15 Raquas, 1420 T.H.
A group of Humans from the Throal Kaer have formed the hamelt of Borgan's Rest near the Coil River. The town is still more tents than buildings, but members of all Races have flocked to it from the Halls of Throal since. They have a boat.

For more info, please read ... _settlers/

Established 25 Doddul, 1421 T.H.
Another group of Humans from the Throal Kaer are attempting to resettle the area once controlled by the Cult of Raggok.

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Re: Origin Stories

Posted: Thu Sep 28, 2017 5:32 pm
by etherial
The small handful of Obsidimen who weathered the Scourge within the Halls of Throal were all trapped away from their Liferocks and spent most of their time underground torpid from the long isolation.

Raquas, 1420 TH
Expeditions into the mountains have cleared the way for the Throal Liferock to birth new Obsidimen. While they will be joining the Dreaming for some time before they are ready to roam freely, other Obsidimen from that Liferock may discover an awakened desire to adventure when after helping their new Brothers Join for the first time. All other Obsidimen PCs will have weathered the Scourge in the Throalic Kaer.

For more info, please read ... man_birth/

Sollus, 1422 TH
HMREF Courageous has made contact with the Ayodhya Liferock on the shore of Lake Ban

Re: Origin Stories

Posted: Thu Sep 28, 2017 5:42 pm
by etherial
Throal is large enough that some T'Skrang may have chosen to eschew the hibernation their people purchased from the Dragons, but most slept the Scourge away down with the Pale Ones or in unfinished sections of the Dwarfs' Kaer.

Sollus, 1420 TH
An expedition down the Coil River was able to open the Kaer of the P'Tlomais Niall. Any grateful T'Skrang from this Kaer wishing to take up adventuring may do so.

For more info, please read viewtopic.php?f=49&t=463

Sollus, 1422 TH
HMREF Courageous made contact with V'Strimon and the City of Reeds is open for Trade.

Mawag, 1423 TH
P'Tlomais' flagship X'Egirathla II ventures up the Serpent, creating a Trade Ring from Iceclaw Moot through Syrtis to V'Strimon, then up the Coil through P'Tlomais to Borgan's Reset, then overland through Throal to the Iceclaws.

Re: Origin Stories

Posted: Sat Nov 11, 2017 4:50 am
by etherial
A number of Elves weathered the Scourge in Throal. The Separation from Wyrm Wood was a shock to all, and many chose to stay in the largest Kaer in Barsaive in order to have sufficient Community to keep from succumbing to Longing for home.

Strassa, 1421 T.H.
A group of Adventurers from Throal explored Kaer Avon, a Kaer full of Elves who had taken their Separation more personally than the elves who stayed in Throal. They built their own Kaer, sequestered from the rest of the world for the duration of the Scourge.

Mawag, 1421 T.H.
A group of Adventurers from Throal discover that the Wyrm Wood has been transformed by a ritual of the Elves' devising. They have survived the Scourge...mostly.

Re: Origin Stories

Posted: Sun Dec 10, 2017 3:42 am
by etherial
Many Humans found refuge from the Scourge in Throal, their Kingdoms of Landis and Marrek destroyed by war and infighting before the long night.

Veltom, 1421 TH
Throal made contact with the village of Sosonopa, a community of humans living on the swampy Southern bank of the Serpent River in 38.06. The town had an unusual distrust for outsiders, which could mean that few Humans leave town, but could also mean that some leave seeking brighter futures elsewhere. The town has since been enslaved by Dopplers, liberated, and sunk into the swamp.

Gahmil, 1421 TH
The Cathan People of the Servos Jungle have befriended several Throalic explorers and welcomed them into their Tribe. Perhaps some adventurous Cathans will leave the jungle in search of adventure in Throal.

Riag, 1422 TH
Kaer Archmouth, on a bend in the Serpent River near the Northeast reaches of the Throal Mountains, is opened.

Re: Origin Stories

Posted: Sun Jun 24, 2018 5:41 pm
by etherial
The Dwarf Kingdom of Throal is the center of culture in Barsaive, and is home to thousands of Dwarves and countless other Namegivers as well.

Borrum, 1422 TH
Kaer Biharj, founded on the Aras Sea Coast by Theran Loyalists not native to Barsaive, has been opened by HMREF Courageus and opens friendly contact with Throal. Physical and Cultural differences separate them from the Dwarf Kingdom, and they remain uncommitted to the Council Compact.

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