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AAR: A Home of Our Own

Posted: Fri Aug 24, 2018 5:23 pm
by etherial
A Home of Our Own
Time: 2018-08-23@23:00 GMT
GM: ReynTrannin
Circle: 2
Difficulty: Medium

Player Rewards:
Aanorn: 3 TIPs, 800 Legend, 30 Silver, 8 Booster Potions
Bob: 3 TIPs, 800 Legend, 230 Silver
Vashir: 3 TIPs, 800 Legend, 130 Silver, 4 Booster Potions
Yotra: 3 TIPs, 800 Legend, 130 Silver, Reagents for 8 Booster Potions

Downtime Actions Available:
Aanorn: Alchemy 7 (Rank 3) (Booster Potion)
Yotra: Research 7 (Rank 0)
Researchers may spend 20/2 Silver for +3 Steps

Further Information:
The Briar Rose Windling Clan has relocated to 54.13.

Re: AAR: A Home of Our Own

Posted: Fri Aug 24, 2018 8:26 pm
by etherial
An illuminated page from the Tome of Eternal Power

1 Raquas, 1424 T.H.
The Briar Rose Windlings needed a scouting party to find new homeland, so I joined with others to find it. There was Aanorn, who talks too much, Bob, who talks too little, and Vashir, who talks like elf. They gave us several maps of possible locations, many days' walk from Throal.

10 Raquas
Many days walk from Throal. The first location had trees, beautiful view, waterfall, Zoaks, and wolves. We removed the wolves. Aanorn did not like the spray from the waterfall and so we kept looking.

11 Raquas
Second location was on riverbank. River was not misty, but there were no trees. There were also many Apes and Crocodiles so we decided not to stay.

12 Raquas
Third location very nice. Stream runs through it, some trees suitable for Windling infrastructure. A group of Dwarves led by a Human caught up to us. They worked for one Baron Cranshaw back in Throal, who wanted to kill or enslave the Windlings, I wasn't quite sure. The leader's gutter slang wasn't familiar to me. Regardless, when they realized that we were not going to ambush the Windlings for them, a fight broke out. Aanorn and Bob handled crowd control while Vashir and I engaged in some Rope-a-Dope with the last. Once they started dropping, a clear victory for us was laid out and we resigned ourselves to marching their worthless bodies back to Throal. It is going to be a very long trip.

Aanorn, male Windling Troubadour
Bobitanthalnasatrythomoloso, Obsidiman Warrior
Vashir, male Elf Archer
Yotra, female Troll Illusionist

Ahdonnhar, Windling Hetman

Re: AAR: A Home of Our Own

Posted: Mon Aug 27, 2018 1:23 am
by BattleChad
The Great Library of Throal thanks Yotra for her contribution.

Journal Rewards: 40 Legend Points and 57 Silver

Re: AAR: A Home of Our Own

Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 6:01 pm
by ottdmk
From the battle logs of Bobitanthalnasatrythomoloso:

I accepted a job from the Briar Rose Windling tribe to help find them a place to live. As the whole reason I came to Throal was to discover the world this seemed a perfect way to do it. Along with me were three other Adepts: Yotra, a Troll Illusionist, Aanorn, a Windling Troubadour and Vastir, an Elven Archer. I felt comforted by their presence. I could handle the up front stuff, with support from the Illusionist and the Troubadour. Archers are always nice to have on your side.

The first location was heavy with mist from waterfalls. I rather liked it; it felt nice. Apparently Windling wings have problems with that much moisture though. Our Troubadour wasted no time in explaining *that* to us. We ended up having to fight some wolves, and that went reasonably smoothly.

The second location obviously wouldn't work. Pretty desolate and infested with apes and crocodiles. We simply left.

The third one was excellent! No Liferock, but then again, very few places are so blessed. Aanorn informed us it was perfect for Windlings however. Before we could leave, a group of Dwarves led by a human Warrior caught up with us. I let Aanorn do the talking while I stood guard. Vashir & Yotra remained hidden nearby. Aanorn soon got it out from them that their band was supposed to waylay our employers on behalf of some Throalic Baron; Cranshaw I think the name was. Apparently this Cranshaw had a feud with the Windlings, and very low morals.

There was a fight. My group was more skilled than theirs, although it was tough slogging at times. We won! Now this Baron will probably have it in for us. Other Namegivers are so hasty with even important matters like grudges and feuds.

Re: AAR: A Home of Our Own

Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 10:54 pm
by BattleChad
The Great Library of Throal thanks Bob for his contribution.

Journal Rewards: 40 Legend Points and 57 Silver