Samsut Scenario at GenCon

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Samsut Scenario at GenCon

Post by Andrew1879 » Sun Mar 12, 2017 8:03 pm

Welcome to Danger: UAD (Unidentified Annunaki Device), a World War II ordnance disposal story wrapped in Akkadian politics with a potentially lethal piece of alien technology as both the Maguffin and the bomb. There will be references to Stalkers, Rat Patrol, and the Dirty Dozen, among others.

Here's the player character list. Table max is six players, so no expedition will go with all seven of these, and the last person to the table gets a choice.
  • Harbatu-Diyaylu, the Recovery Scout. These are the folks who go find the really dangerous divine artifacts and lead the team to them.
  • Harbatu-Litbanu, the Recovery Explorer. This is the expedition organizer, the one with the maps who's already studied the area. This is also the group's Face character, the one with the charm who can make a good First Impression, Haggle for a better deal, and outright commit Bribery when necessary.
  • Harbatu-Nappilu, the Recovery Engineer who ain't got time for this. The Engineer is here to do a job, and we don't see you volunteering to figure out how to safely transport a divine artifact that might do pretty much anything without warning. If you see the Engineer running, try to keep up.
  • Sipir-Abu-Nikiltu, the Priest-Technician. The tech the gods left us is beyond human understanding; when the person who can actually maybe disarm the bomb starts praying, maybe you should too.
  • Sipir-Asu-Nikiltu, the Medical Technician. I'm a healer, not an engineer, dammit. I know how to pull maintenance on my equipment and use a number of divine devices to heal injuries and cure diseases, but building a new one is the Priest-Tech's job.
  • Tarayshlamtu, the Undead Controller. Someone who makes their living by jacking into zombies and piloting them like drones. Can frighten people just by staring them in the eye.
  • Reedu, the Soldier. This one is Sheytu-Nishiytu, Gods-Chosen. At some point, the big hand came out of the clouds, pointed, and said, "This one!" The priests have formally acknowledged the status, which grants extraordinary latitude in behavior and social associations. The Reedu had darned well better do something for the city-state worth all that privilege.

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Re: Samsut Scenario at GenCon

Post by earthdawn66 » Thu Mar 30, 2017 9:25 pm

Mmmmm.... will be buying into that game when it goes alive

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Re: Samsut Scenario at GenCon

Post by Walter Burrier » Thu Jun 15, 2017 6:55 am

Me too!
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