Characters book questions

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Characters book questions

Post by gortatrien » Sat Jun 27, 2020 8:33 pm

With the announcement of the next Kickstarter ... y-26-2020/ and the upcoming compendium of LoB adventures, I've been going over the LoB books again and have some questions.

The questions about the Characters book come from the idea that LoB is supposed to be a living campaign where players at conventions could end up playing with players who are from different places around the country/world. In that case, I assume the expectation is that the players will be coming from a clear and common set of campaign rules to minimize disagreements about what is and isn't allowed. I've played many living campaigns in the past and having unclear campaign rules caused many disagreements.

For character creation, these don't seem to have been not been updated since the PG and GMG were the only rulebooks. Since then there have been additional options for characters.
1) Are Shamans an allowed discipline?
2) Are player characters allowed to be questors?

The Characters book also doesn't cover character advancement. It may have seemed obvious with only the PG and GMG, but with additional books come additional questions. I've included those questions in my downtime questions.

What are the rules for downtime between scenarios? There are a lot of things that a player may want to do and not have time during a four hour slot at a convention. It saves time at the table if players are able to do non-scenario specific things when they aren't playing at a convention.

Are there any restrictions on:
1) Raising talents between scenarios?
2) Training for circles between scenarios? Can player characters train other player characters rather than using the 4th level mentors of the adventuring companies?
3) Weaving threads to a group pattern?
4) Player characters forming their own group patterns instead of joining one of the 5 adventuring companies?
5) Learning additional disciplines? If it is allowed, is it assumed there are 5th circle adepts available to teach the new discipline?
6) Joining paths? If it is allowed, are there restrictions on advancing in a path?
7) Are characters allowed to buy knacks? Are knacks from all books allowed?
8) Gaining talents through versatility?
9) Getting animal companions? If it is allowed, are animal companions from all books allowed?
10) Buying items? Are there limits by rarity or by the book the item is from?
11) Enchanting items? If allowed, can recipies from any book be used?

Additional downtime questions:
1) How much time passes between scenarios? This could be a limiter on most of the questions above as well as the having to wait a year and day when switching to a different adventuring company.
2) Are there lifestyle costs?

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