AAR: [3M] Save the Last One For...

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AAR: [3M] Save the Last One For...

Post by Reyntrannin » Mon Dec 03, 2018 1:30 am

AAR: Save the Last One For...
Time: 2018-12-1 23:59 GMT
GM: ReynTrannin
Circle: 3
Difficulty: Medium

Player Rewards:
Django: 3Tips, 1400LP, 370 sp
Jael: 3Tips, 1400LP, 370 sp
Cordwaine: 3Tips, 1400LP, 370 sp
Boweyn: 1400 LP, 370 sp, 3 TIP's
Bob: 1400LP, 370SP, 3 TIPs

GM Reward:
Blaethynn: 20,000 Legend, 1450 sp, 1 TIP

Downtime Actions:

Additional notes: Tamerlin has once again been the site of an infestation of undead and Horror-corrupted constructs. The core appears to have been destroyed by the Adepts, but no cause has been determined.
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Re: LFG: [3M] Save the Last One For...

Post by Waijhou » Mon Dec 03, 2018 11:42 pm

December 1, 2018
Save the Last One For… 3M

Rumor: Rumors of night-time miscreants being spotted in the area of Tamerlin have begun circulating as far as Throal. Due to the past indications of Horror activity around the village, perhaps a group of up-and-coming Adepts would care to check on things there and determine if there is any true reason for worry.

A small group of adepts gathers to go investigate, the town of Tamerlin is at 44.05. Myself, Bowyn, Cordwain, Bob, Jael. We have no problem finding the town and met with a guard at the gate. We perform our greeting rituals and we have problems. My rune carving, Cordwains cooking and Bobs sculpture are all pretty bad. On second try my rune carving is pretty good. Cordwains cooking is still bad :( Eventually we are all passed through the gate.
After talking to people in the town, they confirm the rumors, but nobody has actually heard, or seen it themselves. Always a friend of a friend. We speak to Krillck, the towns Headman to try to get more info. He blows us off. Says it is only rumors for the last couple weeks. Nobody missing, nobody hurt.
As we are talking about our next move standing outside Kriliks house, a small girl runs up and tells us her brother saw the weird man at the graveyard. The brother was going to follow the weird man. He went off to the mountains. The brother has been gone for 2 days. The girl asks us to find her brother. The girl points us in the right direction.
We proceed to the graveyard and look for signs, tracks. Bob finds a bunch of tracks on the outside of the graveyard. We follow the tracks and after awhile come across a couple of statues and three walking corpses. They dont notice us. We sneak up and fight them all. After the fight we find that they were after a small boy who was in a small cave. He is injured. We need to rush him back to town. THe Dr takes care of the boy, he will be fine in a few days. Parents are grateful to us for finding him and bringing him home.
Next morning we head out back to where we found the boy. We continue to follow the tracks of where the ghouls and plastermen came from. We find a much larger cave. We go in and explore. We come across a group of undead creatures and engage them in battle. They are Cadavermen. We take them down one at a time. THen we get rushed by a Stone statue guy. After a hard battle we dispatch him. After the battle we examine the area. The body of the Stoneman has a bunch of what looks like theran writing on it. It has a second set or writing inscribed on it as well that looks like it was done with a claw. Further exploration of the cave we find a recent rock slide that blocks off an area we cant get to. Head back to Tamerlin and report what we found.

1400LP, 370SP, 3TIP’s

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Re: LFG: [3M] Save the Last One For...

Post by BattleChad » Thu Dec 06, 2018 2:26 am

The Great Library of Throal thanks Django for his contribution.

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Re: AAR: [3M] Save the Last One For...

Post by ottdmk » Mon Dec 10, 2018 9:51 pm

From the battle logs of Bobitanthalnasatrythomoloso:

This was an interesting one. It wasn't actually a job. Simply put, a number of us heard rumours that suggested the walking dead had been spotted around Tamerlin.

I was between jobs and a bit bored so when it was suggested that we go check things out, I figured sure, why not? I knew most of our party quite well (Cordwain, Jael, Django) but there was one who was new to me: a human named Boweyn who follows the Scout discipline. It was very nice to have a Scout along; despite Cordwaine's best efforts to get us lost Boweyn kept us on the right path.

Once in Tamerlin we were unable to find out much of anything. Everyone had heard the rumours but no-one had seen anything first-hand. At last a little Dwarf girl approaches us and asks us to find her missing brother.

The girl starts off our search in a local graveyard. To my surprise, I'm the one who finds some tracks to follow (although after I point them out Boweyn takes over from there.) We ended up fighting a few constructs and three ghouls. I took one of my doses of Kelia's Antidote before wading into the fray. Good thing too; I got hit but good a couple of times by the ghouls.

After winning the fight we found the girl's brother hiding in a shallow cave. He was in pretty rough shape, but we got him back to Tamerlin alive.

The next day we found tracks by the cave that led us back to another, much bigger cave. There we fought some Cadaverman and a large stone construct. We were victorious, but answers as to the infestation were in short supply. On the bright side, the statue had a formidable spiked mace that Cordwaine (our Nethermancer) tells me is a thread item. Now that we have returned to Throal I've hired some help in investigating that possibility.

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Re: AAR: [3M] Save the Last One For...

Post by BattleChad » Wed Dec 12, 2018 4:11 am

The Great Library of Throal thanks Bob for his contribution.

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Re: AAR: [3M] Save the Last One For...

Post by rencorvus » Fri Dec 14, 2018 5:11 am

So word reaches Throal of strange happenings around Tamerlin. Rumour of possible cadavermen or other some such horrors is what I been a hearin' about Throal. A few other adepts who were askin' about the rumours fell into me mutual company quite coincidentally as we all disvovered each oth'r pokin' about on the same heard rumours while in Throal.

Finally a chance to enter th' wilds again. Havin' had sum prior dealin's with dem Cadavermen before .. I was certainly willin' tuh help towns seeking tuh resettle on th' surface clean that kind of undead vermin out.

So these other adepts... turns out my rock man Warrior feller named Django, one o'dem Obsidman types, was looking to take this one on too. I remember this feller. I welcome his mutual experience and prowess.

Another o dem strange rock fellers named Bob-somethin-er-other who was also a warrior ( Imma just gunna call him Bob) also wants tuh check it out.

Then some odd feller who seemed a bit reckless and a tad too excited about killin these horrors, named Cordwaine also lookin tuh venture out.

Also some feller with two beasts in tow who has the look o' one o' dem beastmasters with de name Jael came too.

This loopy feller named Cordwaine claimin' to have been to Tamerlain before tries tuh take us completely the opposite direction. I set 'im straight.

So we get there. I really butcher my greeting ritual because me first mapmaking coulda been scrawled by a youngin. I redeem meself with a better map. Other fellers in the travellin group also had some artisan blunders so at least I wasn't alone in making an arse of meself...

We start pokin about...NO ONE knows anythin' useful or concrete...second an third hand rumours. Bah!

E'en the headman is useless. I am beginning to develop a distaste for settlement leaders... last one I met in Rose End was a turd and this fellow looked at us like a bunch of idjits with nothin better tuh do....annoying!

Finally we find something useful an' concrete tuh do...a dwarf girls brudder is missin. Better than aimlessly wanderin around town scratchin our balls and arses and doin nothin useful 'cept chasin empty gossip!

Anyhow she tells us of her brudder wanderin off followin' sumthin or someone outta the graveyard outta town...boys gone missin. Finally somethin' useful tuh do besides thumbs up our arses...

I had a hard time at first pinnin down any clear track or trail yuh follow but Obsidman Bob points some out and I am able to make sense of a direction tuh follow our quarry.

We come upon some statue fellers alongside what Cordwaine said were ghouls. I am kinda glad I climbed up a tree to try an snipe em...but my fellers I am with are clearly not used to travellin with a bowman...didn't leave me many clear shots without risk of hittin a friendly...after the fight...I educate em a bit tuh this end.

Dwarf lad was hidden in a cave near our downed targets
Ghouls were scratchin at cave walls he squeezed intuh before we downed the bastards.

Kid needed help none of us non physician types could give. We take im yuh Tamerlin surgeon. Fixes the boy up. Sister dwarf girl and parents are glad tuh get him back an were understandingly a tad upset at first.

We retrace our steps...find anudder cave. We find proof o'cadavermen inside to add weight to local gossip...and dispatch em while also dealin with a big arse stoneman statue construct.

I am no wizard... so who was behind the plastermen an' this biggun stoneman. ..I have nay the foggiest idea.

Ah well...reward of coin and time out in the wild again was good.

-From the Journal of Boweyn Tangred the Scout.

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Re: AAR: [3M] Save the Last One For...

Post by BattleChad » Fri Dec 14, 2018 5:36 am

The Great Library of Throal thanks Boweyn for his contribution.

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