[Creature, spoiler for my game]

Discussion of GMing 1879. Warning: Here there be spoilers!
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[Creature, spoiler for my game]

Post by Slimcreeper » Tue Jul 09, 2019 3:33 am

Elemental Water Serpent
This one-of-a-kind creature was born a typical water snake. It grew into a giant of its kind and drew the attention of some disgruntled water spirits adjacent to the River Lea and the Thames. It has a strange sort of portal to the elemental plane of water in its gut. It siphons pure water from pipes and dumps it directly into polluted waterways before Man can do its worst. Its primary motivation is to get pure water and vomit it into the Thames. If attacked, it will attempt to swallow victims one after the other.

Adventure Tier: Novice
DEX: 9 Initiative: 6 Unconsciousness: 48
STR: 14 Physical Defense: 12 Death Rating: 57
TOU: 9 Mystic Defense: 7 Wound Threshold: 14
PER: 3 Social Defense: 7 Knockdown: NA
WIL: 4 Physical Armor: 8 Recovery Tests: 4
CHA: 4 Mystic Armor: 2
Movement: 12 (same for climbing and swimming)
Attack: Bite (Attack 12, Damage 14), Grab and Bite. Water Burst (Attack to Knockdown 12, KD test 16, range 10 yrds.) Tail Strike (Attack 10, Damage 18)
Enhanced Sense: Olfactory. Step 7.
Enhanced Sight: Heat Sight.
Stealthy Stride. Step 8.
Climbing & Swimming. Step 12.
Great Leap. Rank 3, Step 10
Swallow: Once the victim is entrapped in a Grab and Bite attack, it will attempt to swallow the victim whole. For each success on a subsequent Bite attack, it gulps down a bit more. On the first success, the victim is partially swallowed and considered Harried. On the second, they are down to its waist and Overwhelmed -3. On the third they are completely swallowed. At this point they immediately begin drowning. Cutting a victim requires causing a wound using edged weapons, or surgery once the serpent is dead. Victims may cut themselves out, but only using size 1 or 2 edged weapons. Because there is a portal to the elemental plane of water in the creature’s gut, it can swallow limitless victims, one after the other. While swallowing a victim, it cannot use either bite or water burst attacks, though it can use Tail Strike Attacks.
Water affinity: Any water elementals commanded to attack the Elemental Sewer Serpent will make Willpower tests using Karma to break the Summoning. Once not under control, they will attack the summoner.

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