AAR: I Want My Mommy!

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AAR: I Want My Mommy!

Post by etherial » Sun Oct 01, 2017 4:03 am

Mission: Players helped a lost child find their family and cleared the homestead of Leech Rats
GM: etherial
Date: 2017-09-30
Players: Ceadda, Draevinn, Felsic, Kain
Difficulty and circle rating: Circle 1 Medium
Player Rewards:
Ceadda: 200LP, 150 Silver
Draevinn: 200 LP, 150 Silver
Kain, 200 legend, 4 booster potions, 50 silver
Felsic 200 Legend, 1 Booster potion, Fernweave Armour, Writing kit, 51 Silver
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Re: AAR: I Want My Mommy!

Post by Draevinn » Sun Oct 01, 2017 4:06 am

My first adventure...

A dwarven child made his way to the gate guards with a group of homesteaders complaining of being lost and wanting his parents. Felsic, an Obsidiman scout, Ceadda, a human warrior, Kain, a human shaman, and myself all offered to take him into the wilds in order to return the child to his family. We traveled a couple miles down the road where Felsic found his tracks and expertly followed them all the way to the young child's farm house. I stealthily made my way to the the house to scout out the situation and make sure everything was ok. Before I left, Kain placed a powerful spell upon me in order to help me better scout out the area.

I made my way to the back of the house and sitting in the garden were four dwarves, two women and two men. I watched them, mindlessly eating food off the vines. There was also the smell of rats in the air. I called over and informed the others what was going on. When we got closer Caedda called out to greet the dwarves and that is when things went very, very wrong. They all stood up and almost zombie like attacked us. Not wanting to hurt the child's family most of the group held back and waited to see how things were going to turn out. I saw a look in their eyes of aggression and moved to strike. I used my clawed hands to hit one of the dwarves hard in the early rounds. One of the rats I smelled was apparently attached to his back and sprayed me with some sort of calming poison. It was the stuff of euphoria. I was in blissful heaven. Then the rat left the dwarf and climb on my back. Then everything seemed to fade to red.

I could see what I was doing but all I felt was a driving compulsion to kill everything. The closest thing to me was sadly the dwarf. I hit him hard and fast and watched him die. The rat on my back seemed to cackle with glee in my mind as it happened. It pushed further with it's vile plans to kill the Shaman's dog friend. I believe this happened because the dog had killed one of the rats. I know now that they were called leech rats and they are vile and dangerous things. All participants of the fight fought with ferocity and skill. They knocked the remaining three dwarves unconscious and dispatched the rats. They were able to knock me unconscious as well, eventually and when I came to all the dwarves were awake and were comforting the child.

We helped the dwarves pack their family and saw them safely to Throal where we camped for the night before going out and hunting down the leech rats nest. The next day we prepared to go. Ready to destroy these foul vermin. We traveled back to the farm and found more of them. We prepared to make the attack and approached cautiously and prepared to fight. We held and waited for them to notice us and leave it's hole. I used myself as bait and let it spray me with it's pacifying spray so they would continue coming out of their nest to use me as a host. Each one that came out was dispatched. The first by the mighty Ceadda, the second by Kain, and the third by Felsic. Our planned worked to perfection. In doing this we saved an entire homestead and made their lands safe for habitation. We also united a lost child with their family.

After finishing the small nest here Felsic found more tracks leading into the mountains. We decided as a group these disgusting creatures were to big of a threat to let live and headed off after them. We found their tree home and attacked once again. So many of these vermin. The fight begins and the spray hits the air as usual. It gets Ceadda and myself in it's grip again as Kain and Felsic try to kill them. We learned something new of these creatures at this point. They have queens apparently. The queen came out and tried to climb Ceadda. He dodged out of the deftly. He did so multiple other times. A rat climbed on me once again in my poisoned state and after multiple attempts to hit it it was able to take me over and make me rage against my friends. Ceadda and Felsic made quick work of the queen and another. Seeing that I was going to attack Kain, Felsic then came over and taunted me while I was raging so I would attack him instead. I hit him and did some damage. Then Caedda knocked out the remaining leech rat and I attacked Felsic again causing him a grievous wound. I killed the remaining rat and Ceadda was able to keep me pacified until the rage wore off. We then made sure all the rest of the leech rats were dead and returned to happy guards who rewarded us for our efforts.

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Re: AAR: I Want My Mommy!

Post by BattleChad » Sun Oct 01, 2017 4:47 am

The Great Library of Throal thanks Draevinn for his addition to our archives.

Journal reward: 20 silver and 10 legend points.

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Re: AAR: I Want My Mommy!

Post by Quixotic » Thu Oct 05, 2017 3:20 am

I was at the front gate, ready to explore the mountains around this great underground city of Throal, when a disturbance at the main gate caught my attention. Settlers had found a small boy wandering around the road and had brought him here. Many of the namegiver races here are similar but his short legs and bulbous nose had me thinking he was probably Dwarven.

The boy was scared, even as I promised to bring him back to his mommy-elder. It’s funny how many of the namegiver females carry their liferock with them inside, I suppose it is why adult males always want to get back in there. I could not comfort the child but a shaman named Kain and his dog joined us. He let the boy play with the animal. Younger thoughts flowed like water and too fast he forgot his fear and quest.

Two more joined us in the mission to return the boy - A brave warrior named Ceadda and a master of beasts named Draevinn. This was good as I find things and do not fight well. I suspected the Shaman did not fight well but perhaps his well armoured dog does. This child was in good hands but lazy and wanted to be carried. Lucky for me he is not heavy.

The sun has advanced a bit across the sky and we are two hours away from Throal when I find the child’s tracks in the grass. His sense of direction is terrible but perhaps his lack of height does not let him see any landmarks. It became obvious that he came from the West and we left the road, making our way until we came to a small hill.

A log farmhouse was down below. I stopped to see if there is smoke from the chimney and the door is intact. I cannot see any smoke nor any activity. Our beastmaster offered to sneak closer to get a better look and the shaman invokes a spirit to help him. It is good that we were so cautious as Ceadda warned us about the dwarves strange behaviour.

The dwarves are sitting outside and eating underdeveloped pumpkins and vines. I put the boy down on the hill and we get their attention. The dwarves advanced and tried to bite us. The father-elder was struck down and a six legged rat crawled out from his shirt. I changed my tactics and stunned the dwarves I fought, waiting until the rat emerged and killing them. The climbing hook on my axe kills two of them, one off the back of Ceadda.

The beastmaster Draevinn is too close to these rats and loses his mind, attacking anything that moves and is close to him. Eventually the rats are all dead and minds start to recover. The boy’s father-elder is dead and we decide to escort the family back to Throal to stay with their brood and come back tomorrow to make sure the threat is gone.

The next day we found the nest under the wagon and easily dealt with the remaining rats. Tracking the rat trail leads us into the woods where the shaman’s spell helps us find the main nest in a tree. It would appear the dwarves needed wood for additional houses and cut into the wrong tree.

We rush to fight the six legged rats and I kill another two. Draevinn the beastmaster loses his mind again and attacks the shaman’s dog nearly killing it. Once the rats are dead I distracted Draevinn away from the shaman and he hurt me very badly. Ceadda tripped Draevinn and he came to his senses.

The farmstead is now safer for the Dwarven family to come back to. The guards of Throal learn of our good deed and reward us. It was not necessary but it is appreciated.

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Re: AAR: I Want My Mommy!

Post by BattleChad » Thu Oct 05, 2017 1:09 pm

The Great Library of Throal thanks Felsic for his addition to our archives.

Journal Reward: 10 legend points and 20 silver.