AAR: The Doctor Is In

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AAR: The Doctor Is In

Post by etherial » Sun Oct 28, 2018 4:06 am

The Doctor Is In
Time: 2018-10-27@23:00 GMT
GM: etherial
Circle: 9
Difficulty: Medium

Player Rewards:
Nista: 3 TIPs, 39000 Legend, 2900 Silver
Romari: 3 TIPs, 39,000 Legend, 2,900 Silver
Thane: 3 TIPs, 39,000 Legend, 2,900 Silver

GM Rewards:
Ursula: 1 TIP, 3600 Legend, 600 Silver

Downtime Actions Available:
Nista: Alchemy 4 Rank 11 Recipes: Booster Potion, Kelia's Antidote, Kelix' Poultice, Salve of Closure
Romari: Item History 25 (Rank 8, x2 Karma)
Romari: Research 37 (Rank 10, x2 Karma)
Romari: Map Making/Navigation 18 (Rank 8)
Romari: Enchanting 23 (Rank 11); Spell Matrix Objects (Standard, Enhanced, Armored)
Researchers may spend 20/2 Silver for +3 Steps

Further Information:
The Heavy Metal Poisoning of Kaer Avon has been cured.

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Re: AAR: The Doctor Is In

Post by ChrisDDickey » Sun Oct 28, 2018 5:00 pm

From the journal of Thane Cawdor.

Kaer Avon, home of the Elven Nethermancer Pethrytholilanista has long suffered from a declining birth rate, They have asked Tandris Telezar, Quester of Astendar, and also known as the Love Doctor correct the situation. Pethrytholilanista recruited Romari and I to assist her guarding and assisting him. We three escorted him from Throal to the elven village. I was rather looking forward to working with the notorious Questor, and was thinking I might use my own Questor devotions to help set the mood, but a Troll at an Elven Orgy was a bit of a mood killer.

After 4 days of otherwise cooling our heels, Telezar said he needed some Hydra Hearts to make a spicy stew! We asked around and did some research, and decided to try an area a few days to the north. We easily found a nest with a mated pair bringing freshly killed game back to it. We slew the pair, and after some discussion decided to destroy three troll sized eggs (which would have hatched long before the eggs could have been delivered anywhere), and delivered all the hearts to Telezar.

We started wondering if maybe the problem was not lack of ardor (sounds from tavern where Telezar was serving his special spicy stew did not indicate a lack of passion), but possibly there was a medical reason. We went to Garlan's Tears, and brought the renowned Trollish Exemplar of Garlen, Krot the Mangler. She did some medical examinations and determined that she needed some Kear Spider venom to make an anti-toxin.

Again we did some research and came up with a short list of places where we might hope to find some Kaer Spiders. We entered a cavern and spotted a huge kear spider. Unfortunately we did not spot two other's, one of which ambushed Pethrytholinanistaa and rendered her unconscious. This was the start of one of the most grueling and frustrating combats of my career. Kear Spiders both throw a web, and also grapple. With Nista down, Romari and I were outnumbered 3 to 2. Romari was webbed, and despite my excellent Inspired Might could not break free. With my Burning Vigor, I was almost always able to break any webbing or grapple I was in, but I was always and constantly re-grappled before I could do any actual damage to the spiders. I received around a half dozen doses of Poison (which my Iron Constitution handled, but while I only too serious damage from 2 bites, I took huge amounts of strain, and one of the minor bites was enough to knock me unconscious. Eventually Nista was awakened, and was able to cast Pain upon one of the spiders, which with some further de-buffs went away. A 2nd spider was slain, and then the three of us, though all almost dead, managed to gang up on the third and kill it.

Krot the Magller used the venom to make some Anti-Toxin, which helped. Krot also determined that some strange metal used in Kear Avon construction was bad for people, and very strongly suggested that certain areas of the kear be made off limits.

Meanwhile, I have completed my Horror Stalker training, and in fact am now a third circle Horror Stalker.

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Re: AAR: The Doctor Is In

Post by BattleChad » Tue Oct 30, 2018 10:41 pm

The Great Library of Throal thanks Thane for his contributions.

Journal Rewards: 1950 Legend Points and 725 Silver