Companion Horrors Errata/Questions

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Companion Horrors Errata/Questions

Post by gortatrien » Fri Nov 09, 2018 8:09 pm

Continuing to work my way through the Companion

Shouldn't the there be a section header of Horror Constructs for the creatures starting with Boneless? All of the creatures listed from Boneless to the Common Horrors section are horror constructs.

As a matter of consistency, shouldn't the Undead Horror Construct power be applied to more constructs from both the GMG and the EDC?
Bone Shambler (GMG)
Cadaver Man (GMG)
Ghoul (GMG)
Ghoul Leader (GMG)
Spectral Dancer(GMG)
Deathless Reaver (EDC)
Dil'Kava (EDC)
all Erhlgren (EDC)
Flesh Beast (EDC)
Pestilent Ghoul (EDC)
Spectral Child (EDC)

As a matter of consistency, shouldn't the Physical Nature power be applied to horrors from the GMG?
Baggi (GMG)
Bloatform (GMG)
Crystal Entity (GMG)
Deceiver (GMG)
Despairthought (GMG)
Doppler (GMG)
Dread Iota (GMG)
Gharmek (GMG)
Gnasher (GMG)
Mindslug (GMG)
Scurrier (GMG)
Slipshade (GMG)
Wingflayer (GMG)
Wormskull (GMG)

Are Shadows Undead?
What is the movement of Shadows?

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Re: Companion Horrors Errata/Questions

Post by Panda » Sat Nov 10, 2018 5:08 am

Not all undead are Horror constructs and not all Horror constructs are undead. Of the list, only dil'kava should have "Undead Horror Construct".

That level of clarification is unnecessary as a Horror's nature is generally evident. The tags were added in the Companion as a convenience at the time.

Shadows are Horror constructs, not undead, and their Movement Rate is 12.

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