Organization of Colonial regiments.

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Organization of Colonial regiments.

Post by ChrisDDickey » Mon Jun 10, 2019 7:38 pm

The players guide says that several Colonial Regiments were made regular army and shipped through the Rabbit Hole.
Are those mostly native men and NCOs, with white officers? Do they ever/often have officers of the native aristocracy, and if so, in what proportions?

How about the Saurid recruits? Whole regiments? Who are the officers?

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Re: Organization of Colonial regiments.

Post by Andrew1879 » Tue Jun 11, 2019 4:03 pm

Some of this was handled in the Miniatures Corebook and hasn't made it over to the RPG yet. The Colonial Regiments are generally mostly native, with white officers only at the very top. Note that the Military Officer portrait in the Players Guide is a Sikh. The British Army in the game world is overstretched, and has had to accept non-white officers rising to regimental command. This includes non-white native Brits; "Britishness" is held to be more important than skin color in this case. Culture and origin determine suitability to lead civilized troops.

There's a Zulu regiment, which is based in the ikhanda north of Fort Alice, the regiment having come over with its supporting village by order of the Zulu crown. They have no white officers internally, being a regular Zulu military unit on loan from the Zulu Protectorate to the British Crown, and under white command only at the brigade level. There's a sepoy regiment, a Maori regiment, and a Sikh regiment, all with their own "villages" out past Fort Alice, little better than permanent military camps as they came over to the Gruv with little in the way of civilian presence. That's shifting as relatives move to the Gruv. These are regularized colonial militias, with some British officer presence

The lone Saurid regiment has Earther officers, as there's no Saurids who have the seniority to rise that far as of yet. This has caused a lot of grumbling and some desertions. Saurids are also found in Earther battalions, usually as attached scouts or positions resembling those held by Native Americans during the colonial and westward expansion periods in North America. The Brits have tried to learn from their mistakes in that era, and have only partly succeeded.

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