AAR: Windling Home?

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AAR: Windling Home?

Post by Jason » Sat Nov 25, 2017 11:38 pm

AAR: Windling Home?
GM: Jason (Iriwn E. Hopperton)
Date: 2017-11-25
Difficulty and circle rating: Circle 2 M

Osahar - 800 legend, 230 silver
Rilya - 800 Legend, 92.5 Silver, Upandal's Blessings
Aegharan - 800 legend, 230 sp

Downtime Skills available

Code: Select all

Aegharan Alchemy         (s 7 r 3) (booster Potion)
Rilya    Alchemy         (s 7 r 3) (booster Potion)
Rilya    Forge Weapon    (s13 r 2)
Rilya    Item History    (s13 r 2)
Rilya    Animal Training (s 8 r 1)
41:14 Runic Circle:
Bortruk created a carving of a runic ritual circle (15 result on rune carving).
Aegharan 2 pages of chalk-rubbing of runes on circle

bortruk used: death cheat charm
bortruk used: last chance salve
bortruk died permanently - 41:14 - funeral Pyre

Aegharan tells tells a tail of bortruk - with a moving acting (acting 2 sucesses) of bortruks heroic death and moves them to morning (emotion song sucessful) over loosing such a warrior

Plume is planning on naming the Windling village after Bortruk who gave his left for the village. -41:14 possible future Windling village

Rilya returns all of Bortruk's effects to his family.

Aegharan Trading 1 silver piece for one of Bortruk's as a memento.
Rilya Trading 1 silver piece for one of Bortruk's as a memento.
Rilya took the carvings that Bortruk took of the runic circle.
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Re: AAR: Windling Home?

Post by Aegharan » Sun Nov 26, 2017 12:46 am

A windling named Plume sent us out on a seemingly easy mission. Go to Borghan's Rest, go south-west, look at a Clearing where they want to build a town and draw up a map.

We got there more or less easily (note: Learn navigation) and found an interesting runic circle, with large stones around it. Rilya flew close to investigate and got attacked by some monkeys. I showed Bortruk what Illusions are capable of and made him appear so huge, that the monkeys seem to have gotten scared. He tore through the monkeys and we drove them off easily.

We investigated the runic circle further and thought that there is probably some kind of magic going on, but neither Rilya nor I could figure out what was hidden there. Nobody of us could read the symbols, so we just copied some of the runes, called it a day and moved a little away from that campsite, in case the runic circle attracted the monkeys and more were to follow.

We avoided a bug-infested camp-site and found a neat camp-site near a river, sheltered by some trees. In the morning we got attacked by 2 Blood Ravens. Bortruk pretty much exploded one of the Ravens. But when we moved to the second one, 2 crocodiles charged out of the water, right towards Osahar's and Bortruk's backs. The first ripped deeply into Osahar, wo was barely able to limp away. The second charged Bortruk and stuck its teeth into Bortruks right leg, holding him tight and trying to move him into the water. I managed to engulf Bortruk in a monstrous mantle, and he got real good hits in, taking the Crocs' Focus fully upon himself and thus saving us from being ripped to shreds.

Bortruk gave his all to save us from this Crocodiles and tore deep wounds into the Crocodile, not trying to lose its grip from his leg to keep us safe, while getting pulled closer and closer towards the water. We gave our last to assist Bortruk in living through this sacrifice, but at some point he was overwhelmed and fell. Rilya immediately rushed in to try and stabilize him, while Osahar woke me up after one of the Crocodiles took one bite too many into my buttocks. Bortruk looked at us, saw how wounded we were and charged back in towards the Crocodile, collapsing with his last strike.

He specifically mentioned before that he always carries a Last Chance Salve, so we gave all to kill of the Crocodile and scare them away, Rilya even threw her precious Spear into the water. We managed to pull Bortruk's lifeless body back onto land and into safety, tried to tend to his wounds and applied the Last Chance Salve. Unfortunately our efforts were moot and he did not come back to life.

We set up a funeral pyre and gave him a farewell we are sure to never forget, for he gave his life to save ours. May his name never be forgotten.

After tending to our wounds, we spent some days to scout the area and complete the maps and returned the maps to Plume.

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Re: AAR: Windling Home?

Post by BattleChad » Sun Nov 26, 2017 1:13 am

The Great Library of Throal thanks Aegharan for his contribution.

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Re: AAR: Windling Home?

Post by CodexDragon » Sun Nov 26, 2017 1:16 am

Notes submitted by Osahar

Myself and a few others, Aegharan the Elf Illusionist, Rilya the Windling Weaponsmith, and Bortruk the Dwarven Air Sailor, met with Plume Cloudytwirls, a Windling, at a tavern. She wanted to hire us to find a good place to set up a Windling town southwest of Borgan's Rest and to create a map of the area.

We first headed to Borgan's Rest and then a few days travel southwest of there to the edge of the jungle. We got caught in a pretty heavy downpour on the way there. We had to make camp early to let Aegharan dry out. When we got to the general area, the first spot we found was a clearing with some ruins in it. The ruins contained some sort of ritual circle and we were attacked by some monkeys when we intruded on their territory to investigate it. We killed the monkeys and I started gathering firewood while the other three took a look at the circle. None of us could read the runes inscribed on it so Bortruk carved a likeness of some of the runes and Aegharan took some rubbings. We decided not to make camp near the unknown ritual circle and moved off.

We skirted around a bug infested area before finding a good camping spot near a small river. First thing in the morning we were attacked by two Blood Crows, and right after that started, two crocodiles came out of the river. It was a vicious fight. At the end of it, Aegharan, Rilya, and I were all severely hurt, and Bortruk was dead. We managed to recover his body and attempted to use a magical salve to bring him back, but it did not work. We saw him off with a great funeral pyre and will be taking his possessions back to his family.

We then dug in for a few days to recover from our wounds before continuing on. I was able to find a suitable spot for the Windling village and assisted Rilya in making a map. The trip back to Borgan's Rest, and on to Throal, was uneventful. Back in town we gave all of the information, and the map, to Plume. She seemed very happy. We also returned Bortuk's things to his family.

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Re: AAR: Windling Home?

Post by BattleChad » Sun Nov 26, 2017 1:38 am

The Great Library of Throal thanks Osahar for his contribution.

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Re: AAR: Windling Home?

Post by Arikail » Tue Nov 28, 2017 3:54 am

Ruminations on the death of Bortruk, a journal entry by Rilya, Windling Weaponsmith

We lost our first Adept on this last outing. Many have gone into the wilds and not returned, but this is the first I have witnessed, and heard about amongst the Adepts I associate with. I feel as though I should be able to do more. My physical capabilities are not as impressive as many of my companions, and it is becoming increasingly clear that in the wilds, I need something to contribute more reliably than those. The thought haunts me that had I been more capable, perhaps we would have been able to save him. But I get ahead of myself. From the beginning...

We were recruited by one Plume Cloudytwirls to map out a suitable location for some Windlings to set up a village outside of Throal (A goal near and dear to my heart, I must say. Throal is nice, but there are times when I wish to have somewhere to go away from the place). A place had already been picked out as a possible location, we were to go and map it and return. Accompanying me on this endeavor were Aegharan and Osahar, the Elven Illusionist and Archer I had journeyed with previously, as well as a more seasoned adventurer, Bortruk, a Dwarven Air-Sailor. We set out and hit Borgan's Rest on our way (Lareth is doing well), and then continued on out into the wilds. A nasty storm did make an appearance, and Bortruk, seasoned adventurer that he is, pointed out why tents are important (I now have one of my own, a palace for me, though not so much for anyone larger).

While scouting out the area, we stumbled upon a strange circle in the wilds. When I went to examine it, we were attacked by some monkeys and apes. I need to find a way to help out when things like this happen. Inside the city, there are very few times when combat skills would serve me, but outside, they seem to be much more useful. The beasts were dispersed, and we set about examining the circle more in-depth. There is a presence on the Astral Plane, but beyond that, I couldn't tell much. We did get some rubbings and carvings of the runes that comprise the circle (not the entire set, just a sample) to examine more later. Without knowing more about the circle, we decided camp farther away would be a wise decision, and found a place not too far close to a river nearby.

The morning after, as we took stock of things, Blood Ravens made their appearance, apparently intent upon a meal. As we fought those, crocodiles came from the river and assaulted those too close to the banks, Osahar and Bortruk (almost as if the Ravens were driving us closer, to entice them out). The battle with the crocodiles was savage, and I kept my distance from them (they would make a meal of me in a single snap). Bortruk, sadly, was grabbed by one croc, and it eventually led to his demise. We struggled and did all we could to save him. He fought the beast valiantly, but in the end, it was not enough, and even the use of his Death Cheat Charm and a Last Chance Salve were unable to hold off the reaper. His body was reclaimed, and given a funeral pyre to commemorate his bravery. Aegharan nearly fell as well, and the loss of two would have been unbearable, I think.

We spent the next couple days recovering from the crocodile attack, well away from the water, and with no further wild beasts seeking out demise. We did make the maps that Plume was seeking, and upon returning to her and recounting our tale, she has said perhaps they shall honor the fallen with the name of the village. I returned Bortruk's items to his family, with the exception of a silver piece he owned, which is even now, shaping up into a nice miniature version of the dwarf, an item I will carry with me always, so as not to forget his sacrifice and our loss. I also kept the carvings he made of the runes from the circle. I recall some training I had during my initiation as a Weaponsmith that grants a facility with languages. I think I will spend some time meditating upon that, and see what answers I can uncover from those.

I think, had I been able to inflict damage, things would have been different. My weapons are potent, but my capabilities with them are not. And my small size is something I'll not be able to overcome. Perhaps learning how to manipulate the forces of magic would help my companions more. I shall need to see if I can find out more, and perhaps find a teacher. I do not want any other's to suffer Bortruk's fate, not when I can prevent it. There must be something I can do.

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Re: AAR: Windling Home?

Post by BattleChad » Wed Nov 29, 2017 11:46 pm

The Great Library of Throal thanks Rilya for her contribution.

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