T'Sharka, t'skrang thief

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T'Sharka, t'skrang thief

Post by Tsharka » Sun Nov 11, 2018 12:30 am

Roll20 Name: T'Sharka
Discord ID: Meep#7858
Character Name: T'Sharka
Race: t'skrang

Lifetime Legend Total: 0
Unspent Legend: 0
Thread Item Points: 0
Silver: 39 silver, 4 copper

Discipline: Thief
Circle: 1
Discipline Abilities: The adept may spend a Karma Point on any Charisma-based test when the adept is attempting to deceive a target.

Dex: 16
Str: 10
Tou: 13
Per: 16
Wil: 10
Cha: 16

Karma Mod: 4
Karma Step: 4
Karma Max: 4
Uncon: 31
Death: 38

PD: 9
PA: 0
MD: 9
MA: 2
SD: 9

Movement: 12
Carrying Capacity: 80
Wound Threshold: 9
Recovery tests per day: 3

[Discipline] Talents
Discipline Talent First Circle: Awareness (2)
Discipline Talent First Circle: Lock Picking
Discipline Talent First Circle: Picking pockets
Discipline Talent First Circle: Stealthy Stride (3)
Discipline Talent First Circle: Thief Weaving

Optional Talent First Circle: Missile Weapons (3)
Free Talent: Danger Sense (1)
Free Talent: Durability 5 (1)

Other Talents
Racial Talent: Tail Attack

Knowledge Skill: Gems and Jewelry (1)
Knowledge Skill: Legends and heroes (1)

Read/Write Language: (1) Dwarf (Throalic)
Speak Language: (2) T'Skrang

Artisan Skill: Acting (2)
General Skill: Sprint (2)
General Skill: Unarmed Combat (2)
General Skill: Disguise (1)
General Skill: Forgery (1)
General Skill: Swimming (1)

Short Bow
20 Shortbow Arrows
Short Sword, tail modification
Padded Leather armor, tail modification
Adventurer’s Kit (backpack, bedroll, flint & steel, torch, waterskin, large sack)
Artisan Tools (relevant to character’s Artisan skill; needs gamemaster approval)
Traveler’s Garb (soft boots, shirt, belt, robe or breeches, traveler’s cloak)
Trail Rations (1 week)

List each additional item on its own line

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Brief Backstory:
A thief who has decided to strike out on a life of adventure and drama!