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Re: 1879: The Expendables

Posted: Sat Mar 14, 2020 2:19 pm
by Slimcreeper
This is the sort of thing that I like about 1879. The PCs may be extraordinary people, but they are still just people thrown into extraordinary circumstances.

Re: 1879: The Expendables

Posted: Thu Mar 26, 2020 7:51 pm
by ChrisDDickey
Lord Bentley Bottles journal concluded for the evening.
From there it was all wrapping up. The Ladies Maid was glancing over the papers, making sure that all were there when she noticed that Erika Withakay was reading over her shoulder. The Maid put the papers away securely, and wanting to nail down the secrecy further, started to demande a quiet word with Mrs Annabella White, Mrs White had the good sense to take off running. The Maid took the time to ask us to carry the captives into the wine cellar before striding off firmly in pursuit. It was not long before she joined us in the wine cellar, so apparently she ran her to ground and put the fear of god into her pretty quickly. McFly meanwhile started collecting all the scrap parts from the mechanical scorpions. 

As Smyth and I carried the captives, Smyth pointed out some wolves watching us. They did not behave in the least bit aggressive, but nor did they behave in any canine manor, ether wild or domestic. I have struggled to describe their behavior, and the best I can come up with is attentively nonchalant. We ignored them, and they returned the favor. 

In the wine cellar, I ripped up my shirt and had Smyth bind my wound, which stopped the bleeding. Smyth got a bit over enthused ripping Erika's dress to uncover her wound, and the maid needed to go find a maids dress as a replacement. While she was gone, we searched both prisoners more thoroughly, but found little of interest. Milford Blult awoke and tried to sweet talk us, but we gagged him. I went to my carriage where I got a new shirt out of my suitcase (it was the one I had been wearing before I changed for the banquet, so it was in need of a pressing, but one must make due with what one has). We all went out to where we had seen the wolves. I looked for tracks, and found wolf tracks, which turned into barefoot human tracks. I followed them to where there had been a cache of clothing, and the 5 sets of tracks all became shod. I followed these shoe tracks back to the manor house. 

I of course lost the tracks when they ascended the marble stairway to the terrace. But on the far side of the terrace a man with a monocle, probably in his late 40s, who was lounging by the railing gave me a knowing look and said "Nice change of shirt, the buttons suit you", which I took to indicate that he had witnessed the fight in which my other shirt had become bloodstained. I also took it to mean that he was probably a mage who had used a spell to shapeshift into the form of a wolf (the others were joking that the wolves had been werewolves). I gave him a knowing nod and said "Nice shoes" to indicate that I knew that he had just recently put his shoes back on after his jaunt in wolf form. 

I told Lord Steers that Erika was feeling in need of a sit-down, and that she would rejoin him in his carriage when he called for it.  I then went back into the ballroom and apologized to Miss Julia for being absent so long. I danced with her again and stayed until the majority of the guests departed. 

Re: 1879: The Expendables - McFly's Journal

Posted: Thu Mar 26, 2020 8:47 pm
by Psitanium
While our unconscious perpetrators were being hauled away, I used the opportunity to gather 100 scorpion parts and store them in Rachel’s carriage. This took a fair amount of time, with multiple trips, digging through the garden, with sporadic bursts of shouting “Mine!” It will definitely be worth it when I rebuild them, starting my personal army of robo-scorpions. Oddly, there was a moment as I headed back to the carriage where a sudden wind of change stirred behind me and I felt I had done such an impressive display that it had been conferred to someone else momentarily for reasons I may never fully understand. And yet, a smile and nod did meet my face.

Back inside, I contacted Rachel, who led me to a secluded area to straighten my outfit, which may have been slightly askew due to rummaging around in the garden. I warned her not to stare when we returned to the carriage later, which she seemed to accept as a thing I often say. In her defense, this is likely the third time the phrase “Try not to stare at what I placed in the carriage” had crossed my lips in her presence.
By the time I returned to the rest of the party, the man had some clothing in his mouth, the lady had obviously been searched under her scorpion deployment dress, spell lady had ripped her bodice (possibly self-inflicted) and the hunter was suffering a shirt-deficiency. Then he insisted on greeting a pack of somewhat sociable wolves outside. I fear I might have missed some valuable information during my scavenging hunt.
Well, if everyone was game to meet some wolves, I was certainly not going empty-handed. It was off to the kitchen for me to grab some shot glasses and silverware. I fashioned a pair of astral sight glasses out of the shots and converted a couple forks into stun projectiles. I also took a couple knives, because I was short on knives back at Danger Zone.

The wolves were unfortunately gone once I caught up to the rest, making me question if their existence was real in the first place or if this had all been an elaborate prank that went nowhere. Deflated, I shuffled up to the balcony, where I saw the hunter having a rather odd conversation with a man wearing interesting shoes. I only noticed they were interesting because the hunter mentioned them. Since my astral shot glasses would wear off shortly, I cast my gaze toward this gentleman, realizing that the frequency he vibrated at was unlike known species. Typically a human, troll, elf, politician, etcetera, will vibrate at a certain frequency which is distinguishable from others. However, this one was indescribable, almost as if it were hungry... like a wolf. My scientific conclusion was that this was obviously the fancy werewolf I had feared from the start. Perhaps my silverware would prove useful in this scenario, but opportunity never knocked. Exactly how I thought I could casually stab someone with a knife and make it look natural was not certain, but the option never left the table. I then had the bright idea to throw a stick in his direction and yell “Fetch” to see if it garnered any canine-like reactions. However, Rachel interrupted me while I was shaking said stick and I knew this evening had blissfully come to a conclusion.

Back in the carriage, Rachel had a few questions as we stared at a pile of assorted death robot scorpion parts. The questions boiled down to “What?”, “Where?”, “For me?” and “Werewolves you say?” I explained that they were handing out these lovely robot scorpion party favors in the garden and thought to get two since no one came to collect them. She was fine taking the one that suffered a fatal laser enema, so everything worked out for the best. Rachel spent the majority of her ride home looking at one of the claws, examining the small firearm inside.
I commented that the evening seemed to go quite well, all things considered. She agreed, likely because her expectations for this party were deeply diminished after finding out about my grenade fashion accessory. But she seemed content knowing it finally found a good home buried in the cybernetic rectal cavity of a metal arachnid. I must go to balls more often!

Re: 1879: The Expendables

Posted: Wed Apr 08, 2020 7:56 pm
by LexiLiegh
Alas, all things must come to an end. This adventure, while It certainly was not fun though. Especially getting shot by that scorpion thing, and of course Smythe tearing my dress like that. It was quite impressive, and I did swoon. I didn't even get to say a proper goodbye to Lady Dalphine. But, I do have a cute maid outfit.

I shall send a bouquet to Lady Dalphine. Yellow acaia, pink camellias, and azaleas. Yes, that should convey what I wish to say quite subtly. Maybe I can sneak in as a maid and leave an illustration of her. Oh, I should do an illustration of Lady Maid as well. Pity I never got her name.

Re: 1879: The Expendables

Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2020 7:12 pm
by ChrisDDickey
Lord Bentley's Journal. 
The week after the ball Jady Julia and I managed to "bump into each other" at the Botanical Gardens. I invited her and her companion for a tea at the cafe. That weekend we "ran into each other" at Ascot which she was attending with her father. I made bold to ask her father if I might escort her to the opera the following week. He said he would think about it, and the next day an invitation arrived in the post for my parents and myself to join their family at the opera. In the meantime Lady Julia and "ran into each other" at the art museum. All seems to be going splendidly. 

Lady Julia has been feeling me out about my feeling on women's places in society, she has expressed at the impatience at the more traditional attitudes. I assured her I was progressive on that issue. 

Other than this, I have been keeping very busy training. I have learned many new skills.

Re: 1879: The Expendables

Posted: Fri Apr 17, 2020 1:06 pm
by Andrew1879
Hmm. Secret love, longing for you, take care of yourself?

Re: 1879: The Expendables - McFly's Journal

Posted: Fri Apr 17, 2020 6:11 pm
by Psitanium
The week that followed was uncertain for me. What wondrous things would I create? What potential would be unlocked due to my understated genius? No one could truly know for sure until the week began, but in this interim period, the possibilities were simply endless.
All I knew for sure is that I would not see my fellow team members during that time. Word came through mutual channels that romance, courtship and various bodice-ripping escapades were afoot. I rarely engage in such tawdry gossip, unless I am otherwise bored. But one thing was for certain: the work I do now in the Danger Zone would be anything but boring.
Still, perhaps there is a market for an automated bodice-ripper? Potential names include The Rose’s Thorn, The Tiger’s Eye and The Crying Dove. Oh, of course, Broken Wings! I must draw up schematics for the crew!

Re: 1879: The Expendables

Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2020 1:24 am
by LexiLiegh
For some reason Lord Sters was concerned about my being shot, but had no desire to see the wound. It was just my side and left elbow, I thought he was an old wartime figure. Maybe he is just squeamish about blood? Odd really. But from what I gathered of the report, they pervy council is talking about doing something about the French and the Rabbit Hole.

Oh, and the guild got a proper healer to join. Right good chap, helped me puzzle out the ring. Well, at least the healing ring of the puzzle ring. It is really quite an interesting thing.

Striped carnation,Thorn Apple,Honey Flower,Jonquil, such beautiful meaning. I should invite her to tea, that is the proper thing to do right? Hearts Easr, Clover (Four Leaf), Clover (white), Fern (Maidenhair), and a note for Saint James, tea. I think I shall frequent there for tea though, just in case she shows up.

I think though, this Lord Clarance really ought to go.

Re: 1879: The Expendables - McFly's Journal

Posted: Fri May 29, 2020 9:14 pm
by Psitanium
Following the events at the gala, I went back to the drawing board on the Electric Bugaboo. I decided to make it less sensitive by installing a safety button on the underside I shall refer to as the “Bug Hole”. Before it can properly be activated, you now must depress the button with your finger, although I have found that subsequent uses require you to insert your finger further and further into the hole. After roughly five uses though, it appears to lose all sensitivity and refuses to go off at all. Still better than the previous iteration. As a side project, my Can of Hornets design is coming together nicely. Not sure the hornets are as excited about it.

Spell lady came calling on me after a week, asking me to assist in helping the photo hunter out of a jam. Appears he kidnapped someone and needs to pin it on someone else. Perhaps I should consult the Compendium of Ansulary Characters to see who can take the fall. It likely will not be necessary. She loaded me into a taxi and we headed to the Guild Hall, giving me plenty of time to explain how you fit an elephant through the eye of a needle. She then informed me that elephants will hide in trees and paint their nails red. This will require further study and an overly-elaborate tree shaker. I shall weaponize these elephants with deadly bolts of energy and possibly a catapult on the back to launch bugaboos.

After getting slapped by a lady who can see visions, the hunter decided to head toward Newgate Prison, armed with a fruit basket. I contemplated the use of my “Hornado” but I suppose we are tabling that for now.
Our suspect was the gentleman we assaulted in the garden at the ball. But once we reached his cell, it turned out to not be him at all. Instead, it was a stand-in, a prison understudy if you will. Someone, a mysterious “she”, paid him good money to serve the sentence for another. He was also too stupid to be intimidated by my can of hornets, or persuaded by the spell lady’s charms, or bribed by the hunter’s money and fruit basket. I became so frustrated that I simply talked to the next man over and asked him about this mysterious lady. I received a very good description which was the first satisfying feeling I had during this adventure. Perhaps we could now leave this hive of scum and villainy, much like my Hornado.

Re: 1879: The Expendables

Posted: Fri May 29, 2020 9:52 pm
by ChrisDDickey
Lord Bentley's Journal, two weeks later. 

The opera went well. It was my parents and I, and Miss Julia and her parents, in her parents box. Our presence was mentioned in on the Society Page of the next days paper. 

Yesterday there was a strange occurrence. There was a note upon my desk in the Study. I enquired of the butler, and he said he had not placed it there, and that none of the other staff ought to have placed it there. The note said, "Dear Sir, we hope you have not done him harm. Let him go and we will consider this a mere faux pas." I was able to discern little else from the note, other than that the handwriting and spelling were unexceptional and not distinctive. 

I met up with Miss Erika, McFly, and Smyth, and we attempted to discern more about the note, but failed. We decided to ask if any of the other mages at the Cartography guild might be able to discern anything. There was a mage there who could do Psychometry. It was a very strange experience, She seemed to be almost taken over during the reading. She slapped me, and seemed confused about a monocle. She said "Their really mad at you, I don't own a monocle. I don't need a monocle."She said that the monocle she spoke of was on the desk when he was writing the note. They think you (I) have already killed him. Their brother, He has the nicest quill. finer than anything I own. Ink is a special blend, specially made. The hands of the writer was not young and human looking (not an elf). The hands had two rings, one a wedding band. He is family, but not like the person you took. 

Cartographers know a bit about Ink. Erica knows of three mixers of signature custom specialty inks. Two are quite nice, one is for upper class only. I strongly suspect the ink was from the upper class shop, but I also know that they will not reveal their customer lists upon casual inquiry, and we will need to inquire very circumspectly. 

The only person I had helped apprehend recently was Milford Bluit, a few weeks ago. We went to Newgate Prison to speak with him. We found somebody pretending to be him, serving his time. He was finally presuaded to describe the person who hired him, who he refured to as "the lady". When he described her, it seems to be he was refuring to Alma, Lady Bruce's Ladies maid!

1/2 Crown for bribe. 50 ap for being a good bloke.