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Oathsworn Point Rewards

Posted: Mon Jul 31, 2017 7:17 pm
by Dougansf
I really like the concept of the Adventuring Companies, and the rewards they give PC members.
Are the discounts under the Resources available to everyone, or just members? (ie The Curators have Resources: 10% blood charm discount, waived library fees.)

I'm not clear how PC's would gain Points within the ranks or outside of the ranks with Alternate Company Points.

Is it possible for a group of PC's with a Group Pattern to join one of these Companies at the cost of another Blood Peace Oath? That sounds like the stacking of effects could get egregious (+10 to PD!!!).

Re: Oathsworn Point Rewards

Posted: Tue Aug 22, 2017 3:41 pm
by Tanthalas
Sorry for the delayed response! I've been in hibernation prepping for Gen Con. :)

The Adventuring Companies offer an interesting array of bonuses and we hope they make people more involved in the world as the adventures continue to come up and feature the many personalities floating around heaven.

1. Are the discounts available to everyone?

The discounts listed on pages 8 - 13 are only available for those who have sworn oaths to that group. On page 16 there is a table listed for 'Alternate Company Point Rewards' and what sort of benefits you get for groups with which you are NOT sworn. The Alternate rewards slowly ramp up to be equal to the discounts you can get for membership. Additionally, they can help you research the Common Thread Items as listed on pages 16 - 20.

2. How do PCs gain points with their companies?

Each adventure will have a section at the end to tie up the loose ends and award company points. Typically speaking, a member in good standing with a company will earn a reputation point with their company for each successful mission. Otherwise, there are quests (usually optional) peppered throughout the missions that can provide reputation with these companies. There are also other factions in the campaign that you can gain (or lose) reputation with. The benefits (or penalties) for these groups has not yet been revealed.

3. Is it possible for an official Group of PCs to join a Company?

No. From the first paragraph on page 8 of the Haven Guidebook "Adventurers sworn to a Company may not be an official member of any other Named Groups and must wait a year and a day before joining a different Company.' The Companies are eager to hire on more strength, but are concerned of running in to Namegivers with conflicting loyalties. As part of swearing on to a company, an adept would have to forsake any other Named Groups, which would include a group of other player characters.

Hope that answers your questions!

Re: Oathsworn Point Rewards

Posted: Tue Aug 22, 2017 4:19 pm
by Dougansf
Thanks much. Always prefer a delayed response to none at all. :)

I got the Toys in the Attic adventure, but haven't been able to read it fully yet (though I love the updated map of Haven). I'll keep an eye open for those rewards.