AAR: The Broken Kaer II

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AAR: The Broken Kaer II

Post by etherial » Fri Aug 10, 2018 4:02 am

The Broken Kaer II
Time: 2018-08-09@23:30 GMT
GM: etherial (Gronk)
Circle: 8
Difficulty: Medium

Player Rewards:
Ceadda: 3 TIPs, 19,000 Legend, 2,100 Silver
Romari: 3 TIPs, 19,000 Legend, 100 Silver, 4000 Silver of Raw Orichalcum
Thane: 3 TIPs, 19,000 Legend, 0 Silver, 4200 silver worth of Raw Orichalcum
Varis: 3 TIPs, 19,000 Legend, 4200 Silver of Raw Orichalcum

Downtime Actions Available:
Romari: Item History 21 (Rank 6, x2 Karma)
Romari: Research 32 (Rank 9, x2 Karma)
Varis: Item History Step 16 (Rank 4)
Varis: Research Step 22 (Rank 4)
Researchers may spend 20/2 Silver for +3 Steps

Further Information:
The infestation in Kaer Karst has been wiped out.

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Re: AAR: The Broken Kaer II

Post by ChrisDDickey » Fri Aug 10, 2018 10:25 pm

Last time we visited Karst Kaer we fought our way thorough the horror constructs infesting it's outer maze to the door of the kaer proper, which had been ripped off of it's hinges. Today Romari, Veris, Ceadda and I returned to see if we might further investigate the fate of this kaer and possibly gain some vengeance for it's former inhabitants. We had no problems retracing our steps to the door. I was informed that Astral Space was still just about as corrupt as it had been before, even though 4 months had passed since we had slain the corruption spewing Erhlgren.

We entered the kaer proper and started to carefully explore. The place was huge, and the unfamiliar layout made it seem like a maze to us. Romari kept detecting things with his Astral Sense, so whenever we arrived at a crossroads, we always moved towards the nearest of the things he was detecting. The 2nd room we entered involved a fight with two Deathless Reavers, 2 wretched imps, a kear crawler (ambushing from the ceiling), and a spectral child. Other than the fact that I had to do some of the fighting in a two low corridor, the fight went very well.

A very short distance later, we fought a very similar group which we also dispatched. At this point Romari was reporting enemies to our West and East. We chose to go West, and as soon as I saw two more Deathless Reavers up ahead, we pulled up short to where we could defend a doorway while we made plans to cast a barrage of long range spells. They charged us, but we got free attacks as they closed the distance. I tried activating my cloaks "attack of the stripes" power, but it fizzled. Ceadda did do "mantel of the fire marauder" (I so want that spell) and Romari cast Rampage upon us! This group was similarly composed as the other two, except that this also had a big boss. A Misery Worm!

Things were going satisfactorily, Veris got 2 or 3 fireballs on the main group, and the rest of us were steadily carving them down. I love Momentum Attack and Down Strike. I am almost doing Ceadda levels of damage now! Except that Ceadda was doing even more massive amounts of damage than normal, slaying tough creatures with very few blows. Romari cast the most amazingly powerful Mind Dagger rivaled only in ancient legends.

Then a 4th patrol, similar to the first 2 (no miseryworm) attacked us from behind! The 4 Wretched Imps from both groups all sneak attacked Veris! As one of the Deathless Reavers and several of it's patrol members! A Spectral Child was constricting his heart, and came very close to killing him! Ceadda moved back to get in the middle of that fight, so I moved forward to take out the Misery Worm. After it and the last Deathless Reaver were dispatched the remaining kear crawlers and Wretched Imps were more easily taken out.

Since we went directly from one fight to the next to the next (with the 4th patrol piling in as we attacked the Miseryworm), it took less than 15 minutes from entering the kaer proper to cleanse it of all horrors and their constructs. We spent several hours more thoroughly exploring the complex, but found nothing else alive nor undead. We did find a lair of sorts, where the horror had kept momentous of it's hour of glory. There were also writings that it had saved, mostly journals written by the populace it had tortured. It delighted in tricking desperate parents into performing rituals that (unbeknownst to them) eventually turned their own children into Wretched Imps. After reading them we donated the writings to the Library.

After we finished exploring the entire kaer we worked on attempting to dismantle one of the huge and heavy doors. We managed to detach a bar of raw Orichalcum which several of us decided to share. Ceadda decided to take as his share some other trinkets found during our explorations which could easily be turned into cash.

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Re: AAR: The Broken Kaer II

Post by BattleChad » Mon Aug 13, 2018 3:43 pm

The Great Library of Throal thanks Thane for his contribution.

Journal Rewards: 950 Legend Points and 525 Silver

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Re: AAR: The Broken Kaer II

Post by Dougansf » Mon Aug 13, 2018 5:38 pm

From the travel journal of Varis

Some of my adept friends opened Kaer Karst without me. The journals were intriguing enough that I wanted to take a look. This also had the rare opportunity to be fully prepared for going into a known dangerous location. Less chance of walking into an ambush.

We arrived, prepared, and headed down into the kaer. After passing through the two previously explored areas, and finding nothing, we headed down past the large orichalcum doors.

This new area was filled with dust, and there seem to be child sized footprints. We entered slowly. To the North was discarded tables, to the South a small room. To the West, was a corridor. Romari's Astral Sense was able to pierce the Corruption here better than mine. He Sensed some signatures off to the North West through some walls. We quickly changed tactics from exploring every room to hunting down the horrors.

Corridor headed N/S. North was caved in. West was a very small hallway, we headed North at first, then turned and headed South to see what’s on the other side of the wall. Ceadda headed in first, and something attacked him, scratching at his armor. There were 2 winged children (or tiny gargoyles, later identified as Wretched Imps) flying around and trying to kill Ceadda. Then a multi-armed thing (the library is calling these Deathless Reavers) tries to kill Ceadda and failed. Another Imp tried to attack me, but failed. Something came down from the ceiling to attack Ceadda (Named a Kaer Crawler, very original), but he saw it coming and it missed. Ceadda picked a good day to pick up a shield again.

I envelope my Imp with a Wood Spear, and it fell down. Thane moved in but missed the downed Imp. Romari Mind Daggers the Imp on the ground. Ceadda spears his Imp, knocking it down and killing it.

At this point, Ceadda killed the Reaver. The Crawler attacked Ceadda again, landing on his back, knocking him down and attacking him with it’s other limbs. Thane leapt over the downed imp, and Down Strikes the Crawler on Ceadda, killing it. A Spectral Child appears, and tries to Constrict Thanes heart. The downed Imp scrambles away. Romari chases the imp, and kills it. Varis enters the room, and fails to hit the child with a Wood Spear.

The Specter vanishes. Ceadda heads Southwest on a hunch, and finds the Specter again. Thane follows and stabs the Specter. Romari flies around the corner, and kills the Specter.

After a brief recovery, no major injuries, we started hunting again. Romari Sensed things to the NNE and NWW.

We headed down a narrow hall to the North. When we reached a T intersection, Thane is attacked from the East by another Reaver and two Crawlers, to little effect. Thane attacks and moves to the East. I get another Crawler around the corner with a Wood Spear, knocking it down. Ceadda ran up and attacked the Reaver. Romari sensed an astral presence behind us briefly, long enough to cast a spell with no apparent effect. Romari then rounded the corner and killed the Reaver with a Mind Dagger. Ceadda killed a Kaer Crawler. Imp tried to hit Ceadda. Crawler stands up, and missed Romari. Thane attacks another Crawler. A Specter Constricts Ceaddas Heart immobilizing him. I used a Fire Spear upon Crawler, killing it. Romari Mind Daggered the Specter. Ceadda killed the Specter and harmed the imp. Thane hit the Imp. I kill the final imp with another Fire Spear.

Pings to SW or West. We see something in a room to the West, so we head that way.

We enter a room before the design on the floor, and spot a Reaver in a room beyond. Assorted Constructs began moving forward, the Reaver reached Thane and Ceadda in the doorway. I cast a Fireball into the room, knocking down 2 kaer crawlers and injuring the Reaver. Romari prepared Rampage. More of the Constructs moved up, including a huge worm-like thing (aptly Named Miseryworm) which Causes us to Doubt our chance of success. In unison, we activated our Horror Fends.

Ceadda bursts into flames and starts attacking the Reaver, killing it. An Imp flew over Ceadda and attacked Romari. Another Reaver attacked Ceadda, but nothing got through his armor. I filled the room with Fireball again, knocking down 2 Crawlers, injuring the Worm and the Reaver. Specter fails to Constrict Ceadda’s Heart. Romari unleashed Rampage upon Ceadda and Thane. An Imp appeared behind me, but failed to ambush me. Thane killed the Imp on Romari.

A Reaver enters from behind us and attacked me several times, but my Winds of Deflection and armor prevented any harm. The Reaver in the doorway attacked Ceadda, to little effect. Another Reaver entered from behind and attacked Romari. Three Imps appear and attempt to ambush me, but my Winds of Deflection keep him safe even when I didn't see them. More Kaer Crawlers approached from in front and behind. Thane Leapt into the room to attack the Worm, wounding it. The Specter comes forward and Constricts Romari’s Heart, and knocked him down. I squeezed out from the middle of my group of attackers and Fireballed them all, knocking down 2 imps. I suddenly wished I had Lightning Bolt in a Matrix, avoiding Romari prevented me from hitting more with the Fireball. Romari fails to shrug off the Horrors grasp.

An Imp followed me into the corner, but missed me. Two Crawlers attacked Romari while he was down. A Crawler ambushed Ceadda, knocking him down. Thane killed the Worm with a shout of triumph. From the ground, Ceadda attacked a Reaver, killing it. Romari is knocked out by an Imp. I used Water Spear on Romari and Ceadda, but Romari stayed down.

Without the Worm to guide them, the Constructs were easy to dispatch. Searching around, we found some notes that confirmed our fears. The horror had gotten in before the gate was sealed. It influenced the Namegivers into enacting Rituals upon their children, which turned the children into Imps. We preserved as much of the writings as possible for the library.

This area must have been rich with Orichalcum, as we found some raw materials to take home with us. As I close in on my Warden elevation, I may find uses for this metal.

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Re: AAR: The Broken Kaer II

Post by BattleChad » Tue Aug 14, 2018 11:39 pm

The Great Library of Throal thanks Varis for his contribution.

Journal Rewards: 950 Legend Points and 525 Silver