AAR: Fairie Flush

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AAR: Fairie Flush

Post by Fortesque » Sat May 12, 2018 4:12 am

Fairie Flush
Time: 2018-05-10@23:59 GMT
GM: Fortesque (Whyr'wyndyl)
Circle: 3
Difficulty: Hard

Player Rewards:
Dubhan: 2,000 Legend, 555 Silver, 4 TIPs
Fliver: 2,000 Legend, 555 Silver, 4 TIPs
Ursula: 2,000 Legend, 555 Silver, 4 TIPs
Durgin: 2,000 Legend, 555 Silver, 4 TIPs

Downtime Actions Available:
Dubhan: Alchemy 7 (Rank 3, Per 7, Kit -3) : Booster Potion
Dubhan: Research 21 ( Rank 4, Per 7, Speed Read +6, Karma +4)
Fliver: Research (Rank 3, Step 10, step 13 with 20 SP to the library).
Fliver: Mapmaking (Rank 1, Step 8 - spend downtime to possess charts of locations and routes)
Ursula: Animal Training 10 (Rank 4)
Researchers may spend 20/2 Silver for +3 Steps

Further Information:
The Slavemaster Ogre has been killed!
Sevaughan was alerted to the adventurers...and went into hiding!

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Re: AAR: Fairie Flush

Post by Slimcreeper » Sat May 12, 2018 1:41 pm

Durgin Trotter
in the company of Duhban (dwarf wizard), Fliver (windling illusionist), Ursula (troll beastmaster)

Linus is, surprisingly, still in custody. I've been visiting with him, sharing a drink and news from outside. I rather wish we could have seen clear to liberate the stolen goods and not turn him in; he's a good guy and cares for his people. And he's not wrong - some of the stuffed shirts here could stand a little deflating. I always give the guards a show, some new ditty I'm working on or a bit of juggling. It's not a bribe, but it's not _not_ a bribe.

Anyway, he told me that the Ogre with whom they had been trading for the enriched ore had taken a dark turn. An elf mage, whose Name we later found out was Sevaughan (truly a tricky one to say!) had convinced him to take windling slaves in trade. Clever, in a despicable sort of way. The elf would trade the windlings for elemental earth ore to the ogre who would use them as miners to collect elemental earth ore to trade for more windlings.

Sevaughan had a track record of making himself unwelcome where ever he went. He was banished from Throal for general mayem and wayward Nethermantic spellcraft. He was not banned from Kaer Avon, but the guard said he had a habit of being at the center of trouble.

We found the hill where the Ogre held court with little difficulty. A massive arm chair was resting on a large boulder that covered the windling mine. He was wearing the obsidiman's breastplate as well as the crystal boots that the 6 Peas had stolen. We split into teams, with Ursula, her bear and monkey, and Duhban hiding while Fliver and I approached himHe was quite willing to speak with us, and wanted to trade the rich earth for armor, specifically mail, plate, or a large shield. At first, I thought he was keeping the windlings as pets - misguided, not evil. I tried to convince him to lift the rock so that we could see his windling collection, but he wouldn't bite. It came to blows and we dealt with him with extreme prejudice. Dubhan used his spells to boost our speed and armor and Fliver blinded him.I tried to draw blood, but drew little more than his attention. Ursula and her beasts proved to be fearsome in combat - I will never call my nephews "silly monkeys" again. Once the ogre was down I slit its throat. Slavery is not to be allowed, and the ogre was beyond redemption.

Once the windlings were freed, we went in search of the elf. A note in the ogre's pocked led us to a massive sculpture submerged in the earth, with several spirits lurking nearby. Unfortunately, he saw through our ruse to draw him out. We will have to deal with him. The misery he brought those windlings to ...

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Re: AAR: Fairie Flush

Post by ChrisDDickey » Sun May 13, 2018 6:08 am

From the Journal of Fliver of Middle Jothan.

We heard a rumor that an elf wizard has cast a spell affecting the hopes and dreams of young windlings throughout the kingdom. The elf has unscrupulously been selling the windlings into slavery to an Ogre. A windling Thief was investigating this debacle when the justice of Mynbruje caught up with him. He hired Ursula von Knucklebreaker (who brought along her bear and monkey) ,Durgin Trotter, Dubhan Goronich, and myself. He wants us to put an end to the elf's spell and the Ogre's slaving ways. We did some research and checking of rumors in Throal, and then went to Avon, where we did some more. The main thing we learned was that while the rumor said Sevaughad was a Wizard, he is known to his kaer only as a Nethermancer. Which is not to say he is not a Wizard as well. Everybody who has ever encountered him seems to agree that he is a Self-entitled jerk. We also heard that he has two flunkies. The Ogre was reported to have approached the kear previously wanting to trade.

After much satisfying jaw wagging, we set out after the Ogre. When we could see the hill it laired at in the distance, Ursula went up and did some scouting. It had a chair, sitting on a rock, that was plugging up it's mine. The Ogre was a little way away sorting ore from normal rocks. I cast Cloak, and the others snuck up the hill, but kept on the far side of the mound. Durgin and I approached openly to see if it wanted to parlay. He seemed perfectly willing to trade, and seemed like an honest businessman except for the his matter-of-fact admitting to keeping a large number of windlings as slaves. Durgin and I retreated to discuss the matter, and we agreed that while he seemed nice, his slave keeping was unbearable, and that we ought to order a general assault. I realized we had forgotten to arrange a code-word with the others, so we simply approached again, and attacked. The others attacked from behind and the Ogre was rapidly slain.

We freed the captives, and examining the body found a note, which gave us to directions where we could "wait for the moon" and "speak to the buried man". When we got there we found what appeared to be a colossi mostly buried. We scouted the area and found some spirits bound inside of bone circles, which we decided to avoid. On the far side of the area we spotted some tracks, but nobody present could follow them. We waited until morning, and tried to speak to the buried colossi, but got no response. We remembered that we were supposed to "wait for the moon", and waited a full day until it appeared. I spoke at the site of the Colossi again, and got a response. I tried to impersonate the Ogre. I told the voice that it had killed some adventurers who were asking about him, and had some writings in a language it could not read. The voice said it would come in the morning.

We had an ambush all set, but it was not good enough, as somebody insolently shot an arrow with a note tied to it saying our ambush was pathetic. With no way to track the Nethermancer, we gave up and went to where our rescued windlings were waiting so we could escort them to throal. Some of the others knew about some armor and boots the ogre were wearing, and I assume they got turned into their owners or the authorities.

We have put an end to the Ogre's slaving ways, and since we have freed 20 windlings to spread the tale, I doubt many more will be foolish enough to let this particular Nethermancer talk then into climbing into his sack, so guess it could be said that we have put an end to the elf's spell (I personally don't think there was a spell, it was just a very persuasive adept, and some very foolish young windlings) - In any case, I think we have probably put an end to this particular bad behavior - So a full success if measured against what was asked of us! Of course we hero's hold ourselves up to a higher standard, and this evil Sevaughan Self must be dealt with more firmly and decisively.

We just did not have anybody good enough at tracking. Next time we will just have to ether bring somebody good at tracking, or give Ursula enough notice to obtain a good hunting dog and train it to track by scent.

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Re: AAR: Fairie Flush

Post by ottdmk » Sun May 13, 2018 9:04 pm

From the journals of Dubhan Goronoich:

This was ultimately unsatisfying. My Dwarven colleague Durgin Trotter had actually kept in touch with Lanis the Thief from the 6Ps Windling gang. From this somewhat dubious source came an account of Elven Wizardry enslaving Windlings, and the Ogre reported to be a main trading partner of the gang was also involved.

Investigative work led us to the name of Sevaughan of Kaer Avon. This elvish mage was banished from Throal for causing mayhem. When we journeyed to the Kaer we discovered that, while not banished, Sevaughan did not spend much time there and was generally disliked. We also discovered he was a Nethermancer. I was grateful for this fact; the thought of one of my own Discipline corrupting the Art to serve slavery was disturbing to me.

Leaving the Kaer we journeyed to where Linus the Thief had told us the Ogre resided. We quickly discovered that the Ogre was indeed a slaver, was unrepentant, and was hoping we could trade more Windlings to him. A brief battle ensued and, bolstered by my magics, my colleagues made quick work of the Ogre. (I should note that along with Durgin I was travelling with Fliver, a Windling Illusionist of long acquaintance and Ursula, a Dwarven Beastmaster. She is quite formidable in combat, and she and her animal companions did most of the bloodletting with the Ogre.)

A search of the slaver revealed directions on how to contact the Nethermancer Sevaughan. We attempted to lure him into an ambush, but ultimately he saw through our attempt and stayed in hiding. With no-one skilled in Tracking, we were forced to return to Throal having killed only one slaver. I look forward to getting a lead on this Nethermancer's location. Then we'll see how his magics stack up against mine.

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Re: AAR: Fairie Flush

Post by BattleChad » Mon May 14, 2018 4:30 pm

The Great Library of Throal thanks Dubhan, Fliver, and Durgin for their contributions.

Journal Rewards: 100 Legend Points and 138 Silver

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Re: AAR: Fairie Flush

Post by etherial » Thu May 17, 2018 6:20 pm

From the collected letters of Ursula von Knucklebreaker:

25 Rua, 1423 T.H.

Dearest Mother and Father:

Fliver came to me about a week ago, talking about a Windling Thief he knew who had run afoul of Throalic Law. Generally not something of my concern, Fliver led me to believe the Thief had knowledge of something more sinister going on, so I traveled with him into the Halls to visit Linus in prison.

Durgin Trotter, a Troubadour of Fliver's acquaintance, entertained the guards for a bit and they allowed us to speak to Linus in private. Apparently Linus and his gang were involved in a complicated sting operation against an Ogre who had been Enslaving Windlings. With Linus incarcerated, his gang was reluctant to act and thus it fell to us to look into the matter and free the poor souls. I know you maintain antiquated notions about the validity of Slavery, but there is no justification even under your eyes to justify what has been done to these hapless kidnapping victims.

We were able to locate the Ogre's lair and I spent some time scouting it out. He had placed his throne on top of a large rock that appeared to be blocking the hole to the Elemental Earth mine that he had imprisoned the Windlings in, and had a large sack (likely full of the stuff). I'd been warned about his club and kept my distance, reporting what I had found back to my comrades.

Dubhan, a Wizard of some repute, joined Durgin in attempting to parley with the Ogre while Fliver snuck into position to support them. Damkina and I circled around to flank the Ogre. He explained that an Elven Nethermancer out of Kaer Avon Named Sevaughan had been a client of his and had convinced him of the efficiency of slavery as a means to increase production. Hearing nothing worthwhile come out of the Ogre's mouth, Durgin lost his patience and the ambush was sprung.

One Ogre is no match for four Adepts and the Windlings were quickly freed. They told us of their woe, of Sevaughan's magic sack that enticed them into bondage. I'd some hope of interrogating the Ogre, but Durgin was in no mood for suffering Slavers, and we found the information we wanted in his personal effects anyway. He'd written down the directions for summoning Sevaughan in something resembling Throalic, and we eventually deciphered them.

We journeyed to the place where the Ogre would meet with Sevaughan, but we mistimed our arrival and Sevaughan was alerted to our presence. Hunting him down will have to wait for another day, we have Windlings to resettle.


Ursula von Knuckebreaker, née Nusserman

Dubhan Goronich, male Dwarf Wizard
Durgin Trotter, male Dwarf Troubadour
Fliver, male Windling Illusionist
Ursula von Knucklebreaker, female Dwarf Beastmaster

Linus, male Windling Thief
Sevaughan, male Elf Nethermancer
Damkina, a Bear
Zimbu, a Monkey

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Re: AAR: Fairie Flush

Post by BattleChad » Fri May 18, 2018 1:27 am

The Great Library of Throal thanks Ursula for her contributions.

Journal Rewards: 100 Legend Points and 138 Silver