AAR: [4M] A Walk in the Park

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AAR: [4M] A Walk in the Park

Post by Reyntrannin » Tue Jan 29, 2019 1:42 pm

AAR: A Walk in the Park
Time: 2019-01-28 23:59 GMT
GM: ReynTrannin
Circle: 4
Difficulty: Medium

Player Rewards:
Django: 3Tips, 2200LP, 550 sp
Jael: 3Tips, 2200LP, 550 sp
August Rey: 2200 LP, 550 sp, 3 TIP's

GM Reward:
Dainwennan: 800 Legend, 185 sp, 1 TIP

Downtime Actions:

Notes: The Adepts found that the farm was abandoned with no sign that it had been inhabited. The small group of Ogres were lead by a pair of Ogre Twins who were exterminated.
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Re: AAR: [4M] A Walk in the Park

Post by Waijhou » Wed Jan 30, 2019 1:36 am

From the Journal of Django

January 28, 2019
A walk in the park 4M

Rumor: A farming coalition from Throal is seeking Adventurers to clear dangerous, unmanaged wildlife that has taken over one of their concerns. All inquiries should be directed to their agent, V. Carlisle.

Myself, Jael and August head off to seek Vincent Carlisle, he has offices near the Grand Bazar. We are made to wait about 20 minutes before we are shown in. A late middle aged dwarf in long flowing robes greets us. He has lots of gold. He asks us all to sign a contract for some reason. Not sure what it was all about, the others all signed so I did as well. He gives us the location of the farming coop. They have been getting raided by ogres. We are to hunt them down and kill them. The location is in the foothills south of THroal(44:16).
Following my lead we get lost leaving throal. But we eventually make it to Borgens Rest. We make basic provision purchases. We head south towards the farming coop. It will take us about 4 days to get there. We post our watchs the first night Myself, August and Jael in that order.
On our third day on the road we come across some large footprints, bare foot, no shoes. They are going along the road towards the farming coop.
We get jumped by 3 ogres and have a short savage fight. One of the ogres had a sack with a journal in it. The journal had a poem written in it.

We continue down the road towards the farmer coop. When we get to the village, there are no people around. The fields are planted, but no people are around. No horses in the stables, no chickens or cows, no carts. All the windows and doors have bars on them, like the place was locked up and abandoned. We search around a bit and dont find anything.

We continue to search the area for more ogres. We come to some more tracks we can follow. The tracks lead us to a cave entrance. We proceed into the cave following the rule of rights. Eventually we spot a couple of Ogres. As soon as they see us the run to the dark corner. I think they are running away and pursue. They were running for their weapons and turn to fight. The ogres go down fast, but the leader seems to be blinking in and out and healing. After the fight Jael informs me that it was an Ogre Twinn. They blink in and out each combat round from astral space.

Django's Battleax: The haft is of ebony and the blade is forged in the shape of half-furled eagle's wing. Along the blade are inlay's of orichalcum showing scenes of a burning forest. Runes have been etched along the haft and embossed in silver.

We collect ears off all the dead ogres to prove we took care of the problem. Upon returning to Throal and speaking to Vincent Carlisle, he informs us the farmers are not missing. They were all recalled when the ogres showed up. We are paid and sent on our way.
3 TIP's

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Re: AAR: [4M] A Walk in the Park

Post by ChrisDDickey » Wed Jan 30, 2019 2:51 am

From the journal of August Rey

Responding to an advert, Jael, Django, and I went to the opulent offices of Vincent Carlisle, who hired us to deal with an Ogre problem at a farming concern he owns. He kept us waiting for 20 minutes before we saw him, then gave us a 17 page contract he wanted us to sign. He seemed to think it extremely rude of us to waste his time by reading it before signing it. Maybe in the future he will think to have his secretary provide the paperwork in advance so we can read it in the waiting area.

He wanted us to travel a few days south of Borgins Rest (to 4416) and deal with an Ogre infestation there. It has been over a year since I have been to Borgins Rest, and the area is settling so rapidly that there are several new tracks and trails. We got lost for a while. While still about a days journey from our destination we were set upon by 3 Ogres, whom we dispatched. We traveled onto the farm, and found it brand new construction, not lived in yet though the fields were fenced and planted. It made me wonder where the farmers who cleared, fenced, and planted the fields, and the workers who built the bunkhouse, cottages, and barns lived during the construction. I would have thought they would have built the bunkhouse first and lived in that while building all the rest. Anyway, we finally figured out that it was all new construction and that the permanent residents had never taken occupancy yet.

We explored the area, and eventually returned to the site of our previous attack, and backtracked the Ogres to a cave, in which we found 3 more Ogres, one of which was a set of Ogre Twins. We dispatched those as well and declared the area cleared, whereupon we returned to Throal and reported to our Employer.

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Re: AAR: [4M] A Walk in the Park

Post by BattleChad » Tue Feb 05, 2019 12:17 am

The Great Library of Throal thanks Django and August for their contributions.

Journal Rewards: 110 Legend Points and 137 Silver