AAR: weeeere of to see the wolf father

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AAR: weeeere of to see the wolf father

Post by BrandenV » Fri Sep 29, 2017 4:06 am

Mission: Wolf father wanted a book
Gm: BrandenV(Branden)
Date: 9/28/17
Players: A list of the characters that were on the adventure
Difficulty and circle rating:Circle 1-2 hard
Thread items:
Elven Warbow#1
Blood Pebble armor #1
Ring #1
Body Shield #1
Riders Shield #1
Player Rewards:
Gronk Longtusk: 750 Legend, Novice Thread Elven Warbow, 50 Silver, 2x Kelix's Poultice, Death Cheat Charm
Alrai Fleetfin: 750 LP, 325 Silver, Novice Thread Blood Pebble
Ceadda: 750LP, Death Cheat Charm, 100 sp, Novice Thread Ring
Ibon 2x poulltice, Novice body shield. thread item,75s Death cheat charm 750LP
August Rey: 750 LP, Riders Shield, Novice, Death Cheat Charm, 2 x Kelix’s Poultice, 50 silver.
Further Information: Fought and killed some apes squatting in a fancy house.

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Re: AAR: weeeere of to see the wolf father

Post by etherial » Fri Sep 29, 2017 4:11 am

From the Court-mandated parole log of Gronk Longtusk:

21 Sollus
We're passing through the Throal Mountains to visit the mysterious figure known as the Wolf Father. Moore thinks he's some sort of Horror, Heartscry thinks he's some sort of Passion. All I know is that he's summoned Alari and is fighting a swarm of blood bees, so it seems like a good idea to go see him and lend a hand. The Iceclaws are under constant attack from the blood bees, and helping them will help secure a large swath of territory.

22 Sollus
We stop at Iceclaw Moot to see how they're doing. They've developed an effective tactic of pinning the blood bees to the rocks with the spears while others hack at their bodies.

We see a demonstration of this in the middle of the night as they dispatch an invading semy of bees.

25 Sollus
On the far side of the river, we are greeted by a party of wolves who take us through a maze of twisty passages all alike. They take us into an opulent library filled with books and treasures. A human welcomed us, taking the role of the Wolf Father, and offered us accomodations.

26 Sollus
The Wolf Father asked us to retrieve a journal of some kind from a Theran manse that has been infested with killer apes. Our payment is whatever else we find there, which he implied would be substantial, which of course means the book is incredibly valuable.

We follow one of his wolves through the woods to the manse and find it crawling with gorillas and monkeys. They've knocked over several trees to build a palisade, blocking all entrances except the front gate. A troup of babboons ambush us as we try to get in, but they were quickly driven off. The interior is dark, far too dark for Ceadda and Ibon to see, but Alari has a light quartz that helps them out. I do my sneaky ambush thing and shoot several apes in various rear-facing organs. There was an awkward moment when we explored the main hall and several apes tried to sneak-attack August, slipping away afterward, but I nailed one in the hamstring and he ran off.

He ran off to go get their boss, who came crashing in through the doorway. Alari and Ceadda faced off against him while Ibon stumbled around in the dark, crashing through a window into an atrium, trying to flank it. August squared off against the sneak-attacking ape but they all fled when their master was knocked out. The lead ape was humongous, with red glittering gems studding its flesh that we harvested for Alari to wear as Blood Pebble. All the others collected magic items, but I was left with nothing but the journal to show for our efforts and the Wolf Father plucked an Elven Warbow out of thin air to reward me for mine.

Moore thinks he's a Horror, Alari thinks he's a Dragon. I bet on Passion.

Other PCs:
Alari Fleetfin, male T'Skrang Swordmaster
August Rey, male Dwarf Cavalryman
Ceadda, male Human Warrior
Ibontu, Obsidiman Warrior

The Wolf Father

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Re: AAR: weeeere of to see the wolf father

Post by Shaalwyd » Fri Sep 29, 2017 9:25 am

The Great Library of Throal thanks Gronk Longtusk for his addition to our archives.

Journal reward: 75 silver and 37 legend points.

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Re: AAR: weeeere of to see the wolf father

Post by ChrisDDickey » Sat Sep 30, 2017 12:34 am

From the journal of August Rey, 3rd Circle Dwarf Cavalryman.

We spent several days journeying through the mountains of Throal. Previous expeditions have found a passable path, but it is not a very good one. We considered striking out in the hopes of finding a new and better pass, but decided to stick to the one we know gets us through the mountains. Even that was very difficult to locate at times.
Each night as we camped we heard giant blood bee's in the distance, but they never approached. We will need to locate and neutralize their hive sooner rather than later. They seem to range over a huge area, many days travel across.
We stopped at the Iceclaw moot. They report being attacked by blood bee's almost every night. They mount a very large watch each night, and the night we were there killed almost a dozen bees.
I will say little of the Wolf Father, as he is obviously somebody who values his privacy. I will say only that each time we approached or left his lair, we were guided and escorted by wolves. It was impossible for us to keep our bearing, nor mark distinguishing features of the route. I will also say that his home is amazing, and he has a library that is without equal in splendor.
He requested us to fetch a book from an ancient, pre-scourge villa.
The whole area was full of apes of various sizes (medium and large, plus we found out later, one extra-extra-large). When we approached two large apes attacked us openly, and 6 medium sized monkeys came in for sneak attacks, unfortunately, most of those befell me, who had advanced in order to position for a charge. I get several nasty wounds before we killed the large apes and the smaller apes ran off.
We entered the ruins of the villa, and it was very dark inside. We started to explore, but several large apes started playing tag with us, sneaking up and attempting to bite us while our backs were turned. I got another nasty wound. The third time an ape attempted to sneak up on me, I charged it, despite it taking me uncomfortably far from the other party members. I gave it a good wound, but that is when the huge ape charged out. It attempted to bite my head off, but Nightshadow and I showed it some tricky moves, and avoided the attack. The fight that followed was sharp but short, and once the huge ape was down, the survivors fled.
We thoroughly explored the villa, and it was full of the ruins of many strange and wonderful things: the carriage house held a wagon of some sort, but though it was obviously meant to be pulled by a small team of draft animals, it was equally obviously not designed to have wheels of any sort. I suspect that originally the conveyance floated above the ground, like a small, low-flying airship.
We found the book we were looking for, and also several shields and some blood pebble armor. Ibonto claimed a large body shield, and I claimed the smaller shield.

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Re: AAR: weeeere of to see the wolf father

Post by BattleChad » Sun Oct 01, 2017 4:54 am

The Great Library of Throal thanks August Rey for his addition to our archives.

Journal reward: 75 silver and 37 legend points.