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London Sourcebook

Post by Andrew1879 » Tue Apr 11, 2017 7:54 pm

We're working on the London Sourcebook, London, or the Haunted City. As we put the manuscript together, and start toward commissioning the artwork, here's a tidbit to get discussion started.
Trying to run telegraphic cables through a metropolis can itself be a challenge. Alfred Rosling Bennett, who worked on the first Indian government telegraph, came back to England when he was done and established the overhead telegraph line. So he’s at fault for the spiderwebs of copper above the streets. More recently, cables get run through the Tube tunnels, and added to steam tunnels and other utility access paths as the opportunities present themselves. Underground lines take very little wear and tear from the weather, and can be secured physically much more readily than bare lines hanging overhead on a pole.

Had this one building lost their ticker connection every Tuesday and Thursday at one like clockwork. After two weeks getting called out from my lunch I got tired of it. Them pies won’t eat themselves, you know. Went on out to the building at noon, ate me pie leaning up against a lamp-post across the street where I could see down t’alley where the wire ran. One sharp, just as the bells tolled, here comes this bloody great lorry backing up from t’other end of the alley, and its stack sticks up just high enough it snags the telegraph wire, yanks the bloody thing loose at one end, the end I repaired just this Thursday past. Had a word with the driver, alerted him to the necessity of watching his overhead a mite more closely, acquainted him with the smell of my spanner, you know, how you do. Once he were loaded up and away, I went up and moved the wire up another eight feet on each end. Haven’t been called out there since.
– Janice Tanner, Electric Telegraph Company, Field Repair Department

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