AAR: [2M] Bail of the Bawl

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AAR: [2M] Bail of the Bawl

Post by Reyntrannin » Sun Nov 04, 2018 2:25 am

AAR: Bail of the Bawl
Time: 2018-11-3 6:00 PM ET (11:00 GMT)
GM: ReynTrannin
Circle: 2
Difficulty: Medium

Player Rewards:
Grom: 800 Legend, 230 sp, 3 TIP's
G'talkah: 800 (well earned) Legend, 230 sp, 3 TIPs
Haast: 800 Legend, 230sp, 3 TIPs
Boweyn Tangred 800 Legend, 230 silver pieces, 3 Thread Item Points
Django: 800LP, 230sp, 3 TIPs

GM Reward:
Blaethynn: 10,000 Legend, 1050 sp, 1 TIP

G'Talkah: Forge Weapon (Rank 3) Step 9

Additional notes: The adept team returned to the Great library with a large number of esoteric books about anatomy and surgery written in the Theran dialect.

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Re: AAR: [2M] Bail of the Bawl

Post by Waijhou » Sun Nov 04, 2018 2:28 am

November 3, 2018

Bail of the Bawl

Rumor: The community of Rose End is proud of its new town hall, and has been planning a festival to celebrate the completion of their new edifice. However, the structure had recently been having setbacks in the finishing work of the tower that their bell is to be placed in, and now the reinforced crossbeam intended to carry the weight of the bell has vanished overnight.

The adventure begins with the gathering of a group of adepts;Haast, Bowyn, Grom, G’talkah and myself. We all set off to Rose End (50.16), about 10 days travel.
On the first day out of Throal we are set upon by a savage pack of wolfs. I take a wound but we quickly dispatch all the wolfs except for 1 that Haast the beast master befriended.

We arrive at Rose End and are stopped outside at the palisade. We do the greeting rituals and meet with the mayor Baris Turner, he is a dwarf. The mayor is rude and tosses us out of his office. A human woman, Helen, approaches us and gives us the facts of the case. The beam was supposed to arrive on a wagon down from Borgans Rest. When the wagon arrived the cross beam was missing. We are going to back track towards Borgans Rest and look for any signs of the beam or signs of confrontation.

We follow the tracks of the wagon back the way they came. After 2 days we find a spot where the wagon crew had camped for the evening. I discover a track of something heavy being dragged off into the forest. We decide to rest for the night.

Half way through the night we are attacked by a group of scarecrow men and one looked to be made of wax. The scarecrow men seem to be trying to carry off my companions. They all wake up and join the fight with me except for G’talkah, he sleeps through the encounter. Even as he is being carried off. After the fight we head back to camp and get some rest.

Next morning we head off along the tracks we have been following, they are the same direction the scarecrow man was carrying G’talkah. We come across a small platue with the wagon we are looking for being guarded by more scarecrow men and another nasty looking creature.

As we approach the vile creatures we break into a battle formation and engage. Bowyn and Grom both advice the undead creature is a Cadaverman. They say if it gets wounded it rages and has tremendous battle prowess. As the cadaverman ran up to us I used my Maneuvering skill to line up a good shot, took a mighty swing and cut the vile thing in half. I think perhaps they overestimated its abilities…

After the battle we investigate the cart. It has the reinforced timber cross beam we were looking for. Also there are many books on the ground. We pick up the books and put them in the cart. We notice the ground we are standing on has all been manicured. Like it should be the grounds of a mansion, not out in the middle of the woods. The ground where the wagon had been pulled had also been repaired. We return the wagon and crossbeam to Helen at Rose End. Take the books and return to Throal. Take the books to the Great Library.

800 Legend Points, 230 Silver, 3 TIPs

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Re: AAR: [2M] Bail of the Bawl

Post by Rystefn » Sun Nov 04, 2018 4:18 am

I’m starting to wonder if any part of this life makes sense. There’s a part of me that insist that it’s better not to understand the minds behind all this, but at least understanding enough to stop whatever they’re trying to do would have to be good, right?

We didn’t take the wrong road on the way to Rose End, at least. We did, unfortunately, run afoul of wolves again. A small, aggressive pack, but otherwise fairly normal. Unlike the last group. I did manage to capture one alive and convince it to calm down. The beast is still quite wild, but it seems to have a certain amount of trust and even fondness towards me now.

As for the actual mission we were on, that was confusing and dangerous and, once again, left me with more questions than answers. To begin with, when we arrived, the mayor was needlessly antagonistic towards us, even though we were there to help. We did meet a woman named Helen that seemed to actually want help, though. She told us more about what actually happened: That the major support beam for the bell never arrived at the town at all. The locals backtracked up the road it was meant to arrive by, but found nothing.

With nothing more to go on, we set out ourselves to see if we might find something they had missed. The trail was very cold, but we had brought a skilled Scout with us. Boweyn managed to find signs, much to our relief. After following the trail, we were attacked in the night by what I could only describe as walking scarecrows. The fighting was brief and brutal. G’talkah was nearly carried off by one. Somehow, he managed to sleep through it all, including rescuing him and bringing him back to camp.

Knowing something of what we were up against, we continued following the trail the next day to find another group of them standing on the top of a grassy hill. A dead man stood with them. I’ve heard stories of such things, as we all have, but never seen one before. It was wrong. Unnatural. Fortunately, G’talkah and Django dropped it to the gradd and chopped it until it stopped moving in short order while the rest of us put down the men of straw with it.

Afterwards, we found the beam and the cart it was supposed to be delivered on, as well a collection of books in a language none of us could read. More concerningly, the top of the hill was clearly deliberately and painstakingly cleared, leveled, and manicured. The amount of work required to maintain something like that is no small thing. Out in the middle of the woods, with no one around, and only those things there… clearly not natural. Clearly, something bigger is afoot. I don’t know what. But I think I need to find out.

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Re: AAR: [2M] Bail of the Bawl

Post by Aeralis » Sun Nov 04, 2018 5:20 am

Field Log: Rose End, surrounding wilds

Weapons found: None
Materials found: None
Wildlife encountered: Wolves

Notes: Some new friends and I heard of a missing delivery that was to be made to the town of Rose End. We decided to set out to find the object, a specially made support beam for the town hall's bell. We encountered some common wolves along our days-long journey, nothing worth collecting. The town's mayor was reluctant to talk to us, however a kindly resident pointed us in the direction that the robbed delivery wagon came from. After an uneventful day and night of following tracks we came upon a very strange sight: One of the same horrible undead creatures I encountered in my previous expedition, along with some animated scarecrows, all atop an extremely well manicured hill. Luckily the fiends went down without too much of a fight and we recovered the stolen support beam, along with a large quantity of strange books.

Final field evaluation: With the removal of the unnatural creatures, the area is unremarkable, though I did get one of the best night's sleep I've had in ages while camping. May be worth returning in the future for an extended stay for the rest, as well as to check in on that strange hill.

-From the field logs of G'talkah Taiki.

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Re: AAR: [2M] Bail of the Bawl

Post by BattleChad » Sun Nov 11, 2018 5:06 pm

The Great Library of Throal thanks G'talkah, Haast, and Django for their contributions.

Journal Rewards: 40 Legend Points and 57 Silver


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Re: AAR: [2M] Bail of the Bawl

Post by rencorvus » Wed Nov 21, 2018 4:30 am

Bail of the Bawl, 'Venture

I did a-gather with a group o'Adepts in Throal: Haast a Beastmaster, Grom a Purifier, G’talkah the Weaponsmith, Django a Warrior, and meself . Each of us adepts had taken sum int'rest in the same reported rumour o'the Town o'Rose End losing an "important" crossbeam, that, I guess supports some bell that goes in some tower in some important town structure.

Why anyone would give a damn about a plank of wood is beyond me, but any excuse to get the hells out of Throal and back into the wilderness is good enough for me!

I lead this ragtag band comin' along with me, on the trek through the wild, to Rose End.

I get the impression these fellas would have been embarrassingly lost without my Scouting. Decent enough fellas though as I get to know them during the journey despite their lack of Woodland savvy.

Exceptin' that Haast feller, who seems to know a thing or two about animals, since an encounter we had with wolves ended with him befriending one...that's a handy skill tuh be sure!

Anyhow, we get to this ass-end-of nowhere town called Rose End. I guess that's why it's called that. Heh heh..."Rose"..."End"...

We find out where the mayor is, and of course this high-brow, doesn't have the time o'day for us, because he thinks his shyte smells better than anyone else's. I ask him if he wants our help or not and of course the tightwad dismisses us with his pantaloons all in a twist. What an arse.

Fortunately, there is a kind woman in the town just outside the mayor's office (don't remember her name as I decided to let the others make the pretty words to get some info as I stay in the background and just listen) gives us the lowdown of what's gone on.

I manage to pick up the trail on our intended quarry, despite the trail being several days cold. I have my doubts we will ever catch up with the thieves, but again, I get to go back to the blessed woods, so I am happy with this wilderness trek nonetheless.

We make camp, and I wake up in the grapple of some damned scarecrow like thing!

I thought it was a dream I was havin', but clearly as I shook the sleep from me eyes this was no dream. And then some animated wax statue joins in the fray with these strawmen! What in all that is good and green is this melarchy!?

This is nothing like I have ever seen before...surely there is some foul magic at work here??

The lizard man sleeps like a damn stone, that one, near got himself carried off completely by one of those damn strawmen! Glad I was able to keep pace with the damned thing that had more than a keen interest in our uncannily sleepy Weaponsmith G'Talkah... Clearly the feller can't hold his liquor to save his life to be in such a dumbfoundin' stupor as that.

Eventually, we find the damn wagon with the damned crossbeam, and yet more of those damned strawmen, and much to my dismay, a damned abomination Cadaverman!

I thought for sure we were doomed, but them rock men fellers reminded me of why rockmen (Obsidmen) are so unnerving tuh me, seein' as they made short work of the abomination.

We found a bunch of unreadable books in some long dead ancient language or some such thing. Something for the quill-heads back in the great library of Thoal to get their robes all in a twist about, but no concern of mine. I'd as soon wipe my arse with the pages after a good shyte, since the books are totally unreadable.

At least the sleepy Weaponsmith was able to improve my bow, and there was some silver in it for returning the damned plank to the ass-end of nowhere, town.

I still think based on what we saw out there, that well groomed mound o'dirt, all prepped for a nice manor in the middle of the wood, and those magical monsters we encountered, that this arse-of-a mayor (who mind ye, seemed less than interested in getting the bell crossbeam back), may have had sumthin' tuh do with all this...or maybe that's just because I think he's an arse and it wouldn' surprise me none if'n it was him makin' his own plans...

Well, back to civilization again as we return to Throal...I await for a chance to escape it back in the wonderous green woodlands once more...

-Journal of Boweyn Tangred, Scout.

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Re: AAR: [2M] Bail of the Bawl

Post by BattleChad » Thu Dec 06, 2018 2:28 am

The Great Library of Throal thanks Boweyn for his contributions.

Journal Rewards: 40 Legend Points and 57 Silver