Zalph, Elven Elementalist

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Zalph, Elven Elementalist

Post by Zexsis » Wed Jan 30, 2019 4:30 pm

Roll20 Name: zexsis
Discord ID:zexsis#3198
Character Name:Zalph
Race: elf

Lifetime Legend Total:
Unspent Legend:
Thread Item Points:
Silver: 30

Discipline: elementalist
Circle: 1
Discipline Abilities

Dex: 13
Str: 13
Tou: 12
Per: 16
Wil: 16
Cha: 13

Karma Mod: 4
Karma Step:
Karma Max:
Uncon: 24
Death: 29

PD: 8
PA: 4
MD: 9
MA: 3
SD: 8

Movement: 14
Carrying Capacity: 125
Wound Threshold: 8
Recovery tests per day: 2

[Discipline] Talents
First Circle Discipline Talent: Awareness(1)
First Circle Discipline Talent: Patterncraft (1)
First Circle Discipline Talent: Spellcasting (2)
First Circle Discipline Talent: Thread weaving (2) Elementalism
First Circle Discipline Talent: Wood Skin (1)
First Circle Talent Option: Standard Matrix (1)

Free Talent: Standard Matrix (Rank)
Free Talent: Standard Matrix (Rank)
Free Talent: Durability 3

Other Talents
Racial Talent: Name (Rank)
Racial ability- Low-Light Vision: Low-Light Vision allows a character to see at much lower light levels than humans. For a character with Low-Light Vision, a single torch easily illuminates a 30-yard by 30-yard meeting hall.
Starlight provides plenty of light on a clear night, and even on a night shrouded by thick cloud cover the character can see as well as a human sees at dusk. Characters with Low-Light Vision are no more susceptible to flash-blindness than humans. Complete darkness—the complete absence of light—will render a character with Low- Light Vision unable to see, like other characters requiring normal vision.

Talent Knacks
Talent Knack Name
(Future- thread weaving- detect true element, harvest true element)
(future enchanting- craft true pattern patterncraft rank 5, design enchanting pattern patterncraft rank 8, handle elements elementalist 4 using patterncraft, incorporate bound spirit elementalist 6 using patterncraft, incorporate glyph any disc. using patterncraft)

Circle 1: Air armor, heat food, earth darts, shelter, purify water, flameweapon, purify earth

Knowledge Skill: Botany (1)
Knowledge Skill: horror lore (1)

Read/Write Language: (2) (dwarven, elven)
Speak Language: (2) (dwarven, elven)

Artisan Skill: embroidery (1)
General Skill: Alchemy (2)
General Skill: Conversation (1)
General Skill: Haggle (1)
General Skill: physician (1)
General Skill: Research(1)
General Skill: Swimming (1)

Half magic
An Elementalist character may possess the Knowledge skills of Horror Lore and Pre-Scourge History, but a follower of that Discipline should also know a great deal about plants, weather, rock formations, tides, and other subjects related to the five elements. Further, his knowledge of these topics would increase with time and experience.

Adventurer’s Kit (backpack, bedroll, flint & steel, torch, waterskin, large sack)
Sewing kit
Traveler’s Garb (soft boots, shirt, belt, breeches, traveler’s cloak)
Trail Rations (1 week)
padded leather
physician's kit

Threads Tied:

Animal Companions:

Brief Backstory:
While not the most perceptive adept, Zalph showed great interest and aptitude for the elements from an early age. Having a keen and inquisitive mind he quickly caught the attention of an elven Elementalist and trained with him for quite some time. Fascinated by enchanting theory he eventually took his leave to make his own way in the world and increase his skill in that area. Constantly on the lookout for adventure and exploration, be it in a city between people or out in the wilds, he finds them all great opportunities to test his ability as an adept and potentially discover new truths about enchanting.