Polysef [creature]

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Polysef [creature]

Post by Slimcreeper » Thu Sep 24, 2020 4:14 am

Something weird for the Gruv, with just a touch of magic. I have no idea if this thing is balanced. I imagine a number of Polysefs equal to the number of party members less one or two, being appropriate, but I'm really not sure.


The Polysef is a strangely intelligent beast, but ‘strange intelligent beast’ would also apply. Their most striking feature must be mentioned first: they have three long necks and the appropriate number of bird-like heads, each with a separate brain that seems capable of thinking for itself. The three heads can often be seen clucking and chirping to each other. These creatures don’t become more conventional from the neck down, either. Polysefs have thick, knobby scales punctuated by patches of shaggy fur-like feathers. They are six feet high at the shoulder and are twelve feet long, including a stubby feathered tail. Their front limbs are a pair of vestigial feathered wings with two hooked claws that it mainly uses for walking. At the back end they have a pair of powerful, oversized legs. It walks with a peculiar prancing gait, lifting its rear legs and passing them in front of its front limbs before putting weight on them. It appears to be ungainly and comical, but this impression is not to be trusted.

When it finds prey, it will line up its approach and leap in a nearly horizontal arc directly at its intended meal, attempting to spear its victim on one or more of its long beaks. Once it has brought down its prey, it is content to eat without further unpleasantness. If allowed to eat its meal in peace, it will ignore other creatures. If more than one creature attacks it, or if it is disturbed in its feeding, one or two heads will try to drive off the attacker using magical effects indistinguishable from spells. If an opponent seems to be particularly dangerous, two or more of the heads may focus their attention on bringing the creature down.

Occasionally, one can be found on which a head or two has been slain. In cases where the Polysef survives this trauma, it pecks the damaged neck until it is severed from its body. These poor beasts become fanatically, violently aggressive. Even if the wound heals cleanly, they rarely survive long, as they freely attack any beast that draws their attention.

They can also be a nuisance during the spring mating season. The males create massive nests with branches, bright flowers and leaves, and whatever other materials they can find. With the arrival of the terrestrials and all of their shiny technology, Polysefs have been known to steal metal and glass objects to add to their creation.

It has several organs that are of considerable interest to Saurid Shamans and terrestrial Weird Scientists.

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