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Re: 1879 GM Guide Kickstarter

Post by Andrew1879 » Mon Apr 17, 2017 3:10 pm

Release date for the PDF is 28 April 2017.

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Re: 1879 GM Guide Kickstarter

Post by GlendaFett » Sun Oct 27, 2019 2:12 pm

Andrew1879 wrote:
Sat Jan 07, 2017 8:38 pm
Here's the version that's going out in the newsletter in the near future.
  • Akkadian Connection 01: Big Trouble in Little Soho, currently in layout, is the first of our Plot Point Campaign books, like an Adventure Path. The party starts out investigating a dangerous new drug circulating in London’s criminal underground, and uncovers a much larger conspiracy. Designed to take the characters from Initiate into their Novice Tier, this adventure can be followed up by the second and third books in the series, played as a standalone, or serve as the launching point for your own campaign.
  • London: The Haunted City is in second draft. Haunted by its past, and by its past inhabitants, London is home to the most advanced technology in the British Empire but still enforces laws from the time of Magna Carta. While the wealthy flit overhead in microsteam-powered airships, the poor eke out a living in squalid rookeries, or make their coin interfering with one firm at the behest of another. Adventure Hooks, locations described and ready to use in your game, and a complete scenario involving a kidnapping gone badly awry!
  • 1879 Players Companion is in first draft. Not only will we give you the Warden and Master Tiers for the Players Guide Professions, but the mechanics to build your own Professions, and a few examples, including the Engineer and the Police Officer! We’ll also introduce Variants, that allow you to customize your Profession, and show you how it’s done with the Newtonian and Promethean Variant of the Weird Scientist Profession. The Equipment chapter introduces android app mechanics for fully automatic weaponry and gives you the stats on a few models. The Magic section will have the rules for creating new Base Spells and new KAVs, spell stacking for multiple effects in a single KAV, and how to build Fetishes and Foci. The Secret Societies chapter has a new Order for Mages, the Theosophical Society, a new Faith, the Sufis, and a new School for Weird Scientists, the Sisterhood of the Third Unification. Plus new Devices, expansions on Social Level, and a section on Analytical Engines!
  • 1879 GM’s Companion is in first draft. The players don’t get to have all the fun. The GM gets new Secret Societies to use as background, opponents, or motivations. We’re including a massive expansion on vehicles, including the Vehicular Combat system, so you can finally have that airship battle you’ve been planning. There’s a chapter on Spirits that gives you essentially a codex of the astral entities flitting about the Empire, and a chapter on Dragons.
  • The Fort Alice Gazetteer is in first draft. This book expands massively on the Terrestrial presence in the Gruv, describing not only Fort Alice, but the Zulu ikhanda, the Maori and Indian support settlements for their regiments stationed in the Gruv, and the nearby Saurids. There’s also a Bestiary chapter, for some new creatures and plants to be encountered, and pregenerated characters for some of the more noteworthy (or notorious) inhabitants.
  • Saurids of the Gruv is in first draft. The Saurids have four cultures in the Grosvenor Peninsula. The Plains, Mountain, Forest, and Kistalmi each have very different ideas about how to live, how to govern themselves, and whether or not they want to get along with the Humans. This book will also include the Saurid Professions, with enough material to allow playing a Saurids campaign.
  • Akkadian Connection 02: Saurids on the Grosvenor Express takes the party from London, through the Rabbit Hole, to Fort Alice, investigating the connection from the first adventure to goings-on in the Gruv. This book is in revision after initial playtesting.
  • The Samsut book is in first draft. Like the Saurids book, it will detail the Samsut culture and homeland extensively. Samsut Professions will be included. The goal of this book, again like the Saurids one, is to allow playing a Samsut campaign.
  • Akkadian Connection 03 doesn’t have a final title yet. It’s still in first draft and has not yet been playtested. This adventure will pick up where the second PPC book left off, and take the players deep into the Samsut homeland.
  • Further books in the planning stages include Paris: The Fallen City, Berlin: The Electric City, and a series of standalone adventures including The Augusta Equations (chasing down Countess Lovelace’s final work) and The Freiburg Horror (can you weaponise a smell?).
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