AAR: Flyin' The Ointment

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AAR: Flyin' The Ointment

Post by Fortesque » Fri May 04, 2018 5:16 am

Mission: Flyin' The Ointment
Time: 2018-05-03@23:59 GMT
GM: Fortesque (Whyr'wyndyl)
Circle: 3
Difficulty: Hard

Osahar: 2000 Legend, 555 Silver, 4 TIPs, purchased Last Chance Salve (600 silver)
Durgan: 4 TI Points, 2000 LP, 555 Silver
Celemir: 4 TI Points, 2000 LP, 555 Silver
Dubhan: 4 TI Points, 2000 LP, 555 Silver

Downtime Actions Available:
Dubhan: Downtime: Alchemy 7 (Rank 3, Per 7, Kit -3) : Booster Potion
Dubhan Downtime: Research 20 ( Rank 3, Per 7, Speed Read +6, Karma +4) If the 20sp Library Access Fee is covered, Research goes to 23.
Osahar Downtime: Mapmaking (Rank 1, Step 8 - spend downtime to possess charts of locations and routes)
Celemir Downtime: Craft Weapon Step 10 (Rank 3) (Anything Dam 5 or below)
Researchers may spend 20/2 Silver for +3 Steps

Further Information:
Euron'tok is dismayed, the adventurers did not find "his" breastplate.
Thief Lanis (and 4 other 6Ps) has been turned over to the master of guards in Throal for Justice.
The Breastplate was traded to Ogre "Merchant" in the area.
6Ps had a wealth of True Earth; the adventurers brought it back to Throal for the master of guards.

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Re: AAR: Flyin' The Ointment

Post by CodexDragon » Sat May 05, 2018 11:24 pm

Notes submitted by Osahar

The Master of the Guard hired myself, Celemir, and elf woodsman, Dubhan, a dwarf wizard, and Durgin, a dwarf troubadour, to apprehend a gang of windling thieves. While they have been a nuisance, apparently the theft of an obsidiman wizard's heirloom breastplate necessitated the hiring of some adepts to put the gang to an end. The windling gang is known as "The 6 Ps" and can be identified by their distinctive green, black, blue, and gold clothing that is similar to peacock colorations.

The Master of the Guard agreed to supply us with some windling cages and windling sized manacles, as he wanted them brought back alive. While he went to get those, we split up to gather some information. Celemir and Dubhan went to talk to the obsidiman wizard, Urantach. Not much information was gained there, except that in the place of the breastplate the thieves left a peacock feather. Durgin and I went to see if there was anyone selling peacocks in the market. Indeed there was one merchant, but his peacock had been plucked almost featherless by the windlings. Both avenues did not net us much information, except there seemed to be a slight timeline discrepancy. The wizard said his breastplate was stolen in the morning, around 9am. But, the peacock merchant said his feathers were stolen around noon.

We met back up with a guard who had the cages and manacles, and he let us know the general area the windling hideout might be located at. We headed out of town, but at the gate we noticed a windling in 6 Ps colors keeping an eye on us. Durgin hailed the windling, who panicked at being noticed and ran. We chased him through the bazaar and cornered him. We were able to get some information out of him, such as the leaders of the band, Lanis the Thief and Lanis the Beastmaster. We then manacled him and turned him over to the guards.

We finally headed back out of town and down the road. We camped for the night a few hours from where we thought the hideout might be and the night passed uneventfully. In the morning we headed out and found their hideout. An old stone barn on a bluff overlooking a shallow but swift stream. We snuck up and observed close to 20 windlings. I noticed a cave entrance in the bluff below the barn and Celemir found a number of bear tracks along the river. We decided to wait until dark and check out the cave to see if it was an alternate entrance. Right at dusk two bears, one with a windling riding it, and a wolf came out of the cave and headed off. We snuck into the cave and captured one windling.

We found a trapdoor leading up into the ruin. We went up and knocked out 3 guards, but one got off a yell for help. The rest of the windlings charged in, but Celemir was able to knock out Lanis the Thief, causing the rest of the windlings to flee in panic. We quickly searched the rooms, but did not find the breastplate. We did find some barrels of True Earth, which we brought back to the guard. We manacled the unconscious windlings and puts them in the cages and Durgin gathered up some peacocks that the band had in a pen, and headed back to Throal before the windlings could regroup.

On the way back we talked with Lanis the Thief some. Apparently they are selling the stolen items to an ogre merchant in the area.

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Re: AAR: Flyin' The Ointment

Post by BattleChad » Mon May 07, 2018 4:23 pm

The Great Library of Throal thanks Osahar for his contribution.

Journal Rewards: 100 Legend Points and 138 silver

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Re: AAR: Flyin' The Ointment

Post by ottdmk » Sun May 13, 2018 8:50 pm

From the journals of Dubhan Goronich:

Well, this was certainly a different type of outing. On this occasion I was hired by the Master of the Guard to help rout a gang of Windling thieves (Note the non-capitalization). On this occasion I teamed with my longtime compatriot Durgin, along with Osahar, an Archer I had teamed with before and a new Adept, one Celemir. Celemir is an interesting sort; he belongs to a somewhat obscure discipline called Woodsman. The closest way I can describe it would be a cross between a Scout and an Archer.

As part of this investigation, we spoke with Euron'tok, an Obsidian Wizard of some renown. He claimed the 6Ps had stolen a valuable breastplate from him. He offered to compensate us should we return his property. Something seemed a bit off about his account, but I was unable to determine what.

After collecting Windling cages and manicles from the Guard, we set out from Throal... but we did not get far. As we left the Bazaar we spotted a Windling wearing a peacock feather. We had learned earlier that this was a favored trapping of the 6Ps gang. After a remarkable chase through the Bazaar we captured him inside of an Ork bar. The chase was remarkable for two reasons: One, I managed feats of acrobatics that I have never done before and likely will never be able to repeat again. Secondly, I had no idea there was any such thing as an Ork bar in the Grand Bazaar.

Our captive proved quite co-operative, and we were able to determine the location of the 6Ps hideout along with details of their operation. Once there we waited for nightfall to begin our assault. This proved a very fortuitous tactic. While we waited, the gang's Beastmaster left for the nightly hunt with his animal companions. This simplified things greatly, as the gang only had two Adepts.

With the Beastmaster away we infiltrated his lair under the main camp and quickly subdued his brother, the only actual Thief in the gang. We returned triumphant to Throal with Lanis the Thief and a few more of the gang in tow.

Along the way the Thief, one Lanis, proved quite talkative. We discovered that the breastplate Euron'tok desired back had already been traded away to an Ogre. (An Ogre in trade. How odd.) We did manage to get a large amount of True Earth from the gang however.

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Re: AAR: Flyin' The Ointment

Post by BattleChad » Mon May 14, 2018 4:27 pm

The Great Library of Throal thanks Dubhan for his contribution.

Journal Rewards: 100 Legend Points and 138 silver

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Re: AAR: Flyin' The Ointment

Post by Dougansf » Tue May 29, 2018 7:42 pm

Celemir's Chronicles

I'm hired by master of Guards in the Grand Bazar. Numerous complaints of thefts there and in the surrounding countryside. We're specifically tasked to apprehend, not kill. Luckily I still have some blunted arrows left over from the Troajin gathering.

Euron’tok, Obsidiman Wizard has fallen victim to them, wealthy, lost an heirloom breastplate to them. Any lost items will be returned to owners. Leadership of this gang may be adepts. The Master offers us 6 shackles and two cages to hold the windlings on the trip back.

Durgin knows of them as the 6P’s, as the leaders Names start with P, and they wear peacock feathers on their tricorn hats.

We go to talk to Euron’tok. Dubhan figures out where he’s located, possibly over by some game tables in the Grand Bazaar. Euron’tok is at a chess table, alone, reading a large tome. The breastplate is around 600 years old. Was found again after the scourge. He’s an enchanter, and offers items at a discount. He was robbed in the bazaar, while eating in the morning. He found a peacock feather in place of the breastplate. We take the feather and head to the food shop where it was stolen. When Euron'tok tells us where he was robbed, I start tracking there, and follow them out of Throal.

Meanwhile, Durgin and Oshar go to a peacock vendor. He’s out of good feathers, because the windlings have stolen all of them around noon. They distracted his son, who was watching the shop.

We gain the items from a Lt of the Guard, including an extra cage. We head out to the location where they’re expected hideout is (44:12). As we head out of Throal, Dubhan sees a glowing mark on my back. Looking around, Durgin and I spot a peacock looking Windling hanging out just outside the gates. Durgin approaches him, and the windling looks shocked and flies back in through the gates. We give chase.

We have to get past some herd animals being brought through the gates. I weave through them, knowing how they will act. Durgin fails to budge one with his shield. Osahar nimbly evades them. Dubhan goes around the cows.

Windling slides under a cart of cabbages, startling the draft donkey, and threatening to spill them everywhere. Durgin fails to squeeze through the cart. Osahar relies on his danger sense to evade the falling mess. Dubhan evades the cabbages with ease. I disengage the cart from the donkey.

Windling ducks into a tent filled with orks drinking Hurlg and other noxious beverages, and break into occasional fights. Osahar pops an ork in the eye before he can start a real fight. Dubhan intimidates his way through the tent. I use the distraction to sneak through the tent. Durgin calls out, “Spike the windling!”

The 6P thief is cowering, afraid for his life. Linus told him to stay behind and keep an eye on things. They don’t pick their big targets, Linus is in charge (Adept 3rd Circle), other Linus is Beastmaster. Around 27 members 4 days ago at the hideout. They think the Passions guided them to join together for this. He draws a map for us to the hideout, and we turn him in.

We head out of Throal, and follow the map, cutting half a day off our travel. 2 days later, we find our way to the hideout.

It’s an old stone structure, possibly a barn on a hill over a shallow stream. Osahar and I sneak closer to get a better look and spot 19 windlings outside. I also spots some bear tracks on this side of the river, likely attracted to fish in the stream. Oshahar spots a cave in the hill by the river. We see a windling riding a zoak around, and a pen filled with peacocks. Oshahar uses the peacock feather from the bazaar to track it's owner, and confirms they're inside the keep.

We fall back and wait for nightfall. Just before nightfall, a pair of bears come out of the cliff-face, head into the stream, and work upstream eating fish. There’s a windling riding on one, and a wolf stalks in the bears shadows. We wait for the wind to shift, and then head across the river to the cave.

We hear snoring up ahead to the right from a Windling. We find a female windling sleeping near a zoak. I sneaks up and take her spear away. Durgin wakes her up, telling her to be quiet. She Names herself Brittany, and Linus the Beastmaster just left. Linus the Thief is in the treasury. She starts to scream when Durgin mentions knocking her out, and the zoak wakes up. Osahar kills it before it can move. Brittany wiggles free of Durgin, and flies to the back of the cavern. I shoot her in the back with a blunted arrow, and knock her out. We put some shackles and a blanket on her, then follow where she was heading.

We find a wooden trapdoor in the ceiling. There’s muffled talking on the other side of 4 windlings, around a corner. Dubhan prepares Wall Walker for himself and Durgin. We set up some rope to the door. We head up.

Durgin plays some music to attract attention. A windling lady comes around the corner and I knocks her out. 2 more come around the corner, and Osahar throws a spear at one. Durgin runs forward, knocking one out. Another one comes around a corner, but Oshar and I knock him out before he can act. Durgin runs over to the outside doors, but struggles to drag it closed. The remaining Windling in the hall sounds the alarm, and tries to stab Osahar.

Osahar tries to help Durgin to close the doors. Six windlings fly into the barn, attacking the two on the door. I see Lanis the Thief trying to sneak out of the treasury, and shoot him twice to knock him out. Seeing this, the windling that sounded the alarm, shouts to run, and tries to fly out of the barn. We let the rest of them flee.

Durgin slaps manacles on Lanis. We don’t find the breastplate, but we find barrels filled with rocks (True Earth). There is a cloth bag with some hide armor with a panther emblem that Osahar takes. We shackle and cage Lanis and 4 others. We then head North to Throal, and start covering our tracks.

The next day, Lanis wakes up and we start to talk. Apparently the breastplate was traded to an Ogre for True Earth. They claim they were going to sell / give that to the local farmers, as it helps purify the land for faster crops. We didn't feel up to managing a bunch of thieves, and tangling with an ogre, so we returned to Throal for our reward. We also gave Euron'tok the True Earth, which an enchanter should be able to make plenty of use of.

I'm still a little skeptical of this "heirloom breastplate." Lanis said it wasn't living crystal, but why would an Obsidiman have anything else as an heirloom?

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Re: AAR: Flyin' The Ointment

Post by BattleChad » Mon Jun 04, 2018 3:14 pm

The Great Library of Throal thanks Celemir for his contribution.

Journal Rewards: 100 Legend Points and 138 silver