AAR: Waste makes Taste

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AAR: Waste makes Taste

Post by Reyntrannin » Sun Sep 30, 2018 10:03 pm

AAR: Waste makes Taste
Time: 2018-09-30 17:00 GMT (1 PM ET)
GM: ReynTrannin
Circle: 2
Difficulty: Hard

Player Rewards:
Anderafinastathin: 1200 legend, 345 sp, 5 TIPs
G'talkah: 1,200 Legend, 345 sp, 5 TIP's
Jael: 1,200 Legend, 345 sp, 5 TIP's
Yotra: 1,200 Legend, 345 Silver, 5 TIPs

GM Reward:
Blaethynn: 6,000 Legend, 850 sp, 1 TIP

Downtime Actions:

Additional Notes:
Terin Lacaster has failed to complete her commission for a banquet. She was subsequently killed while resisting arrest after evidence of a plot to murder Namegivers was exposed.
An abondoned kaer located at 39.11 has had its entrance collapsed as part of Lancaster's plot.
The Adepts involved in this fiasco were tanked publicly sometime after the events for their part in bringing this to light.

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Re: AAR: Waste makes Taste

Post by etherial » Sun Sep 30, 2018 10:14 pm

An illuminated page from the Tome of Eternal Power

27 Borrum, 1424 T.H.
Dwarf chef sends word that special ingredient is needed for harvesting. Jael and I meet with new adventurers and enquire within. She is berating her one employee, she is not good manager. She seeks fungus from broken kaer, killed last employee who went looking. She describes fungus and location of kaer.

2 Doddul
We are at kaer entrance. Some harpies have made nest in trees and attack us, but they are stupid. One dies in first round. Others die quickly.

Inside kaer, we are attacked by Centipedes. They paralyze G'talkah and Stathin but we are able to kill.

Deeper inside kaer, army of undead attempts pincer maneuver. Jael holds off Cadavaer Men while others kill Flesh Beasts. I blind Cadaver Men for a time but they are nasty.

Beyond the cadaver men is a pool of water with many corpses inside. The corpses in this place are fresh, not from inside kaer. Something horrible is stockpiling bodies here. We dismember corpses to let them dry out while we chop down trees to build pyre. Is unpleasant but necessary work.

23 Doddul
We return to Throal to confront chef about bodies.

27 Doddul
Chef lies through teeth when we talk to her and calls her guards. They are unwilling to do their duty and summon city watch. They are unwilling to do their duty and arrest us and not her. Unwilling to kill them all, we relent.

30 Doddul
A Questor of Mynbruje comes to release us from our confinement. He, unfortunately, sides with the fools who do not take the threat of Horrors seriously, and justice has not been done. They invite us to ceremony to "thank us", but it is sham. Yotra will not attend.

Anderafinastathin Pethrytholilalora, male Elf Swordmaster
G'talkah, male T'Skrang Weaponsmith
Jaen'val'Jael 'Jael' Savre, male Elf Beastmaster
Yotra, female Troll Illusionist

Terin Lancaster, Dwarf Chef
Hedbut, a goat
Zoomy, a mutant

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Re: AAR: Waste makes Taste

Post by Aeralis » Sun Sep 30, 2018 10:32 pm

Field Log: Abandoned kaer (Now inaccessible)

Weapons found: None
Materials found: None
Wildlife encountered: Harpies, poisonous centipede

Notes: A few other adepts and I were commissioned to gather some ingredients for a banquet. I became suspicious once I learned that the ingredient was a poisonous fungus, but I went along for the opportunity to explore a new area. After encountering some harpies, my companions and I entered the kaer, where we were beset upon by a large centipede. It paralyzed a few of us, myself included, but luckily it went away in a reasonable amount of time. I did not attempt finding the corpse in the dark to collect possible weapon materials from it. Further in, we discovered several horrible creatures, along with a vast pool filled with a huge amount of Namegiver corpses. We chose to stay for a couple weeks to properly dispose of the bodies, then return to the city to confront the woman who sent us. Unfortunately, we were arrested instead, but a few weeks later the authorities had conducted an investigation, and when they attempted to arrest her she resisted and was killed in the fight. We may never know what she was doing down there, but I do know I'm lucky to have made it out of there alive.

Final field evaluation: Not worth the effort to return for further exploration.

Addendum: It has been a couple weeks since we were released from custody, and we were given a ceremony to thank us for our efforts. I accepted the gesture, though I did not feel particularly moved by the sentiment given our treatment by the city guard, and I couldn't help noticing that not all of my companions attended the ceremony.

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Re: AAR: Waste makes Taste

Post by BattleChad » Mon Oct 01, 2018 5:21 am

The Great Library of Throal thanks Yotra and G'talkah for their contributions.

Journal Rewards: 60 Legend Points and 86 Silver