AAR: The Natives Are Restless

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AAR: The Natives Are Restless

Post by etherial » Fri Jun 15, 2018 4:54 am

The Natives Are Restless
Time: 2018-06-14@23:59 GMT
GM: etherial (Gronk)
Circle: 4
Difficulty: Medium

Player Rewards:
Avalan: 3 TIPs, 2,200 Legend, 550 Silver
Blaethynn: 3 TIPs, 2,200 Legend, -75 Silver, Alchemy lab, Kelia's Antidote recipe
Dubhan: 3 TIPs, 2200 Legend, Alchemy Lab access, 50 sp of Alchemical Ingredients for Kelia's Antidote
Rilya: 3 TIPs, 2,200 Legend, 300 Silver, Salve of Closure Recipe (250 silver)
Whyr'wyndyl 3 TIPs, 2,000 legend, 0 silver, Lab Access, Kelia's Antidote Recipe (paid 75 silver from character sheet)

Downtime Actions Available:
Blaethynn: Forge Weapon + Karma (Rank 4, Step 15)
Blaethynn: Item History + Karma (Rank 4, step 15)
Blaethynn: Craftsman + 2 Karma (Rank 4, Step 19)
Blaethynn: Alchemy + Karma - 3 for kit (Rank 3, Step 11, Booster Potions)
Dubhan: Alchemy Step 7, Booster Potions, Kelix's Poultice (Per 7 + Alchemy 3 - Kit 3)
Dubhan: Research Step 21 (Per 7 + Research 4 + Speed Read 6 + Karma 4)
Rilya: Alchemy: 10 + 4 (Karma) = 14 (Rank 3) (Known: Booster Potion, Kelix’s Poultice, Kelia’s Antidote)
Rilya: Forge Weapon: 11 + 4 (Karma) = 15 (Rank 4)
Rilya: Item History: 11 + 4 (Karma) = 15 (Rank 4)
Rilya: Craftsman: 11 + 4 (Karma Talent) + 4 (Karma ability) = 19 (For mundane items)
Rilya: Animal Training: 8 (Rank 1)
Rilya: Map Making: 8 + 4 (Karma) = 12 (Rank 1)
Researchers may spend 20/2 Silver for +3 Steps

Further Information:
Fortune Fields Industries has ceded control of Alchemy Island to the Cathans

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Re: AAR: The Natives Are Restless

Post by Reyntrannin » Sat Jun 16, 2018 6:53 pm

[From the official report by Blaethynn to Fortune Fields]

After receiving our commission from Fortune Fields, we proceeded to the outpost to deal with the issue with the savege Human tribe. Upon arriving, we managed to assist the outpost's defenders to end a siege that was ongoing and captured one of the attackers.
After having interogated the prisoner, we had him lead us to the village where the tribe lived. There we found a force of tribal warriors, supplemented with spiders they had trained fo battle, which was too strong to be defeated by direct methods. Therefore we negotiated a cesastion of battle and a new trade contract with them.
Once Fotrune Fields has agreed tot he contract, all the problems should be settled and a new, profitable relationship will begin.

[From the personal journal of Blaethynn]
Well, this has been an interesting little trip. After having been contacted by Fortune Fields, Whyr'wyndyl reached out to me and a few other Adepts to assist him (Besides me, my friends Avalan and Dubhan came, as well as another Windling Weaponsmith named Rilya) . It seemed that the company's outpost where they gathered and processed alchemical reagents was under consatnt harrassment from a local tribe whose territory bordered theirs. the request from Fortune Fields was simple, save the outpost and remove the threat presented by the tribe.

We traveled to the outpost without major incident, but when we got there, the place was under attack. Things looked to be close to a stalemate, so we immediately attacked the tribesmen sieging the fort from behind. The sudden introduction of a force of Adepts to the defense seemed to have been too much for them and the majority of their force retreated. We were however, able to capture one of the attackers and proceeded to interrogate him (well, Rilya interrogated him, being the only one who spoke his language, Perhaps something I need to work on myself?). We learned that the attacks began when the tribe's territory began to be encroached by Fortune Fields, forcing them to (in their opinion at least) defend themselves.

We decided to have the prisoner (whose name was Vance, maybe? I had difficulty understanding him, even when he suddenly 'learned' to speak Throalic) lead us to the village so that we could determine how to proceed. During the trek, a pack of spiders (why does it always have to be spiders?) 'randomly' decided to attack us. I actually believe Vance may have instigated it, as he later indicate his tribe has some rudimentary influence over the spiders. We managed to defeat the spiders without too much difficulty, although Dubhan was badly poisoned. however, he recovered with no ill effects.

Vance ran off during the fight, but Avalan was able to keep his trail, which led us directly to our target. The village itself was a poor place, with most of its fighting population away from home, and the few remaining weary from trying to drive off Fortune Fields.

we quickly realized that it would be difficult to complete the mission as Fortune Fields wanted it, since we were not about to murder an entire village of Namegivers just so they could make a bit more money. After some arguning amongst ourselves, we decided to report that the tribe was too strong to drive out, but was willing to trade the herbs and alchemical supplies the company needed. It took some time to convince the villagers to follow this plan, as they were somewhat planning on a a glorious 'Victory or Death!' path, but we managed to persuade them.

We returned to Fortune Fields and completed the negotiations successfully, which should allow them to continue their business without having to destroy the tribesmen. All in all, it felt like it worked out, although there may have been better ways to end things.

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Re: AAR: The Natives Are Restless

Post by ottdmk » Sat Jun 16, 2018 11:23 pm

From the journals of Dubhan Goronich:

So, once again, I end up working for Fortune Fields. And once again, I wind up regretting it. We (Whyr'wyndal, Blaethynn, Avalan, Rilya & I) were hired to rescue a Fortune Fields outpost on the aptly described Alchemy Island. This operation is responsible for a good percentage of the alchemical reagents sold in Throal.

On our way, we were attacked by crocodiles. Nasty beasts. Fortunately, we were more than a match for them.

Arriving at the FF outpost, we found it besieged by savage looking Namegivers. We ran them off, and managed to take a prisoner. Remembering past experiences with Fortune Field we chose to question the prisoner out of reach of the FF crew.

Our prisoner (I cannot remember his name for the life of me) agreed to lead us to his village. On our way we discovered, to our misfortune, that his people, the Cathans, have a very, very good relationship with giant spiders. I swear, I will never go abroad without at least one Kelia's Antidote potion, and I will chug it at the first sign of anything poisonous.

Prevailing over the spiders, we made it to the village. Discovering (to my complete shock and horror! No, it was expected) that FF has been horrible neighbours, running off the Cathans and attempting to wipe them out, my colleagues and I arrived at a solution. (The FF outpost had been very fortunate indeed in that the best warriors (and Warriors) of the village were absent dealing with a threat called "the dopplers." I need to investigate this.)

We went back to the outpost, informed them that we could not defeat the village, and that they should evacuate if they valued their lives. Returning to Throal we were able to convince Fortune Fields the best way forward was to trade for the reagents, and not harvest them themselves.

So now, in return for forgoing much of my fee, I have permanent access rights to a FF alchemy lab. This should definitely help going forward.

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Re: AAR: The Natives Are Restless

Post by BattleChad » Mon Jun 18, 2018 12:53 am

The great Library of Throal thanks Blaethynn and Dubhan for their contributions.

Journal Rewards: 110 Legend Points and 137 Silver

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Re: AAR: The Natives Are Restless

Post by Arikail » Mon Jun 18, 2018 5:29 am

The Natives are Restless, A journal entry by Rilya, WIndling Weaponsmith and Nethermancer

The Fortune Fields Industries group contacted Whyr'wyndyl (a Windling Warrior) to gather a group of Adepts to help out some of their field operatives and rescue them from a group of savages that are attacking their outpost. Aside from myself, he found another Windling Weaponsmith (Blaethyn by name), as well as Dubhan (a Dwarven Wizard) and Avalan (an Obsidiman Elementalist) to join us in this endeavor. We set out from Throal post haste, as it seemed that time was of the essence.

Making our way through the wilderness, as we entered the Servos Jungle, we found a nest of crocodiles. Whyr'wyndyl noticed them and pointed them out, and thinking quickly, I did manage to scare one of them off. The group managed to dispatch the nest fairly quickly, and we moved on.

Arriving at the Fortune Fields outpost, we found it under siege by the natives, a small group of them. With our appearance, the natives thought better of their assault and fled, but not before one of them was downed with an arrow. After they fled, an employee moved to slaughter the native, but we stopped him from that, so that we could question the native, Named Vant. I talked with him, being the only one who knew his language, and managed to get him to agree to take us to his village, if we could get the Fortune Fields people to stop attacking them. Both parties claimed that the other attacked them first. Talking with the leader of the outpost, he agreed to let us go and talk to the savages, though he didn't seem too happy about it.

Following Vant through the jungle, Whyr'wyndyl again detected something amiss, noticing spider webs in the area. I continued talking with Vant, learning about his culture, and the history of his people. Then I was attacked by a spider, and he fled, running into the jungle. They posed little threat, and we managed to take them out without incident. Vant was cut off from fleeing initially by Avalan, so he made a show of helping us with a spear toss, before fleeing into the jungle again, this time making a clean escape. Avalan was able to follow his tracks, leading us the rest of the way to the native village.

Vant met us there, and was very happy to get his spear back. He did uphold his word and allow us to talk to the leaders of the village, who told us about their tribulations with the Fortune Fields Industries people. The group debating for a long time as to how to proceed, as the village looked rather ramshackle and run down. Many of their soldiers were helping to clear out Sosanopa (I didn't realize it was still a problem after all this time. I may have to look into the matter and see if everything is resolved). Eventually, we decided that setting up trade relations between the two was the better option, and convinced the Fortune Fields Industries leader to cede the land to the natives, and instead trade with them for the supplies.

I don't know how long Fortune Fields will hold to their agreement, but it will hopefully be long enough for the natives to get their warriors back and be able to defend themselves.

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Re: AAR: The Natives Are Restless

Post by Fusilliban » Wed Jun 20, 2018 5:39 am

The Observations of Avalandohamagannahnieventhallailmar

Whyr'wyndyl was hired to help rescue some employees of Fortune Fields Industries from some attacking savages. To help, she recruited me and three others, and so my companions on this journey were:

Blaethynn, Windling Weaponsmith
Dubhan Goronich, Dwarf Wizard
Rilya, Windling Weaponsmith
Whyr'wyndyl, Windling Warrior

As we traveled to the Fortune Fields Industries outpost, we were set upon by crocodiles. The Servos Jungle has many dangers, and crocodiles are one of the simplest. They are most comfortable, and most dangerous, in the small brooks, streams, and rivers of the jungle. Any body of water large enough to contain a crocodile, may, and they are excellent at hiding in them. If you wish to be certain of avoiding a crocodile ambush, avoid any such water as you travel... ...though this may cause you to have a somewhat thirstier journey.

The outpost was under attack when we arrived, and the attackers broke and ran when they saw us as reinforcements. I did not think we were that formidable in appearance! After surveying the situation, we interrogated a prisoner. She was reticent at first, and we thought she might be more willing to speak if we left the outpost. We were right, and were able to convince her to lead us back to her village.

The path to the village involved spiders. Much of the surface world involves spiders. I have considered referring to the surface as "the place with spiders", but I have been informed that there are also numerous places underground which also involve spiders. I am beginning to think that my Liferock was the only spider-free place, and that even that may only be a matter of time! The spiders had formed webs between the trees that were highly visible, but, as is often the case with Namegiver-sized spiders, they were perfectly willing to leave those webs in an attempt to inject us with venom. Dubhan was poisoned most egregiously, and my carefully-crafted in-backpack Windling hammock went entirely unused. It is important to care for one's Windling allies when fighting giant spiders - while their people are brave and valuable, resisting the effects of spider venom is not a strong point.

After dispatching the spiders, we prevented the savage from escaping, and continued to the village. We scouted the village thoroughly and were forced to conclude that we could not conquer it. We returned to the outpost and ordered an evacuation, before something more horrible befell the Namegivers there.

When we returned, we suggested that since the savages could not be conquered, that trade might be a better policy. We were paid well for our efforts, and it seems that Fortune Fields Industries is now trading peacefully with these savage Cathans.

I am observing their practices for my soon-to-be founded company, Giant Spiders Unlimited. A real growth industry!

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Re: AAR: The Natives Are Restless

Post by BattleChad » Thu Jul 19, 2018 1:55 am

The great Library of Throal thanks Avalan and Rilya for their contributions.

Journal Rewards: 110 Legend Points and 137 Silver